The Best Wedding Hairstyles on Pinterest

We've rounded up the most gorgeous hairstyle ideas from the wedding idea wonderland otherwise known as Pinterest—find all the inspiration you need for your tresses, here!

Updated 06/12/13

Amelia Johnson

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A Loosely Curled Wedding Hairstyle with a Lace Headband and Net Veil

Amelia Johnson

Who says you have to go all out to look gorgeous on your wedding day? We love this bride's sweet, effortlessly polished look. Her loose waves are strategically kept off her face with a delicate face veil—which makes for a fuss-free hairstyle—and her golden ombré highlights add the perfect touch. Combining those with a touch of blush, neutral eyes, and a bit of peachy lipstick, this girl knows exactly how to highlight her natural beauty. (And that huge grin doesn't hurt, either!)

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A Girly 'Bow' Bun Wedding Updo

Bryce Covey Photography

How adorable is this feminine take on the topknot?! This bride paired the hairstyle with a fun short dress for her city-hall affair. A huge plus? It wears effortlessly from ceremony to celebratory brunch, with not a hair out of place. (Tip: If you do get a few pesky flyaways, keep a toothbrush and mini bottle of hairspray in your clutch. Spritz the toothbrush and brush over your hair and, voilà, as good as new.)

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An Intricate Low Bun with Flowers

Isabelle Selby Photography

This intricate bun is just the thing for an outdoor ceremony. We love how the shape of the bun mirrors a bouquet and how the flowers are perfectly placed on the side. For a complete garden-party look, pair this style with a soft lace or floral-appliquéd gown. (If you want to show off a long, swanlike neck and collarbone, go for a strapless neckline like this gorgeous bride did.)

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A Perfectly Polished Ponytail

Courtesy of Jennifer Behr

While this ponytail takes just about 30 seconds to do, the prep work begins months before the wedding. After all, this style is all about long and lustrous locks. (Our fail-safe plan in a nutshell? Eat plenty of omega-3's, such as salmon and nuts, or go the extra mile and take the supplement Viviscal. Use a deep-conditioning hair mask weekly, get regular trims to chop off split ends, and ease up on the hair coloring and heat styling!) On the big day, simply add a pretty embellishment, like this one from Jennifer Behr, and you'll be aisle ready.

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A French-Braided Side Bun

Rylee Hitchner

This French-braided bun is a little bohemian, a little fashion forward—and complements practically any face shape (perhaps making it a perfect bridesmaid style, too). If you're a French-braiding whiz, it's also an easy style to do yourself. Helpful hint: Prep with a texturizer. It will be much easier to style, and the braid will stay in place better. Try one of our favorites, Bumble and Bumble Texture Creme.

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A Formal Wraparound Chignon

Isabelle Selby Photography

You can't get much more classic than this gorgeous wraparound chignon. It would look beautiful with a traditional ball gown, of course, but we also love how this bride juxtaposed such an ornate hairstyle with a slimmer soft gown. (Helpful hint: If your hair isn't as thick as this bride's, clip in a hair extension around your bun for added volume.)

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A Twisted Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle with Flower Crown

Paper Antler

This bride's romantic vintage aesthetic was perfect for her ceremony at a historic church in Atlanta, followed by a reception at a courtyard with a Tuscan feel. From the intricately twisted bun and simple wreath to the lace gown with a deep V-neck, this is all about the back view. Want to test-drive the look? Her style requires many bobby pins, so use U-shaped pins that are the same color as your hair; they'll blend in seamlessly.

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A Braided Coronet Wedding Hairstyle with Flowers

Jillian Mitchell Photography

Having a beach wedding? This halo-braided bun will do the trick. The bride, who married in Mexico, paired the hairstyle with an airy, body-skimming gown. (If your hair isn't long enough to achieve this look, have your hairstylist clip in a braided extension.) Finish with a few flowers pinned into the side of the bun for an added destination-wedding feel.

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A Down Wedding Hairstyle with Long, Loose Waves

Amelia Johnson

Is it just us, or does this naturally gorgeous bride look eerily like the naturally flawless Marnie Michaels from Girls? She definitely has the mane to rock a simple style with neither a hair clip nor any embellishment in sight. If you want to go (almost) au natural, twirl large sections of hair around a large barrel curling iron to create long, loose waves. Finish with a touch of hairspray, such as hairstylist favorite L'Oréal Elnett Satin. Take a tip from this lovely bride and also try side parting your hair, as it will add a bit more volume at the top. Don't worry about needing to touch up every hour, either. This style was made to look perfectly unperfect!

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A Wavy Shoulder-Length Wedding Hairstyle

Anda Marie

An unfussy backyard wedding calls for equally unfussy tresses. This bride let the gorgeous natural backdrop of the Wisconsin countryside shine on its own, paring down her look with a simple, pretty dress, waved shoulder-length hair, and a floral wreath on top. We love how she kept her makeup spare, letting her adorable freckles shine through and focusing on just a subtle black cat's eye for a touch of drama.

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