Bouquets from Real Weddings

Beautiful buds from the best real weddings

Updated 07/19/13

Meredith Hanafi Photography

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Bridesmaid Bouquet of Baby's Breath

Meredith Hanafi Photography

A simple clutch of baby's breath makes for a pretty (and cost-effective!) bridesmaid accessory.

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Bridesmaid Bouquet of Clematises, Passion Vine, Garden Roses, and Wild Berries

Gia Canali Photography

Vibrant purple clematises are the stars in this unstructured bouquet ideal for a garden wedding.

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Bridesmaid Bouquet of Roses, Cymbidium Orchids, Dusty Millers, and Hydrangeas

Carrie Patterson

Oversized pink garden roses and orchid blooms add a whimsical element to this spring bouquet.

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Bridal Bouquet of Garden Roses, Clematises, Passion Vine, and Lavender

Gia Canali Photography

A round globe of ivory blooms, accented by lavender and greenery, makes for a simple yet sophisticated bridal bouquet.

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Bridal Bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace, Ranunculus, Garden Roses, Scabiosa and Lisianthus

Belathée Photography

The unstructured shape of this large white bouquet gives it a fresh, just-plucked-from-the-garden feel.

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A Pink-Hued Peony and Garden Rose Bouquet

Caroline Tran

The soft pink tones of this manicured peony, ranunculus, and garden rose bouquet would fit right in at a perfectly polished romantic wedding ceremony.

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Bridesmaid Bouquet of Hydrangeas and Peonies

Kate Headley

This lush arrangement of white hydrangeas and pink peonies pops against blush colored bridesmaids' dresses.

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Bridal Bouquet of Tree Peony and Dusty Miller

The addition of dusty miller gives this otherwise glamorous bouquet a bohemian twist.

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A Fresh White Peony and Green Mum Bouquet

Sharayamauck Photography

White peonies mix seamlessly with other ivory buds in this crisp bouquet punctuated with pops of green mum blossoms.

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A Hot Pink Peony Bouquet with Feathers

The funky feathers in this colorful bridal arrangement of fuchsia peonies and peach garden roses make this bouquet perfect for a glamorous wedding fête.

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Bridal Bouquet of Garden Roses, Tulips, Sweet peas, Lavender, and Freesias

This bouquet makes a statement with its large spray of greenery, accented by understated, artfully arranged white blossoms.

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Bridal Bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace and Ranunculus

The freshly-picked feeling of this arrangement, with its lush blooms and soft colors, makes it perfect for a rustic spring wedding.

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Bridal Bouquet of Calla Lilies, Tulips, Orchids and Hyacinths

Maria Vicencio Photography

This bouquet is fit for a regal affair with its deep purple hue and sophisticated calla lily and orchid blooms.

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Bridal Bouquet of Dahlias, Sunflowers, Celosia, and Millet

Jen Yuson Photography

The bright colors and rustic red millet in this arrangement give it an "elegantly wild look" that the bride absolutely loved.

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Bridal Bouquet of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids, Garden Roses, and Ranunculus

Style Art Life

The contrast of this bouquet's asymmetrical shape with its refined blooms make it a perfect fit for a relaxed garden wedding.

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A Lush Peony and Garden Rose Bridesmaid Bouquet

Jen Huang Photography

This sophisticated all-white bridesmaid bouquet full of peonies, garden roses, ranunculuses, and dusty miller is classic and fresh for a springtime wedding.

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Bridal Bouquet of Craspedias, Snapdragons, Roses, and Eucalyptus

This bohemian bouquet is made for a relaxed summer wedding with its spray of eucalyptus leaves and cheery craspedias.

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Bridesmaid Bouquet of Roses, Lisianthus, Sweet Peas, and Scabiosa

Shelly Kroeger Photography

A round bouquet of formal rose blooms can be made romantic with a pastel color palette of pink, purple, and green.

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Bridal Bouquet of Hydrangea and Wild Flowers

Jenny Evelyn

The wild flowers and undone shape of this vibrant purple and green bouquet make it a perfect fit for an outdoor farm wedding.

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White Anemones Bridal Bouquet

Bright Bird

Stark black and white blooms and a matching striped ribbon make this arrangement an ideal choice for an ultra-modern wedding.

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