The 12 Best Places to Propose in 2019

Number six might shock you.

Updated 03/19/19
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For anyone planning to propose this year, we get it, it’s stressful. First, you have to make sure you and your partner are really ready, then you have to find the perfect ring to pop the question with, and then, most importantly, you must pick a place for it to all go down. There are endless options when it comes to places to propose, but some definitely stick out more than others.

So thankfully, dating site EliteSingles surveyed 1,600 people to determine the 12 most romantic places to propose in 2019. Between far-off tropical destinations to places that will make you feel right at home (literally), these spots are guaranteed to get you that yes you’re after.

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1. Venice, Italy

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This year is the perfect time to travel to Venice. The iconic city has been plagued by flooding over the past few years, so visit now while St Mark’s Basilica and the Rialto Bridge still serve as a beautiful backdrop for a proposal.

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2. Paris

Do It Paris Way

The City of Lights is without a doubt one of the most romantic places on the planet, so its no wonder why it earned a spot on the list. The Eiffel Tower and one of the many beautiful bridges that cross the Seine aren’t the only places that serve as great proposal spots. The city boasts so many spectacular hotels, that an intimate in-room proposal could be even be more romantic.

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3. Hawaii

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Any one of Hawaii’s eight islands would serve as the perfect backdrop to a proposal. Adventurous couples can plan their engagement around the beautiful natural landscape, engaging in all of the exciting outdoor activities the islands have to offer. Climbing volcanoes will be pretty thrilling, but nothing will compare to the adrenaline rush you’ll get after your soul mate agrees to spend forever with you.

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4. The Bahamas

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Plenty of celeb have made The Bahamas the place to propose. If it’s good enough for J.Lo, it’s good enough for us. With gorgeous beaches and perfect weather almost year round, this Caribbean destination will always be the perfect place to propose no matter when you decide to do it.

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5. Vanua Levu, Fiji

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According to Fiji’s tourism site, Vanua Levu is Fiji’s second largest island, and it's less touristy than some of the others. And fewer tourists means more intimacy. Combine that with the island's beautiful natural landscape and you get a romantic place to pop the question. You’ll have no problem finding an intimate, idyllic, and Instagrammable place to propose here.

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6. At Home

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What better place to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you than in the home you’ve created together? An engagement trip is definitely a romantic gesture, but it's not exactly subtle. So keep it simple and intimate in 2019 with a meaningful at-home proposal. If you’re hoping for the biggest surprise, proposing at home might be the best option.

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7. Bali, Indonesia

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On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, you can spend an entire day just trying to get to your proposal location, which in Bali will definitely be worth it. Yoga, surfing, exploring, pampering, wellness...there is no shortage of things to do in Bali, increasing your opportunities to propose. Whether you land on an ancient temple proposal or an intimate one at your stunning resort, your partner will not be disappointed.

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8. New York City

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While the city has some pretty obvious places to propose (Central Park, Times Square), you have plenty of opportunities to get creative here: tons of beautiful restaurants, rooftops, and waterfront locations that are more than worthy of a proposal.

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9. Niagara Falls

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If you haven’t gotten it by now, anywhere with a stunning natural landscape is the perfect place to propose. Not only does it minimize planning and setup, but the overwhelming beauty of nature will set the mood for the beautiful moment when you get down on one knee.

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Sydney is definitely a best-of-both-worlds travel destination. Here, you get all the sophistication of city life combined with laid-back beach vibes. Whether it's Bondi Beach, the opera house, or Harbour Bridge, the proposal options are vast in Australia—and you really can’t go wrong no matter which option you choose.

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11. Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh might not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking of places to propose, but its spot on the list for 2019 definitely makes sense. With all the royal hype as of late—thanks Meghan and Harry—the castle, medieval streets, and dramatic rocky landscape will be a whimsical backdrop worthy of your king or queen.

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12. Las Vegas

<p>Las Vegas, Nevada</p>

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Sin City is known more for its ceremony spots, but the glamorous high-rise hotels and exciting Strip make for unforgettable proposal spots. Plan an intimate in-room proposal at your luxury suite, and you can celebrate afterward with dinner and a show. If something more low-key is your vibe, the Nevada side of the Grand Canyon will give you that beautiful natural background.

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