The 10 Best Mattresses That You Can Buy Online

Finding an amazing bed (that works for both of you) is getting easier and easier

Updated 07/11/18


Back in the day, shopping for a mattress meant hours of testing (by awkwardly lying on each one) and talking with aggressive sales people in badly-lit showrooms. Budget was always a concern (is it really worth it to shell out an extra $300 for bells and whistles that don't make any sense?). Needless to say, it could sometimes be an overwhelming and confusing process to find a mattress that was both well-made and super comfy in a span of an afternoon's shopping.

Luckily, in the age of the "bed in a box" mattresses, it's gotten so much easier (and infinitely more pleasant) to buy a bed. First of all, you can do it right from your laptop. Many bed companies offer free delivery to your doorstep, and at-home trial periods (available with many of the models available today), meaning you can test them out for real—in the comfort of your home no less. And direct-to-consumer pricing on many models eliminates the middleman, keeping prices lower than before.

Shopping with a partner adds another layer to the mattress-purchasing process. One of you might tend to sleep on your back, while the other is a die-hard side sleeper. Snorer? Tosser and turner? There's a mattress for you. With all the options out there today (and there are so many), you'll definitely be able to find model that satisfies both of your sleeping styles.

Here are our 10 favorite mattresses you can buy online NOW!

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This totally customizable mattress is designed just for the two of you. Simply fill out a short questionnaire answering questions about how you tend to sleep and they'll personalize the mattress based on the results. It's even possible to split the mattress into two different profiles for a couple!

SHOP NOW: Helix, from $600

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Leesa Sapira


If you tend to sleep more on your back, a foam-coil hybrid (a mattress with foam over a base of individually wrapped coils) offers comfort and support for all your pressure points. We love Leesa’s version—not only is it super comfy for everyone, but the company also donates a mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 sold.

SHOP NOW: Leesa, from $995.

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This plush memory foam mattress features a cooling cover to keep sleepers comfortable all night long. Bonus: This company offers a full year trial period to test the mattress out so you can make sure it's the right one for you.

SHOP NOW: Nectar, from $425

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Tuft and Needle


A great budget option, this mattress features a proprietary foam blend that adapts to the body and is super supportive where you need it. There's also a cooling gel integrated into the mattress to keep sleepers from getting too hot in the night.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, from $325

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If you're a hot sleeper, a cooling mattress is the way to go. The first generation of bed-in-a-box style mattresses could tend to make you shvitzy, but technological advances like Purple’s layer of polymer grid promotes air flow throughout the night.

SHOP NOW: Purple, from $1,300

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If you're on a budget, you might want to try a basic foam model like Casper. Multiple layers of foam support the body for a comfy sleep experience (without breaking the bank).

SHOP NOW: Casper, from $595

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The "coil on coil" construction of this mattress means that your partner can move around in the night and it won't wake you up! Eco-friendly materials and adjustable-base compatibility make this one a winner.

SHOP NOW: Saatva, from $599

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This super-high mattress (12 inches!) feels like one of those luxe pillow-topped ones from a fancy showroom, but at a totally affordable price. And despite its loftiness, it still arrives compressed to a small size, on your doorstep.

SHOP NOW: Allswell, from $495

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Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Sleep Number

If you can't agree on the softness or firmness that you both require, you might wan to try a self-adjusting bed. This one even has a function that aims to diminish snoring—game changer!

SHOP NOW: Sleep Number, from $2,298.

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Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf

With an organic quilt topper and eco-friendly foam that's made in the U.S.A., this mattress is incredibly breathable and supports all your pressure points evenly.

SHOP NOW: Loom and Leaf, from $749

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