10 Gym Bags You Won't Be Embarrassed to Carry

Time to upgrade!

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Is there any better stress reliever than throwing your gym bag over your shoulder and getting in a solid sweat sesh at your favorite fitness center? Whether it's a yoga class where you can breathe through your anxieties about the guest list or getting out some in-law frustration on a punching bag, there are countless workouts you can do to manage pre-wedding stress. However, after working all day, it could prove to be difficult to trek all the way to the gym—no matter the mood-improving benefits. One thing that helps motivate us? Upgrading our ratty gym bag. Hopefully, the super stylish gym bags on this list will encourage you to get that daily workout in, too!

Although we could go on about how much better you'll feel after you force yourself to go to that Spin class tonight, we know that in your heart of hearts, you know this to be true and may need another kind of push to get you in the mood—like a cool gym bag for instance! If you're working out regularly, your gym bag is not only getting a beating, but it is also on your shoulder on almost a daily basis. So why shouldn't you take just as much pride in it as you do in your regular everyday bags? Here, we rounded up some of our favorite bags you can use for the gym (some of them may be not be proper "gym" bags, but if they're spacious enough, who cares?).

Check out the 10 gym bags you won't be embarrassed to carry below!

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Hershel Strand Duffel Bag

Courtesy of Nordstrom

This duffel reads more like a traditional gym bag and is roomy enough for more than just a change of gym clothes!

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $65

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Metallic Handled Shopper

Courtesy of Zara

Want a gym bag disguised as a modern tote? This guy isn't marketed as being for the gym but is roomy enough for all your workout gear and won't make you feel underdressed when you're toting it around.

SHOP NOW: Zara, $39.90

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OHare 2.0 Cotton Shopper

Courtesy of WANT Apothecary

A classic tote that you'll want to carry even on your non-gym days, this simple bag epitomizes the "less is more" design mentality.

SHOP NOW: WANT Apothecary, $250

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Cathy's Concepts Leather and Canvas Duffel

Courtesy of Dillard's

This feels gym-ready but in materials that are elevated and sophisticated. Plus, you can personalize it with your monogram!

SHOP NOW: Dillard's, $75

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Landon Carryall

Courtesy of Dagne Dover

The perfect shade of dusty rose turns a normal gym bag into one with a bit more personality.

SHOP NOW: Dagne Dover, $155

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Nylon Tote

Courtesy of Need Supply Co.

This sturdy tote is not only reversible, but it doubles as a perfect weekend farmer's market bag as well!

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co, $198

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Fairmont Accessories Tote Bag

Courtesy of Need Supply Co.

Who says your gym bag can't have a floral print?

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co., $45.99

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Lululemon Go Getter Bag Heatproof Pocket 26L

Courtesy of Lululemon

With a trendy marble print (in a wedding white hue, no less!), this gym bag features water-repellent fabric, straps for your yoga mat, and a laptop pocked in case you're running to a fitness class right after work.

SHOP NOW: Lululemon, $148

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Adidas by Stella McCartney Small Studio Bag

Courtesy of Nordstrom

This Stella McCartney x Adidas collaboration is a match made in fitness heaven. The shiny, textured pink fabric couldn't be cooler and inside there's even a shoe compartment to keep your dirty sneakers away from your clothes.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $200

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The Transport Tote

Courtesy of Shopbop

Simple lines and beautiful leather make this neutral-colored tote perfect for year-round gym clothes carrying.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $168

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