10 Doormats You Can Buy Now for Your Newlywed Home

Toss that old, ragged doormat and spring for something fun!

Updated 04/24/19

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then perhaps doormats are the windows to the home. Okay, we take that back...windows are obviously the windows of the home—but a doormat is basically your home's first impression, as it introduces your style and aesthetic to guests. So toss that old, ragged doormat and spring for something fun! Here are 10 doormats you can buy now that would look great in your newlywed home.

Things to take into account when you're picking out a doormat? First of all, choose something you don't think you'll easily tire of. You're going to see it at least twice a day, if not more. So if you're someone who will get sick of reading the same thing everyday when you walk out of or into your home, then don't opt for a text-based mat. If you're apt to tire of decor pieces that are too trendy, make sure you get a doormat that's classic and simple. Want something to make your door stand out among a sea of ubiquity, or a row of identical apartment doors? Try getting a mat in an unusual shape (like the below semi-circle) or opt for a normal rug in a smaller 2x3 size.

Here are some of our favorite doormats you can buy now!

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BRB Doormat

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

This natural coir bristle doormat is short, sweet, and to the point.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, was $29, now $24

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Vertical Stripe Jute Doormat

Courtesy of Terrain

If you're one of the aforementioned people who gets sick of trendy pieces quickly, this timeless doormat is for you.

SHOP NOW: Terrain, starting at $78

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Welcome Doormat

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

It doesn't get anymore straightforward than this! Welcome guests to your home with a doormat that flat-out says it.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $29

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Knot Weave Doormat

Courtesy of Terrain

This hardy doormat has thick fibers that will catch all the dirt and mud from your shoes before you enter the house.

SHOP NOW: Terrain, starting at $98

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Ryland Rug

Courtesy of Serena and Lily

For those who want a doormat that doesn't look like a traditional doormat, get a pretty patterned rug like this one in a 2x3 size. Just make sure you also get a non-slip mat, so it doesn't slide around too much.

SHOP NOW: Serena & Lily, $198

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Kilim Doormat

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Obsessed with kilim rugs as much as we are? Then you'll love this kilim-style doormat that adds just enough pattern and color to your front door.

SHOP NOW: Pottery Barn, $20

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Tossed Dash Semi-Circle Doormat

Courtesy of West Elm

For the couple that wants something modern and stand-out, we love this half-moon graphic doormat.

SHOP NOW: West Elm, was $29, now $21

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Hello Doormat

Courtesy of West Elm

For the graphic designer in all of us, this fun typography mat adds a whimsical little punch to your entryway.

SHOP NOW: West Elm, was $29, now $21

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Moonphase Doormat

Courtesy of West Elm

The celestial trend isn't going anywhere—and we're here for it.

SHOP NOW: West Elm, was $29, now $21

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Shut the Front Door Hand-Painted Doormat

Courtesy of West Elm

A little bit cheeky, this doormat brings personality and sass to your doorstep.

SHOP NOW: West Elm, $40

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