The Best Bridal Boot Camps

Enlisting in one of these bridal boot camps is a great way to jump-start your pre-wedding fitness regime.

Updated 10/04/12

Courtesy of Exhale Mind Body Spa

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Exhale Mind Body Spa

Courtesy of Exhale Mind Body Spa

What To Expect: The 6- or 12-week Bridal Boot Camp includes unlimited yoga and Core Fusion classes, weekly-check-ins with a "mind-body manager," a nutrition consultation (for the 12-week program), one massage, three facials, and a group class (perfect for a healthy bachelorette party). Optional acupuncture can help with stress and regulate appetite.

Logistics: $680 for six weeks, or $975 for 12.

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Courtesy of FITiST

What To Expect: Joining FITiST is like having a membership to every top boutique gym in town. Each plan lets you mix-and-match classes at its carefully vetted studios, and booking is completely hassle-free. The well-rounded Bride program includes eight cycle, four core, four performance, and two yoga classes per month. Not into Spinning? Select another program, or have one customized for your specific goals.

Logistics: Monthly rates are $525 in NYC, and $325 in L.A.

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Lake Austin Spa Resort

Courtesy of Lake Austin Spa

What To Expect: Clocking in at just 40 rooms, this relatively small destination resort / spa can offer guests personalized attention. And one particularly bride-friendly package to consider is the Power of 7, a week of fitness classes, spa treatments, and mind-body management, like learning to defuse stress (key for anyone planning a wedding!) or developing healthy eating habits.

Logistics: $4040 per person (excluding tax and service charge), which includes room, meals, unlimited classes and activities, $1000 spa allowance and $500 private fitness credit.

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A.R.T. Method Boot Camp

Courtesy of A.R.T. Method Bootcamp

What To Expect: Celebrity trainer Terri Walsh's workouts are based on Active Resistance Training—a tough-as-nails circuit of constantly changing exercises that use your own body weight (and the occasional kettle bell), challenge stability, and keep your heart rate up. After a private consultation, Walsh with prescribe three or five sessions a week for a month, then help you zero in on specific body parts during those workouts. Classes are limited to 10 to 12 people, so you're sure to get plenty of attention—which means no cheating!

After camp officially ends, enlistees get an A.R.T. Method app, nutritional guildelines, and membership in a private Facebook group for added motivation and surprise video challenges. Plus, Walsh and her team are available 24/7 via email and text to tweak your meals, offer new exercises, and keep you in the groove.

Logistics: $400 per month for three workouts a week, or $600 for five workouts a week.

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Barry's Boot Camp

Courtesy of Barry's Boot Camp

What To Expect: This hour-long mashup of fat-blasting cardio (think majorly hilly treadmill intervals) and strength-training is a favorite of celebs on both coasts. And now that Nashville also sports one of the Barry's franchises, no doubt a few high-caliber country twangers can also be found sweating it out. Boasting a 1,000-calorie burn (yes, you read that right — 1,000) per session, this is perfect for the bride in search of a major tune-up.

Logistics: Though prices vary by location, the average cost is just north of $20 per class. Package plans are also available.

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Red Mountain Resort

Courtesy of Red Mountain Resort

What To Expect: Spectacular scenery and seriously fat-burning hikes are the draws at this destination spa, which is a two-hour drive from Las Vegas. The seven-night Fitness Intensive Retreat includes a fitness consultation, a private training session, a metabolic-profile analysis, a heart-rate workshop, and one well-earned hiker's massage. Like all stays at Red Mountain, it includes accommodations, three spa meals a day, all group-fitness classes and hikes, and use of the sun-splashed Sagestone Spa.

Logistics: The retreat (from $2,065) is offered during specific weeks from fall to spring.

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Lacey Stone's Bootycamp

Courtesy of Lacey Stone's Bootycamp

__What To Expect:__This four-week outdoor camp, held at Pan Pacific Park in LA and Pier 46 in NYC, draws on Stone's team sports background (she's a former basketball champ) and is heavy on running and bodyweight moves like pushups. Stone, who trains many a celeb, is happy to tweak the class to your specific goals, whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle, improve cardio, or even just boost your confidence for that nerve-wracking trip down the aisle.

Logistics: Rates dependent on number of class participants, with an average of $350 for month.

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Slim & Strong

Courtesy of Slim & Strong

What To Expect: Super-rigorous and ultra-effective, this month-long camp—led by fitness guru Ariane Hundt—incorporates both indoor and outdoor high-intensity interval workouts in proximity to the Brooklyn Bridge. ("We use the bridge as our gym," Hundt notes.) Includes before and after analysis of body fat, weight, and inches; fat-burning nutrition workshop; daily motivational emails, and even a prize for the biggest loser. Results-oriented and very rah-rah.

Logistics: Program starts at the beginning of each month; $350 for three hour-long sessions per week (12 total), $250 for two sessions per week (8 total).

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Rancho La Puerta

Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta

What To Expect: Situated just south of the border, this destination-spa classic aims to hook both you and your groom with a special package that discounts the usual 7-night cost by 20 percent for anyone associated with your wedding, plus an additional $500 of "added-value extras" for the happy pair. Among these goodies: his and her facials, couple's massage, and a Jane Iredale mineral bridal makeup consultation. You'll meet with a trainer to set goals, then dive into hiking, a huge array of classes and sports, and a cooking class to teach you how to whip up healthy, slimming meals.

Logistics: All inclusive seven-night package starts at $2800 per person (before discount). Passport required. Spa provides roundtrip transportation to the nearby San Diego Airport.

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