6 Antipollution Products That Should Be a Part of Your Daily Skincare Routine

Pollution-proof your complexion with these protective picks

Updated 10/11/18

Photo by Olivia Rae James

You already know that UV rays can harm your complexion, but have you ever considered the effect of pollutants such as smog, dirt, exhaust, and pollen? They can also seriously wreak havoc on your skin—which is why antipollution skincare products need to be a part of your daily pre-wedding routine.

“The stratum corneum acts as armor, protecting the deeper layers of the skin," explains Dendy Engelman, a board certified dermatologist in New York City. "When this is compromised by environmental aggressors, it can result in hyperpigmentation, inflammation, dryness, dullness, and fine lines.”

“It’s relatively easy for these harmful particles to penetrate your skin without any line of defense,” notes Engelman. That’s why it’s so important to find products that not only neutralize free radical damage, but help to minimize exposure in the first place.

From antioxidant serums to oxygenated cleansers, these antipollution picks should be part of your daily regimen.

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Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield

Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden

Powered by a skin-strengthening patented DNA enzyme complex, this lightweight lotion forms an invisible barrier to help block harmful toxins and atmospheric pollutants while micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide broad spectrum UV protection.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $68

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Dr Roebuck’s Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum

Courtesy of Dr Roebuck’s

This Aussie import—enriched with myramaze, blueberry extract, aloe vera, and amino acids—is about to change up your a.m. routine. Beyond shielding against the elements, it soothes and hydrates. And the light-as-air gel texture is a dream.

SHOP NOW: Sephora, $60

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Tula Urban Defense Hydrating Mist

Courtesy of Tula

Calling all urbanites! This multifunctional face mist is loaded with thirst-quenching hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory rose water, skin barrier–supportive probiotics, and nutrient-rich jojoba seed oil. If that wasn’t enough, it has the added benefit of pollution defense.

SHOP NOW: Dermstore, $35

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Yes to Cotton Antipollution Oxygenated Foaming Cleanser

Courtesy of Yes to

Get your complexion ready for the day ahead with this foaming cleanser. The oxygen-infused formula doesn’t just remove impurities, it dispenses powerful antioxidant protection. Bonus: The built-in brush offers a mini face massage. Who wouldn’t love that?

SHOP NOW: Ulta, $9.99

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Allies of Skin 1A All-Day Pollution Repair Mask

Courtesy of Allies of Skin

Unlike wash-off masks, this leave-on treatment is meant to stay put. The magic is in the time-release formula, fortified with AHAs and antioxidants. Slather it on in the morning to fight free radical damage and moisturize all day.

SHOP NOW: Dermstore, $99

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Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Antipollution Sunshine Serum

Courtesy of Drunk Elephant

We’re more than a little obsessed with this next-level launch. But seriously can you blame us? It’s packed with omegas, peptides, and polyphenols to guard against environmental stressors, plus the bronze tint delivers a gorgeous just-got-back-from-vacation glow.

SHOP NOW: Sephora, $36

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