23 Trendy Wedding Banner Ideas

Round table with wedding cake and stick candles with plates in front of wedding banner sign on wall

 Photo by Taitt Vosatka / Banner by Linen and Poppi

Do a quick search on Pinterest and you’re sure to come up with plenty of wedding signs—they’re a cute, personalized element to incorporate into your ceremony and reception décor. Signs are a helpful way to welcome guests, give them directions, and clue them in on wedding details, like the signature cocktail choices and the various cake flavors on offer. And while basic paper signs will get the job done, you could instead use this as an opportunity to get creative with your signage displays. Enter our latest favorite wedding trend: banner signs. Print the wedding details directly onto pieces of fabric like cotton or linen, then hang the banner in a spot where guests can easily see.

A wedding banner can be used in just about any way possible on your day. Think welcome signs, seating assignments, food and bar menus, flower girl and ring bearer signs, escort displays, and the like. We've seen couples put wedding banners at the forefront of the aisle, the reception entrance, attach them to the ceremony arch, hang them on trees, on the backs of reception chairs, and just about everywhere in between.

Remember, if you're going with a long, statement banner you'll need somewhere with a high point to hang it so it can flow in all its glory without getting bunched up and dirty. If a sign for your flower girl appeals to you, attach a string on each end of the rod so she can wear it like a necklace, rather than having to juggle it in her hands while trying to toss petals.

Need some banner-sign inspiration? Check out some of our favorite takes on this wedding trend.

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Woodsy Welcome

Wedding welcome banner on tree at forest wedding ceremony

 Photo by Wonderful and Strange

Planning a forest wedding? Consider an enchanting wedding welcome banner to greet guests entering your woodland gathering.

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Welcome Sign

Wedding Welcome Banner Sign

Photo by The Edges Wedding Photography

Often one of the first details your guests see, a welcome sign is a thoughtful way to greet your friends and family and give a tiny peek into the overall wedding style. This elegant, banner-style version was printed on frayed linen and hung from a driftwood branch near the ceremony entrance.

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Directional Sign

Directional Wedding Sign Banner

Photo by Tec Petaja

If it’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the ceremony location, display a directional sign to reassure guests that they’re headed the right way. Position the sign so they won’t miss it—this banner reads “Ceremony This Way” and was hung from a branch along the venue’s gravel path.

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Bar Menu Sign

Wedding Bar Menu Sign

Photo by Tec Petaja

This adorable banner (we love the notched bottom edge) lists the couple’s signature cocktail offerings; illustrations also help in case some guests aren’t familiar with the drinks. Hang the sign from the cocktail bar so guests can decide what they’d like to order while they wait in line.

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Celestial Magic

Three black wedding banners with moon phases hanging from a rectangular copper pipe stand with black pampas grass detailing

Shelby Horton Photography


Halloween-lovers and Astro-enthusiasts alike will fawn over this scene. From the black pampas grass to the distressed brick walls, we're obsessing over this dark and moody wedding décor. Black triple-banner table assignments complete with the moon and stars crafted by White Cottage Weddings look mysterious and inviting all at the same time.

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Seating Chart Sign

Seating Chart Wedding Banner Sign

Photo by Stefanie Kapra

Instead of standard escort cards, choose a more unique seating chart design like this elegant vertical banner. List each table number prominently, along with the names of the guests seated there; hang the banner at the reception entrance so everyone can quickly scan it to find their seat.

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Menu Banner

Wedding Menu Banner Sign

Photo by Artography

Save paper by skipping the printed menu cards and opting for a larger banner-style menu display. If your reception space is quite large, you might want to have multiple menu signs hanging in different spots so everyone will be sure to see it.

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Table-Number Signs

Table-Number Mini Banners

Photo by Ruth Eileen

This crafty couple used copper pipe fittings to fashion this clever table-number stand. Pro tip: Elevating the sign will help make it easier for guests to scan the reception space for their assigned table.

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Last Name and Wedding Date

Wedding Banner sign with "Menchaca" and wedding date in a copper pipe arch with greenery

 Photo by Silent Wild Photos

Here, the newlyweds used a beautiful banner to display their name and wedding date with a minimalist greenery illustration to match the botanical-draped copper piping. The trickling of white flowers and illuminated bulbs give the display an extra touch of whimsy.

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Centering a Copper Altar

Wedding banner sign on copper rod as wedding altar backdrop in front of windows at indoor wedding ceremony

Photo by Chloe Malsick Photography / Banner by Linen and Poppi

This copper rod arch is clean and minimal, but far from bare with a leafy banner at its center. If you look closely, you'll see additional acrylic signage trickling down the flag's sides—a totally unassuming way to dress up your wedding banner.

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Adorned Altar

Wedding banner handing from wooden branch altar with bride and groom's names and wedding date

 Photo by Matt Horan Photography

Drape a calligraphed banner donned with lush garland across a wooden altar to recreate this stately banner backdrop. We're loving the bold, oversized letters to display the names of the betrothed.

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Wedding Cake Backdrop

Round table with wedding cake and stick candles with plates in front of wedding banner sign on wall

Photo by Taitt Vosatka / Banner by Linen and Poppi

A message most important to the ceremonious day, this wedding banner by Linen and Poppi combines simple text and natural elements to a positively romantic effect.

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Forest Altar

Wedding banner hanging from a tree branch, between two large trees overlooking a beach

Dawn Photography

This banner by Pink + Peach beautifully marks the sand-strewn woodland altar. We can just imagine the whimsy of ocean breeze billowing through the linen emblem of union.

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Boho Table Banner

Canvas wedding banner hanging from rod on reception table reading "it's always been you"

Natalie J Weddings


A little macramé fringe goes a long way when it comes to boho wedding décor. Frayed tassels complete this reception table banner without going too over the top.

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Typography Table Assignments

Long white cloth banner hanging on brick wall with wedding seating chart printed and flowers and candles on the concrete floor on each side

Rebecca Carpenter Photography​


A drapey floor-length banner with neatly printed seating assignments warms up this industrial wedding space. We love the minimalist lettering on an oversized cloth.

Mix it up and label your seating banner something fun, we love this banner's unique "Feasting" title.

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Announcing the Bride

Cloth hanging banner on a rod reading "Uncle Luke here comes your bride" in front of leafy hedge

 Courtesy of Pineapple + Paper

Give your flower girl or ring bearer an extra important job as they make their way down the aisle—announcing the bride! This adorable wedding banner is available for purchase on Etsy ($30) and is totally customizable.

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Dark Décor

Black wedding banner hanging from a rock formation in front of autumn trees

Wesley & Emma Photography

Who said wedding banners have to be white? A decorative black wedding banner is right at home when placed among golden autumn leaves—the perfect touch for fall weddings.

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To the Moon and Back

Wedding banner flag that says "to the moon and back" on a copper pipe altar with floral arrangements and a Persian-style rug.

Wondery Photography


We love the sweet message on this canvas flag. The opulent floral arrangements and Persian rug balance the simple arch in the most charming way.

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Moon Phase Tables

Wedding table assignment banners of lunar phase

Leesha Williams Photography​


Lunar lovers, this one's for you. Each table number gets its own moon phase on its respective banner and they're just so pretty and creative.

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Here Comes Your Forever

Flower girl walking down the aisle with a banner sign that says "here comes your forever"

 James Young Photography

Another adorable take on the arrival sign, this one from Pineapple and Paper is just darling in the hands of a joyful flower girl. We're loving the navy ribbons detailing each end of the banner rod.

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Cozy Winter

Three black table assignment wedding banners hanging from a square wood-stained altar with ferns and fall florals

Ayelle Photo​graphy


A stunning table assignment display adorned in deep crimson florals and lush ferns looks ever the magical winter wedding. Stained wood planks make the most beautiful frame for these White Cottage Wedding banners.

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Adorned in Greenery

White wedding banner hanging on wooden fence with greenery decorations

Paper Case Studio

This simple calligraphed wedding banner by Paper Case Studio can be styled in countless ways to match any theme. Here, we see how the crisp white makes greenery pop and look extra lush.

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Under a Foliage Arch

An indoor wedding with a white wedding banner hanging in a foliage arch in front of glass doors and arched window

 Photo by Sarah Brookes Photography

This arch is full of green botanicals, wheatgrass, and white florals. The flag-style wedding banner fits perfectly nestled between the frames and the scene is positively stunning placed in front of the stately glass arch.

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