Beautiful Banner Signs Are the Newest Wedding Signage Craze

Wedding Banner Sign with Flowers

Photo by Artography

Do a quick search on Pinterest and you’re sure to come up with plenty of wedding signs—they’re a cute, personalized element to incorporate into your ceremony and reception décor. Signs are a helpful way to welcome guests, give them directions, and clue them in on wedding details, like the signature cocktail choices and the various cake flavors on offer. And while basic paper signs will get the job done, you could instead use this as an opportunity to get creative with your signage displays. Enter our latest favorite wedding trend: banner signs. Print the wedding details directly onto pieces of fabric like cotton or linen, then hang the banner in a spot where guests can easily see.

Need some banner-sign inspiration? Check out some of our favorite takes on this wedding trend.

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Welcome Sign

Wedding Welcome Banner Sign

Photo by The Edges Wedding Photography

Often one of the first details your guests see, a welcome sign is a thoughtful way to greet your friends and family and give a tiny peek into the overall wedding style. This elegant, banner-style version was printed on frayed linen and hung from a driftwood branch near the ceremony entrance.

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Directional Sign

Directional Wedding Sign Banner

Photo by Tec Petaja

If it’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the ceremony location, display a directional sign to reassure guests that they’re headed the right way. Position the sign so they won’t miss it—this banner reads “Ceremony This Way” and was hung from a branch along the venue’s gravel path.

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Bar Menu Sign

Wedding Bar Menu Sign

Photo by Tec Petaja

This adorable banner (love the notched bottom edge) lists the couple’s signature cocktail offerings; illustrations also help in case some guests aren’t familiar with the drinks. Hang the sign from the cocktail bar so guests can decide what they’d like to order while they wait in line.

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Seating Chart Sign

Seating Chart Wedding Banner Sign

Photo by Stefanie Kapra

Instead of standard escort cards, choose a more unique seating chart design like this elegant vertical banner. List each table number prominently, along with the names of the guests seated there; hang the banner at the reception entrance so everyone can quickly scan it to find their seat.

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Menu Banner

Wedding Menu Banner Sign

Photo by Artography

Save paper by skipping the printed menu cards and opting for a larger banner-style menu display. If your reception space is quite large, you might want to have multiple menu signs hanging in different spots so everyone will be sure to see it.

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Table-Number Signs

Table-Number Mini Banners

Photo by Ruth Eileen

This crafty couple used copper pipe fittings to fashion this clever table-number stand. Pro tip: Elevating the sign will help make it easier for guests to scan the reception space for their assigned table.

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