Baguette Wedding Bands: The Complete Guide

Cue the bling, bling.

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Courtesy of Anne Sisteron / Design by Michela Buttignol

As far as bridal jewelry goes, your engagement ring is undoubtedly the focal point. And while it’s the one special bauble that signifies your relationship as a bride-to-be, a wedding band is an equally special ring to add into the mix after you've said "I do." If you’re all about a blingy ring look, a baguette wedding band is a stunning choice.

What Is a Baguette Diamond?

"A baguette ring is a style set with either one or multiple baguette cut stones," Madeline Fraser tells BRIDES.

The first step in establishing what style of baguette wedding band is right for you is figuring out whether you want to stack your wedding band with your engagement ring or wear it separately on your right finger and move your engagement ring over to your left (or vice versa, you do you). If you’re going to stack your rings, wedding “suites” as they're commonly referred to are a great way to make your stack feel unique whether you need an arched baguette design to complement a round-, oval-, or pear-shaped engagement ring, or a V-shaped band to properly situate next to a marquise or shield-cut stone.

There are even baguette bands specifically cut to sit alongside angular stones like a square, emerald, radiant, Asscher, or hexagon cut. Or, you can get an enhancer ring with two rows of baguettes that sit on the top and bottom of your engagement ring for a super blingy look.

Meet the Expert

Madeline Fraser is the founder and CEO of Gemist, a jewelry brand and experience that lets you try on its pieces before purchasing.

We spoke with industry expert Madeline Fraser, the founder and CEO of the Gemist, to gain insight on all the details of baguette bands. Plus, learn about the pros and cons of baguette diamond wedding bands, what to look for when shopping for one, and get inspired by rings to shop immediately. 

Pros and Cons of Baguette Wedding Bands

If you’re separating your two rings, the sky’s the limit in terms of baguette bands whether you want an ultra-slim band with a single baguette stone or a thick, glittering style with rows (and rows) of diamonds. For a glitzy, eye-catching look, a wave, X-shaped, or thick, retro-style baguette band will really shimmer and shine. Sure, coupled with an engagement ring, these styles are a lot of look. But you can easily wear just your band or your engagement on days when you want to tone things down or as your mood changes. Can’t go wrong with options! If you’re not the type to want a traditional engagement ring at all, a spectacular band may be all you need as an achingly chic alternative for modern brides.

What to Look for In a Baguette Wedding Band

  • What settings pair best with a baguette wedding band? "To really show off the shape and look of the stone, the best setting is solitaire or solitaire pavé," Fraser says.
  • How can I tell if the ring is high quality? According to Fraser, the cut and clarity matter the most in a baguette diamond band. "Baguette stones require fewer cuts than other cuts of diamonds. There are only 14 facets in a baguette-cut stone, which means that precision is important. If the stone is not cut perfectly, flaws will be seen much easier than in other cuts of diamonds," she adds.
  • What carats pair best with baguette diamond bands? "When it comes to carats, baguette diamonds look great in a smaller weight," Fraser notes. These diamonds are more noticeable in under one carat.

How to Care for a Baguette Ring

Be sure to clean your baguette stones regularly. It's important to clean underneath the ring's shaft so that dirt and other debris don't build up in the ring. If you're unsure of how to clean the ring, you can take it to your jeweler, who will delicately handle the band.

History of Baguette Diamonds

Reminiscent of the roaring '20s, the baguette cut has a vintage nostalgia that is incredibly alluring. "It was created in the 1920’s and named for its elongated rectangular shape after a French baguette. It’s timeless in its classic beauty, a cut that will never go out of style," Fraser adds.

Types of Baguette Wedding Bands

Whether your engagement ring style is timeless, modern, vintage, or fashion-forward, a wedding band should be an equally special and complementary silhouette. Whether you have a shimmering solitaire diamond, cluster of gemstones, or three-stone engagement ring, baguette wedding bands come in a variety of styles and shapes from eternity bands with a single row of baguette stones to bands with alternating stone shapes that include baguettes and modern band styles with tapered or fanned baguettes.

From classic eternity bands to glitzy modern takes, scroll through our edit of 30 extraordinary baguette wedding bands for every style and budget.

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Shane Co. Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

Shane Co. Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

Courtesy of Shane Co.

Set with a slim band, this baguette wedding band has three baguette diamonds that sparkle from every angle. The 14k white gold pairs nicely with the diamonds to complete the ring.

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EK Collection Diamond Channel Set Baguette Eternity Stack Ring

EK Collection Diamond Channel Set Baguette Eternity Stack Ring

Courtesy of EK Collection

Baguette diamonds wrap this eternity band in a never-ending circle band. The design is bold and bursting with sparkle to capture anyone's attention.

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Charles Colvard Forever One Step Cut Baguette Moissanite Multi Stone Channel Set Wedding Band

Charles Colvard Forever One Step Cut Baguette Moissanite Multi Stone Channel Set Wedding Band

Courtesy of Charles Colvard

Baguette moissanite stone line this stunning yellow gold band. The baguette stones are separated with round moissanite accents, set with prongs to hold each stone separately in place.

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Era Jewelry Seventh Brick Brigade Ring

Era Jewelry Seventh Brick Brigade Ring

Courtesy of Era Jewelry

If you want a more unique stone, opt for a white sapphire. The stones look just like their diamond counterparts but add a special touch to the band. 

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The Clear Cut Baby Baguette Ring

The Clear Cut Baby Baguette Ring

Courtesy of The Clear Cut

The delicate band makes a strong statement with its contoured design. The slight separation at the front of the ring highlight the two baguette diamonds.

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1stDibs Diamond Tapered Baguettes Gold Half Band Ring

1stDibs Diamond Tapered Baguettes Gold Half Band Ring

Courtesy of 1stDibs

The best feature of this ring is the design of the baguette diamonds. Each of the nine stones are placed on the ring at different heights to add versatility. None of the diamonds are the same weight making each stone unique.

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J. Luu Baguette and Round Diamond Zig Zag Ring Yellow Gold

Courtesy of J. Luu

Each peak on this ring is set with a small round diamond. A baguette diamond rests on the sides of the clean lines of the band.

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Lori McLean Fine Jewelry Baguette Mix Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Lori McLean Fine Jewelry

Inspired by the 1920s, this band has all of the vintage touches. From the warmth of the yellow gold to the mix of round and baguette diamonds, this ring gives a romantic look.

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Anna Sheffield Veda Baguette Band Yellow Gold & Champagne Diamond

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

A thick band makes all the difference in a ring. It sets a bold and unique aesthetic while remaining simple and elegant. This band features a baguette diamond at the center for a minimalistic touch.

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Allurez 0.67ct 14k Rose Gold Diamond Baguette Lady's Band

Courtesy of Allurez

Decorated with baguette diamonds throughout the entire band, there is no lack of shine. Set at various heights, each baguette is intricately placed on the rose gold band, which adds exciting details from every angle.

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Jane Taylor Cirque Large Baguette Square Stacking Band with White Topaz

Courtesy of Jane Taylor

This large, square baguette ring is nothing but bold. The band remains plain, while baguette diamonds are stacked at the front of the ring.

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Doyle & Doyle Vintage Diamond Wedding Band Ring

Courtesy of Doyle & Doyle

Flanked with two tapered baguette diamonds, this platinum band is for those who want a simple bridal ring that remains eye-catching.

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Bario Neal Demi-Baguette Diamond Band

Courtesy of Bario Neal

This handcrafted ring features baguette diamonds in a bar end-setting. Each of the six diamonds is placed horizontally on the band and gives the ring just the right amount of shine.

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Brilliant Earth 14K Rose Gold Gemma Diamond Ring (1/2 ct. tw.)

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

With a scallop pavé setting, this baguette ring lines the front of the band. The rose gold looks polished paired with the baguette diamonds and leaves a sparkling and gleaming finish.

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Mociun Curve Baguette Band

Courtesy of Mociun

Instead of a traditional band, opt for a curve shape. The new form is modern and edgy. Five baguette diamonds are set at the curve of the ring for aa a feminine touch.

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Sheryl Lowe Sapphire Baguette Eternity Band With Diamond Border

Courtesy of Sheryl Lowe

There are no rules stating that you have to stick with traidontal, clear and white diamonds. Instead, choose a colored stone that adds a playful touch to the band. This option from Sheryl Lowe, has baguette diamonds that line the band, while pavé diamonds create e border at the top aand bottom of the band.

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Jade Trau Astor Band with Tapered Baguettes

Courtesy of Jade Trau

This open band silhouette features two tapered baguette diamonds with six clusters of diamonds at the sides. The best part? The band is easy to wear and won't get caught on objects throughout your day.

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Jacquie Aiche Full Baguette Fringe Band

Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche

Everything is better in fringe, and this ring is no exception. The ring shows baguette diamonds that create the "fringe" on this ring. The band splits into at the center, giving the illusion of double banded ring.

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Nora Kogan Paloma Ring

Courtesy of Nora Kogan

The Paloma ring is inspired by a traditional diamond ring. Instead of holding to a typical shape, the baguette diamond sits at the front of the ring in an asymmetric setting.

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Retro 1940s 1 Carat Total Baguette Diamond Half Way around Eternity Band

Courtesy of 1stdibs

Inspired by the 1940s, this ring has a vintage design with a modern edge. The baguette diamonds span halfway around the band. Paired with white gold, this ring has incredible shine.

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Jennie Kwon Baguette Round Diamond Eternity Band

Courtesy of Jennie Kwon

 thin band is best for layering rings and providing a delicate look and feel. This ring keeps the weight of the ring light without sacrificing style. Baguette and round diamonds alternate around the band to add extra details.

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Broken English Colette Baguette Milgrain Eternity Band

Courtesy of Colette

If you want to symbolize your love forever, then this eternity band is a thoughtful gift. The band is simple, with baguette diamonds lining the front of the ring. 

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Blue Nile Double Row Marquise and Baguette Cut Diamond Ring


Courtesy of Blue Nile

Top a traditional baguette diamond band with a string of classic diamonds. Not only do you get the craftsmanship of the unique baguette diamonds, but the contrasting diamond shapes create a stunning balance.

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Ada Diamonds Emerald Eternity Band

Courtesy of Ada Diamonds

Emerald cut baguette diamonds are genuinely modern and stunning. This ring features an eternity band with diamonds throughout. There is no lack of shine in this ring—it sparkles from every side.

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Eva Fehren The Tetra Shorty Ring

Courtesy of Eva Fehren

There's nothing better than a classic ring that has an upgraded modern touch. This ring takes a traditional baguette diamond-studded band and doubles the fun to create e modern design.

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Suzanne Kalan 18K White Gold Medium Sparkler Eternity Band

Courtesy of Suzanne Kalan

If you're seeking a ring with an elevated design, then this ring is for you. Baguette diamonds are placed around the white gold band to look like sparkles. The ring is also available in rose or yellow gold.

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Tacori RoyalT Ring

Tacori RoyalT Ring

Courtesy of Tacori

Horizontally-set baguette diamonds adorn the entirety of this platinum band. Bold yet classically beautiful, a piece like this not only pairs well with a wide array of engagement rings but is strikingly stunning on its own, too.

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Kavant & Sharart Origami Ziggy Diamond Ring

Kavant & Sharart Origami Ziggy Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Kavant & Sharart

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of folding paper known as origami, the strong elements of this baguette diamond ring exude a bold and contemporary essence. Set in 18k rose gold, this piece would pair well with a modern and minimalistic engagement ring.

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Lizzie Mandler Alternating Tapered Baguette Eternity Band

Lizzie Mandler Alternating Tapered Baguette Eternity Band

Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler

An 18k yellow gold band features alternating tapered baguette stones. The ring's bezel setting creates the most striking contrast between the white diamonds and yellow gold.

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A.Jaffe Alternating Round and Baguette Band Ring in Platinum

A.Jaffe Alternating Round and Baguette Band Ring in Platinum

Courtesy of A.Jaffe

This bezel-set diamond band is the perfect mix of classic and modern. Featuring alternating round and baguette diamonds, this stunner can be set in an array of metals including platinum, white, yellow, or rose gold.

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