10 Bachelorette Party Supplies from Etsy—That Aren't Tacky AF!

No penis straws here!

If you're like most of us, you're darn sick of ticky-tacky bachelorette party decor and supplies. In fact, even murmuring the words "bachelorette party" seems to be synonymous with cheesy and tasteless. We've seen many a woman with good judgement make some very poor decisions at their own bachelorette party, and beyond that, we have seen many MOH's and bridesmaids plan some pretty terrible shindigs. We get it, same penis forever (🙄).

But your bachelorette party doesn't have to be all glitter sashes and strippers and penis straws (oh my!). You can, in fact, have a fun and wild party without throwing all sense of taste out the window! And no, we're not suggesting you get all proper and stuffy—jello shots are still fun even without the tacky sash, we aren't nuns!—we're just gently suggesting (or rather PSA-ing) that there are alternatives to every kind of bachelorette gear you've seen before. And guess what—it can be affordable, too! Just because you're choosing more unique items that don't come from big-box party supply stores doesn't mean you're going full-on boutique prices, either.

So what's the happy medium, price-wise? Etsy, of course! And as we've mentioned before, we know how time consuming it is to search for those magical needle-in-the-haystack finds on Etsy, which is why once again we have done the heavy lifting for you! Behold: 10 bachelorette party products that will make your soiree classy, not trashy.

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Champagne Piñatas

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

In lieu of recovery kits (been there, done that) fill these adorable mini piñatas with personalized notes, fun beauty products, and ok maybe some Tylenol.

$14.19 each (SHOP NOW)

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Custom Paper Dolls

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Instead of paper dolls of you and your boo (like shown here) have this artist create a paper doll of each of the gals attending your bachelorette as a thank you! Everyone will get a kick out of it, and will definitely keep them around longer than a bach t-shirt they'll only wear once.

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Colorful Pinwheels

Colorful pinwheels

Courtesy of thepartiesthatpop via Etsy

Set up a photo booth station with this as the background—no need for silly props, these pinwheels are all you need for some cute pictures with your gals.

$26.95 (SHOP NOW)

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Unique Balloons

Courtesy of Stesha Party

We've all seen the giant engagement ring balloon and the giant mylar letters, so why not try something fresh? These rose gold starburst balloons are fun and new and definitely on-trend.

$7.95 (SHOP NOW)

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Party Tumblers

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Give 'em something fun to sip out of before going out on the town. These pineapple cups are affordable favors that multi-task as the perfect Instagram fodder for a group shot!

$5.65 each (SHOP NOW)

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Themed Cookies

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

We've all seen some (poorly done) themed cookies in our day, but this baker does very precise work with super cute designs. Plus, lots of custom options! We love this color combo—girly but still cool.

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An Elegant Cake Topper

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

We don't know what could be less appealing as a cake topper than anything penis themed, so if you're going to have a cake, opt for something pretty and elegant. This gold sugar (!!) peony is both of those things. Keep it classy, kiddos.

$68.75 (SHOP NOW)

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A Non-Sash

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Ditch the sash idea and do something more modern and unique, like this Mexican flag necklace!

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A Simple Banner

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

If you must have a banner, once again keep it classy and opt for something simple like this—black seems much chicer than neon or hot pink.

$19 (SHOP NOW)

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Disco Ball Drink Stirrers

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Once again, your drink accessories don't need to be penis related. We love this festive mirrored disco ball stirrers, and you can customize them to a ton of fun colors!

$14+ for 4 (SHOP NOW)

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