15 Bachelorette Party Invitations for Every Type of Celebration

Bachelorette Party Invitations


In general, etiquette dictates the bachelorette party is typically hosted by the bridesmaids. The bride should provide her list of guests and her maid of honor and/or bridesmaids are in charge of sending out the invitations. Whether it’s something as small as a night out to something more glamorous like a yacht party or a destination getaway, there are a few general bachelorette party invitation best practices to follow.

How to Send Them

The bachelorette invitation is separate from the wedding invitation. Since the bachelorette party is hosted by the bride’s maid of honor and/or her bridesmaids, invitations should be sent out by the bridal party. An email invite is not tacky, but etiquette expert Elaine Swann recommends the invitation itself should reflect the theme and style of the celebration. Let it tell the story for the occasion. Include as many details as possible—everything from parking instructions, attire, and dinner reservations.

Meet the Expert

Elaine Swann is an expert on etiquette and the founder of The Swann School of Protocol. She is due to release her own line of greeting cards in 2020.

When to Send Them

Bachelorette party invitations should be sent out at least four weeks in advance. If it’s a destination event, give at least 8-10 weeks of notice so people can prepare for airfare and hotels. The best timeframe to book air travel is 30 days in advance.

Wording Ideas

  • Join us for [bride’s name]’s bachelorette party!
  • You’re invited to a celebration in honor of the bride! Please join us for [bride’s name]’s bachelorette party!
  • Celebrate [bride’s name]’s bachelorette party with us! 
  • You’re invited to [bride name’s]’s bachelorette party!
  • It’s [bride’s name]’s last fling as a single woman! Come celebrate her bachelorette party with us.

Ahead, scroll through 15 bachelorette party invitations for any type of celebration.

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Beach Bachelorette

Weekend Sun Bachelorette Party Invitation

Paper Source

This minimalist invitation will paint your guests a picture of how fun and relaxing your beach themed bachelorette party will be. Paper Source allows you to completely customize your cards before adding them to your cart. Give it a try before you buy!

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Spa Day

Bachelorette Spa Invite


These adorable eye-mask invitations can be used for any occasion. Why not use it for you or your bride’s spa-themed bachelorette party?

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Themed Bachelorette

Girls Wanna Bachelorette Party Invitation

Paper Source 

Send a whimsical invite for a dress-up party to celebrate your final hoorah as a single woman! This cute and quirky invitation is keeping in theme with a fun evening.

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Boat Day

Nautical Bachelorette Party Invitation


These “nauti”-cal invitations are customizable and can be sent via email or snail mail! They are great for a bachelorette party that is set to take place on a cruise.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $8

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A Trip to the Vineyard

A Trip to the Vineyard


If you’re planning a classy wine tasting event with the girls, these elegant invitations meet your needs. The beautiful foil font comes in three colors to choose from.

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Vegas, Baby



This flashy invite is perfect to get your guests excited about your party! Vegas is never boring so your invitation shouldn't be either.

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Cocktails & Dancing

Cocktails and Dancing

Paper Source

This colorful card is perfect for a cocktails and dancing bachelorette party! Just make sure you’ve reserved enough room at the table for all the guests that are sure to RSVP.

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Karaoke Bar

Adult Karaoke Party Invitation


Let your invitations sing! Especially if your bachelorette party is set to take place in a karaoke bar! Edit the invite however you wish.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $14.40

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Weekend at the Lake

Summer Weekend At The Lake Invitation


This beautifully illustrated invitation is an ideal theme for a lakeside celebration. Curate a detailed itinerary on the back of the card!

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Country Escape

Country Escape


Whether it’s a bash in Nashville or a bar crawl on Austin’s 6th street, these southern-themed invitations are perfect for your bachelorette rodeo! You are sure to have a great time celebrating before getting hitched to your cowboy.

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Can’t decide on a bachelorette party theme? Or perhaps you don’t even want to pick one. Keep it simple with this classic invitation.

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If you’re planning on exploring the great outdoors for your bride’s last adventure as a single woman, do it in style––and get these stylish invitations to match. These invitations are perfect for a glamping bachelorette party.

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This adorable boarding pass invitation complete with an itinerary is both adorable and practical for your invitations—it's a must for a destination bachelorette party!

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Brunch & Bubbly

Brunch & Bubbly


Planning a brunch bachelorette with lots of bubbly? This floral invitation is sweet and sophisticated—just like you!

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Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure


A fun weekend in the woods filled with scenic hikes and chilly evenings by the fire calls for an equally rustic invitation, and this one checks all the boxes.

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