25 Art Deco Wedding Ideas for a Jazz Age–Inspired Celebration

Take a page from The Great Gatsby when planning your wedding.

Art-Deco themed tablescape

Photo by Mike Cassimatis

Let’s be real: When you get carried away, some wedding themes can become gimmicky. And when done repeatedly, well, they can ring tiresome and unoriginal. The Roaring '20s theme, a trend since 2013, when the latest movie version of The Great Gatsby hit the big screen, should have made its way to the annals of history by now. Yet the glitz, glamour, and overindulgence endure.

That said, we hold a special place in our hearts for the timeless allure of the Art Deco wedding. Though dubbed the lost generation, the artists of the era were certainly on to something—the arresting designs full of distinctive silhouettes, sharp geometry, and extravagance still stands the test of time—and as today’s brides have proved, it doesn’t lose these eternal qualities when thrown into a soirée in the name of love. If anything, Art Deco influences in weddings have evolved into more subtle touches, often receiving a modern refresh that only enhances its charismatic aesthetic.

A classic black-and-gold palette will always hit the right notes, but so too does a smoky gray resin with lavish accents or bright white, greenery, and some gilded glitz and glam. Geometric décor is still getting a lot of attention in a clean, modern palette—use it to your advantage with gold triangles or diamonds as a ceremony backdrop or hanging centerpiece to evoke the strong, bold lines of the period. Break out the 1920s typography on your paper goods and signs for a realistic feel, subtle vintage accessories like a bar cart or candle holders, and the flappers’ drink of choice: champagne. And don’t forget to ride off into the night in your vintage getaway car!

Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite Art Deco wedding ideas to inspire you.

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Geometric Ceremony Backdrop

Geometric Ceremony Backdrop

Daybreak + Dusk Photography

A geometric ceremony backdrop with floating gold triangles is a nod to the precise and clear lines of Art Deco shapes.

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Drape Your Table in Gold

Gold themed tablescape.

Photo by Andrew Mark Photography

If Gatsby threw a party in the garden, you know he wouldn’t dream of leaving out a gold sequined tablecloth. To tone down the over the top 1920s glitz and glam, add a soft statement garland of baby’s breath and greenery.

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Mix Vintage and Modern Candle Holders

Black and gold tablescape with high candles

Photo by Rouxby Photography

A classic black, gold, and ivory palette creates a moody, elegant feel with a mix of vintage and modern candle holders and contrasting hues.

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Create a Lounge wiith Velvet Details

Velvet seating at wedding

Photo by Alexis June Weddings

This luxe lounge space with plush pillows, velvet furniture, sequin accents, and heirloom designs is the perfect place to rest in the middle of a Roaring ‘20s wedding soirée.

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Do White and Gold Invites

Art-deco themed invitations

Photo by Michele Beckwith

If Art Deco had a minimalist take, this is it. Set the tone for your wedding with a simple, chic invitation in white and gold that puts a modern bent on Art Deco’s strong geometry. Invitation by The Aerialist Press.

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Use a Vintage Bar Cart

Vintage bar cart at wedding reception

Photo by Chellise Michael Photography

Is it possible for a vintage piece to be so timeless? This bar cart thinks so, indulging in stylish and classic 1920s appeal.

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Make a Statement with Your Table Setting

Photo by Mike Cassimatis

Art Deco is reinvented in this fresh, contemporary setting that incorporates a rich, emerald jewel tone. Palm leaf chargers, white plates, and an acrylic menu with marbled backing and Art Deco statement graphics create gorgeous layers.

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A Mirror-Framed Seating Chart

Mirror seating chart at wedding reception

Photo by Pat Furey

A mirror framed in weathered gold propped on an easel makes for a seating chart with an effortless speakeasy vibe.

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Use a Typewriter as Your Guest Book

Typewriter guestbook at wedding

Photo by Unique Lapin

A typewriter as a guest book—now that’s what we call vintage charm.

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Decorate with 1920's-Inspired Linens

Table at outdoor wedding reception

Photo by Stevan Levya Photography

Tablecloths are usually underrated, but this '20s-inspired linen featuring the patterned curves and lines of the Art Deco era steals the show. White and burgundy florals throw in more texture to enhance the stylish look.

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Do Round Table Numbers

Rounded table numbers at wedding reception

Photo by Michael & Carina

Round table numbers complement the robust Deco font, adding a subtle touch to a grand tablescape.

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Have Gilded Flatware

Art deco themed plate setting

Photo by Tec Petaja Photography

The opulence of the 1920s is brought to life in a romantic place setting of gilded flatware, plates of intricate designs, and a menu with the standard Art Deco sunburst, all set against a lace canvas.

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Mix Acrylic Chairs with a Smoky Palette

Wedding reception setup with acrylic chairs

Photo by Brandon Scott Photography

The lost generation gets a modern and sultry take, with acrylic chairs, smoky gray palette, and sleek centerpieces dripping with white orchids.

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Display Quotes from the Great Gatsby

Gatsby themed sign at wedding reception

Photo by Scott Andrew Studio

Gatsby quotes like these make our hearts flutter. Gracing a minimalist seating chart and framed by lush organics, it epitomizes 1920s romance.

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Have Fun with Peacock Details

Peackock feather accented table setting

Photo by Luke Liable

An ornate gold plate and miniature peacock feather accents speak to the lavish feel of 1920s elegance.

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Make a Statement with Geometric Shapes

Geometric hanging decor

Photo by Elaine K. Garland Photography

Looks like the 1920s weren’t so far off from today’s popular geometric trends—a statement chandelier of gold three-dimensional shapes mimic the structures of the Art Deco period.

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A Majestic Ice Sculpture

Ice sculpture at wedding reception

Photo by Rouxby

A majestic ice sculpture featuring the bold lines of the era makes for one unique reception centerpiece.

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Jazz up Your Cocktail Stirrers

Vintage themed cocktails spinners

Photo by Scott Andrew Studio

Cocktail stirrers stamped with phonographs pay tribute to the Jazz Age.

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Be Bold with Your Cake

Bold Art-Deco themed wedding cake

Photo by Madison Lee Cakes

Bold and dramatic, this sleek cake takes on Art Deco in the most grand and lavish way possible, going all out with the era’s trademark aesthetic in gold.

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Get Playful with Balloons

'Champagne Drunk" balloons

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

A little party never killed nobody, amirite? These playful balloons give a modern nod to the signature drink of the Roaring '20s: bubbly!

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Pair Brass Candlesticks with Contemporary Details

Gold themed wedding centerpieces

Photo by Bowtie and Belle Photography

Rather than completely imitating the era, this reception table intertwines its elements into a subtle, contemporary style. Brass candlesticks, simple and elegant table numbers in a gilded frame, and foliage nestle together for a beautiful centerpiece. Centerpiece by stylist Daisy Says I Do.

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Add Gold Bows to Your Chairs

Wedding layout under tent

Photo by Carla Atley Photography

Sparkling chandeliers and chair backs adorned with gold bows make this reception roaring-party ready.

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Glam up Your Signage

Vintage inspired wedding signage

Courtesy of Tec Petaja Photography

Dinner and dancing—exactly what the flappers ordered (plus flowing drinks, of course). Simple signage features Art Deco’s bold lines and classic sunburst motifs.

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Put Feathers in Your Centerpiece

Feather accented centerpiece

Photo by Michael & Carina

A sumptuous centerpiece adorned with feathers and pearls takes cues from stylish '20s fashion.

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Make a Grand Exit

Vintage car wedding exit

Photo by Jose Villa

A vintage getaway car is the only way to ride off into the sunset from your '20s-inspired party.

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