The 11 Best Products To Register For From Amazon (Under $50!)

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Updated 05/30/18

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If you're smart (and we know you are) then you no doubt have heard at this point that yes, you can register at Amazon. The shopping Goliath, known to get you everything from groceries to kitty litter to large pieces of furniture to a cocktail dress for your sister's wedding also allows you to set up a registry and add...well, anything you could possibly want.

The thrill of finding something on Amazon that you didn't think existed (like the prettiest peach colored spice grinder, see below) is like going to a restaurant you frequent and finding exciting new seasonal items on the menu! You can browse the bottomless treasure trove that is Amazon for hours and never get bored—making your registry much more diverse than it otherwise might be. So whether you're looking for big-ticket items (a couch, a fancy bike), registry basics (towels, sheets), or something more unique (a windowsill herb garden, perhaps?), Amazon is your one-stop shop.

To help you sort through the extensive (meaning...everything) list of potential registry products, we've picked 11 of our favorite registry items under $50 on Amazon.

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Stripe Fringe Throw

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Get cozy with this hand weaved and tasseled throw, without your guests having to break the bank.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $49.99

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Copper Baskets

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Organizing has never looked so chic! Throw a few of these on your registry (with that price tag, you certainly can!) and get your laundry room or desk neatened in style.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $15.95

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Marble and Brass Table Lamp

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Somewhere between classic office and modern glam, this glitzy lamp will add a little somethin' somethin' to an otherwise dull desk or table.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, was $45.99, now $29.90

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Melamine Bee Plates

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Throw these in your picnic basket and head to the park—and try not to scare your friends when they think there's a bee on their plate!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $22.98 for 4

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Rose Gold Magazine Holder

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Because come on, those magazine's are just collecting dust on your coffee table. Display them with purpose!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $22.99

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Cheese Board

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

A timeless cheese board is a must for any couple that likes to entertain—it'll never go out of style!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $42.99

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Bluetooth Speaker

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

It's a speaker. It's cute. And it's under $50. Done deal.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $49.90

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3D Printed Light

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

This may or may not be intended to be a night-light, but we think it's pretty awesome.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $19.89

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Black Wall Clock

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Sure, you may not always be able to read the time, but hey, it sure looks cool on your wall!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $39.99

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Bar Accessories

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Oh, look! All the bar accessories match, so you can finally throw out your sticky/un-matched bar tools of yesteryear.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $49.99

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Spice Grinder

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

And here you were, using a normal spice grinder for years like a chump! Not anymore, thanks to this peach colored beauty (yes, we called a spice grinder a beauty and we meant it).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $35

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