10 Pieces of Furniture You Need from Amazon's New Line

Amazon's new line of furniture is affordable and cute to boot


Amazon's at it again! On Wednesday, October 31, the online shopping Goliath launched another furniture brand called Ravenna Home. The line is filled with affordable pieces that are classic in silhouette and color, and sure to fit into almost any decorating scheme.

And to top it all off, you get free shipping and free returns within 30 days! We've got to admit, that's a pretty sweet deal for large pieces of furniture; usually the shipping costs are a big consideration on whether or not we decide we're going to buy something. And what's more, because the line is so affordable and classic, they're perfect pieces for your registry! Whether you're on the hunt for a new headboard or a cozy new couch for your Sunday Netflix binges, Ravenna home (and Amazon, obviously) have you covered. We perused the new line, and it was hard to not do a little shopping of our own! Here are a few of our favorite pieces to add to your registry (or just buy right now!).

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Tufted Ottoman

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

What's that? Have unsightly but cozy AF blankets you like to snuggle up with when you're watching TV? Store 'em away in this storage ottoman so no one has to know.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $89.99

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X-Frame End Table

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Call it an end table or grab a couple and you've got new bedside tables! Perfect for stashing your before-bed books and all your night creams.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $109.99

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Glass Table Lamp

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Coming in three finishes (options for all!) this curvaceous glass lamp fit in anywhere from a beach house to an urban loft.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $69.99

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Floor Lamp

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

A classic pharmacy lamp is perfect for those who despise their overhead lighting (renters, we hear you!).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $79.99

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Tufted Headboard

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

There's something very adult about owning a headboard and not sticking to that plain adjustable bed frame you've had since your college days.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $189

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Nailhead Sofa

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

A classically designed sofa made for a classic decor style—gray plus nailhead trim and all for under $600!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $529

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Loveseat Bench

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Is it a loveseat? Is it a bench? You decide.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $349

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Metal Counter Stool

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Stackable, many color options, and straight up classic, this set of four stools is less than $120!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $114.99

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Wood Console

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Need a solution for your front hall? This console's got you covered with space for baskets underneath (for scarves and hats perhaps), then just throw a little bowl on top for your keys and you're set!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $189

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Leather Couch

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

All the style of a classic leather couch at half the price (thanks to the realistic faux leather!).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $529

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