25 Clever Wedding Guest Book Ideas

From classic books to creative options.

wedding guest book

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When you’re planning your wedding, there are so many little details to consider. From the flavor of your wedding cake to the favors you’ll hand out to your friends and family, all of those small details are what make your wedding entirely unique! Another key piece of the puzzle to consider? Your wedding guest book.

Wedding photos will commemorate your big day, allowing you to look back on the celebration for years to come. But guest books play a big role in that too. Guest books offer the perfect place for your nearest and dearest to sign their names and offer well wishes. And there are so many ways to display a guest book to match your wedding’s aesthetic.

Certainly, a traditional guest book with a lined ledger is a great option. But there are plenty of playful choices such as using game pieces, polaroid pictures, repurposing a cherished book, or even using a piece of sports equipment. It’s all up to you!

Ready to find the perfect guest book to display on your big day? Read on for 25 clever wedding guest book ideas.

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Go for Velvet

velvet guest book

Photo by Carina Skrobecki

Want a classic guest book? Elevate the look just slightly with a velvet cover. This is such a stunning option, especially for a fall wedding! Choose to have your guests sign with a pen or put out a polaroid camera as another personalized option.

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Pick Up the Phone

phone guest book

Photo by Alex Ashman Photography

An entirely creative idea? Make a phone call with a telephone guest book. This pink phone recorded messages from guests at one couple's wedding. We love the idea of turning it into a recording to replay on each anniversary.

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Send Postcards

post card guest book

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

This is such a fun option for travelers. Put together a display of postcards and have your guests write a note one their favorite. Add a custom mailbox to make it even more unique!

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Choose a Meaningful Color

purple guest book with gold lettering

Photo by Don Hwang Photography and Haseok Chung Studio

This book certainly has a traditional shape, with beautiful gold lettering to dress it up. But it's the color of the book that held meaning for the couple. It was displayed at a Korean wedding, and the color plum was chosen for its cultural meaning representing strong values of education.

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Have Fun With Jenga

Jenga guest book

Photo by Logan Cole Weddings

Bring a classic game into the mix. Put out a display of blank Jenga blocks with pens. Each guest will have fun signing their own block. Then, every time you and your partner play the game, you'll be reminded of all of the great memories shared on your big day.

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Use a Video

man holding cell phone

Photo by Emily Melissa Photo

Want to ditch paper? Go for video! One couple opted to use VideoAsk for their guestbook, which allowed guests to record video messages of well wishes for the couple. What a cool way to create a wedding video.

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Keep It Simple

simple guest book

Photo by Caroline Tran

There's no shame in keeping it simple and traditional. Opt for a lovely guest book with a linen exterior. Customize the front with your names and your wedding date.

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Choose a Coffee Table Book

coffee table book guest book

Photo by Du Soleil Photographie

We love the idea of using a coffee table book in place of a traditional guest book. One couple chose a book with a vibrant cover and colorful pages for guests to sign during their backyard wedding.

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Feature Photos of Yourself

guest book with photo of couple

Photo by Golden Hour Studios

Skip traditional lined pages and go for a clean slate. This will leave plenty of blank space for guests to sign, as well as the option to add your own photos. Use a photo book to show the many activities you and your partner have enjoyed together leading up to your wedding day.

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Opt for Elegance

elegant guest book

Photo by Juliana Moreira Pessoa of Brett Matthews Gallery

Planning a glamorous or elegant wedding? Choose a guest book to match. Opt for a traditional book featuring your names, the date of your wedding, and the location. Dress it up with simple gold detailing to fit the theme.

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Use a Frame

framed photo guest book

Photo by Kent Drake

Why not use a framed photo as a unique option? Use a favorite photo, and be sure to have it framed with plenty of blank space around it. Have your guests sign with a permanent marker.

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Set Up a Table With Photos

guest book table with photos

Photo by Janelle Elise Photography

If you're keeping your guest book simple, don't be afraid to add items around it on the table to dress things up. Including beautifully framed photos will instantly transform the look.

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Sign Polaroid Pictures

polaroid guest book

Photo by Laura Memory Photography & Videography

Love the polaroid look? Go for it! Include a few cameras and pens and let your guests have fun. Have them sign their photo and leave it on a table, and at the end of the night, designate someone to collect each photo. You can keep them tucked away in a photo box or make a book out of the memories.

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Feature Images of a Locale

photo book guest book

Photo by Lauren Fair

Use the coffee table book idea, but hone in on a locale. One couple chose to feature a book of stunning photos featuring Colorado landscapes, which is where they tied the knot.

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Choose Corks

heart shaped cork guest book

Photo by Jodee Debes Photography

Wine lovers? Go for corks! You can either purchase or DIY a shape made out of corks. Have each guest sign their name and use it as a decorative piece at home later on.

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Celebrate Adventure

adventure guest book

Photo by James & Schulze

If you're avid travelers or adventurers, celebrate that with your guest book! Find a book that mirrors that passion, like this book did with a map on the front. Of course, don't forget to customize it with your names and wedding date.

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Commission a Custom Painting

custom painted guest book

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

For an ultra-personal option, commission a custom guest book. We can't get over how stunning this handpainted watercolor guest book was for a tropical wedding.

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Sign a Surfboard

surfboard guest book


If you love surfing, bring it into the mix. One couple displayed surfboards at their beach-inspired wedding and had everyone sign them. Talk about a conversation piece!

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Try a Typewriter

typewriter guest book

Photo by Joel Serrato

Channel a vintage vibe with a typewriter! Put it out on a table with plenty of paper for guests to type their well wishes in style.

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Put Polaroids in a Book

polaroid book guest book

Photo by Meraki Wedding Photo & Film

Set up a photo station and ask your guests to add their instant photo to your book. Include craft tape and pens to make signing the guestbook a playful, interactive experience.

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Reuse a Welcome Sign

welcome sign guest book


Planning to put a beautiful welcome sign out for your ceremony? Why not repurpose it! Once the ceremony has ended, move the sign to your reception space. It will serve as the perfect canvas for signatures.

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Put a Message in a Bottle

message in a bottle guest book


Planning a nautical wedding? Channel the deep blue sea. Put cute bottles out on display and encourage your guests to write a message in a bottle to you. It'll double as a décor piece!

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Use Wooden Hearts

heart shaped wooden guest book

Photo by Sarah Joy Photo

For a sweet idea, look to mini wooden hearts. You can order these cut-outs from Etsy, or get crafty and DIY your own. Have guests sign a heart and place it in a box as a charming keepsake.

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Choose a Canoe Paddle

canoe paddle guest book

Photo by Sylvie Gil

Want to use something other than a book? If you love getting out on the water, this would be such a creative option! Display a canoe paddle or any other type of water equipment such as a kayak or paddleboard paddle. Put out plenty of waterproof pens to allow your guests to sign their names.

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Say It With Scrabble

scrabble guest book

Photo by Valorie Darling

Allow your guests to sign their names with a classic game. Put out all of the pieces from a new scrabble game, along with fine-point pens. Once they're all signed, it'll serve as such a fun option for family game night!

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