A Guide to Timeless All-White Wedding Décor

This classic look never goes out of style.

All white wedding decor including white tables, white chairs, and white hanging flowers

Photo by Chillie Breeze

A fall wedding with a moody color palette or a summer celebration with vibrant hues is sure to be stunning. But those looking for a truly timeless option, suited for any season, should consider hosting an all-white wedding

Though monochromatic, all-white weddings definitely don’t have to be boring. It is still possible to embrace a white color palette while channeling a variety of aesthetics, from modern or glam to romantic and elegant. Your carefully selected venue can set the tone, and details such as chairs, centerpieces, the bar, flowers, and the cake will all play a role in creating a magical all-white wedding. 

Think this is the perfect fit for your big day? Below, find 18 all-white wedding ideas to really dress up the occasion.

Start With Your Venue

White washed walls at an Italian wedding venue at an all-white wedding

Photo by David Bastianoni Studio

Your venue will undoubtedly set the tone for your wedding’s color palette. Consider choosing a space with plenty of natural light and bright colors. Bonus points if it features white brick or washed walls.

Opt for White Attire

Bride in white gown and groom in white suit walk below palm trees at an all-white wedding

Photo by Erich McVey Photography

Donning white wedding attire can expand beyond the married couple; at an all-white wedding, it's suitable for everyone involved. Plan all-white outfits for the rehearsal dinner and reception for both you and your partner to match the aesthetic. (We love the look of a white suit.)

Match Your Bridesmaids

A bride in a white wedding dress walks with her bridesmaids also wearing white dresses

Photo by Lauren Fair

Who says your wedding party can’t wear white too? An all-white palette for the entire party is truly dreamy, and we love the way these romantic dresses were paired with stunning bouquets. Choose to add a subtle pop of pastel color for a nice accent, or opt for all-white bouquets for everybody involved.

Choose a White Cake

Four-tier white wedding cake served with champagne at an all-white wedding

Photo by Olivia Rae James

A white wedding cake will always be a classic option. And there are so many designs to choose from to fit the theme. Consider tiered cakes with ruffled buttercream frosting, or opt for a sleek, modern design to make a statement.

Use White Tapered Candles

White tapered candles and white baby's breath flowers on a wedding reception table

Photo by Cassandra Castaneda

A simply stunning way to add height to your reception tables? Tapered candles! Tapers are effortlessly romantic, and white tapered candles can be found in both simple, sleek designs or dynamic textures. Incorporate them into an all-white centerpiece for a gorgeous result at the dinner table.

Feature White Flowers on Tables

white flowers on a table with candles at an all-white wedding reception

Photo by The Grovers

Opting for white flowers is anything but dull. There are so many different types of white blooms, with varying sizes, shapes, and textures. Choose a staple such as white roses or ranunculus, or switch it up with a variety of pretty posies.

Opt for an All-White Bouquet

gardenia bouquet

Photo by Heather Cook Elliott Photography

Planning all-white wedding attire? Choose a bouquet to match. Many flowers are white with green stems, but that can be changed. Opt for a gardenia bouquet for plenty of texture and romance. Ask your floral to wrap the stems in white ribbon, if you prefer to hide the green.

Dine on White Chairs

White chairs surround a white table at an all-white wedding reception in California

Photo by Natalie Bray

Ditch the idea of brown chairs for your all-white wedding. Many venues or rental companies can accommodate a variety of color requests. Choose white chairs for your reception to pair with white tablecloths and table décor.

Dress Up Desserts


Photo by KT Merry

Hoping for a dessert table instead of cake? It can definitely be an all-white centerpiece! Set up a table with a white tablecloth and incorporate plenty of white cake stands and dishware. Fill each stand or dish with white chocolate-covered Oreos, white dipped donuts, and decked-out cookies.

Bring It to the Bar

white bar

Jose Villa 

Draw attention to your wedding bar in an all-white color scheme, Choose a white base and play with decorative details, such as a monogram or even spelling out “bar.” It’ll be the perfect touch for a modern white wedding.

Choose White Table Numbers

Acrylic table numbers

 Photo by Anya Kernes; Planning and Design by Rekindle Creative

Table numbers are such a small detail, but they’re so important! Show guests to their table while matching the theme. Opt for an acrylic material for your table numbers, and choose a white font. As a bonus, the acrylic won’t block the view of any stunning florals or other decorative white details on the table.

Transform the Dance Floor

Bride and groom dance on a white dance floor at an all-white wedding in California

Photo by Natalie Bray

Choose to make a statement by changing the color of a large space just for the day. Work with your planner to find the perfect option for your venue. A vinyl white dance floor is sure to fit the aesthetic, and you’ll be thrilled to enjoy dancing on it all night long.

Incorporate White Draping

Draped tent

Jen Ocken Photography; Event Planning by Leslie Campbell Weddings & Events   

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, going all-white is tricky. However, a white tent can help. And to dress it up further? Choose plenty of white draping to create a romantic indoor-meets-outdoor design.

Create Coordinating Cocktails


Photo courtesy of Posh Parties

With so many tasty ingredients to choose from, creating a white-hued signature cocktail can be difficult. But it still is doable. Work with your bartender to craft a drink with vodka, gin, or Blanco tequila as the base. Additions such as lime juice, coconut cream, and simple syrup will help to keep a cocktail’s look in line with your overall color palette.

Add Height With Wisteria

wisteria tree

Courtesy of Chillie Breeze

Think you can’t incorporate trees into a white color palette? Wisteria is the answer! Add incredible height and texture and just the tiniest pop of natural green. Talk about a romantic décor statement.

Use White Table Settings

<p>Table Setting</p>

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

Set the table in all-white. Even if you’re opting for a lighter wood, you can still certainly pull off the look with the right details. Incorporate white plates, linen napkins, and even silverware with white or clear handles. We love the addition of white candle holders and beautiful blooms at this setting.

Get Creative with Flower Petals

White flower petals on a green lawn during a wedding receptions by the ocean

Photo by Ashley Kelemen Photography

It may not be possible to secure an all-white wedding venue. And it’s especially difficult if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception. Consider adding a white runner to create an aisle that matches your aesthetic. Even better? Add white flower petals into the mix for a gorgeous look.

Dress Up the Band Stage

band stage in white and green

Poto by O'malley Photographers

Ready to dance the night away? While it may be a challenge to plan an all-white color palette with a band in the mix, you can still set the stage! Choose an all-white dance floor paired with a white stage. Incorporate plenty of white blooms to command attention for a stunning reception.

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