36 All-White Wedding Cakes for Any Style

These designs are anything but boring.

white five-tier wedding cake with pink and white roses

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography; Cake by Katy Pierson Cake; Floral design by Bello & Blue Events

Wedding white will never go out of style, especially when it comes to your cake. While we love a colorful confection, there's something so stunning about the simplicity of an all-white wedding cake. An entirely white cake can be a nod to tradition, but it can also be created to reflect your more modern, trending tastes by incorporating cool geometric details or unique patterns.

Choosing an all-white wedding cake doesn't limit your design options, either. If you love the look of sugar flowers, delicate lace piping, or fondant details, choosing an all-white (or cream) palette for your dessert will result in a truly refined and tasteful look. Some other ways we love to make an all-white cake pop: Swiss dot details, ruffles, or rough frosting look great when created in entirely white.

Ahead, discover 36 of our favorite ideas for all-white wedding cakes.

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All-White Petals

Two-tier white wedding cake with ruffles

Photo by Amy Anaiz; Planning by We Do! Collective by Fallon Carter; Cake by B Cake NY

We can't get over the unique, wispy look of this two-tiered cake. Edible petals are affixed to the frosted cake for a lovely, airy design.

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Pearl Detailing

White wedding cake with intricate details

Photo by Kaitlin Marie Photography

Choosing an all-white palette certainly doesn't mean texture is out of the question. This confection makes an elegant statement with pearl detailing dotted all over.

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Intricate Piping

Four-tier white wedding piped buttercream cake

Photo by Marni Pictures; Cake by Dianna Tornow Cakes

This all-white wedding cake is nothing short of a masterpiece. Each of the four tiers is intricately piped with frosting to create a show-stopping dessert.

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Multiple Textures

White wedding cake with textured details

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer

This all-white wedding cake is all about the texture. We love the way each individual tier features a different design.

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Bold Palm Leaf

white wedding cake with palm leaf

Photo by Cari Courtright Photography

Want to make a statement? Use a white cake as the perfect backdrop to add a bold palm leaf or flower for a truly striking design.

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Cascade of Blooms

Ruffled white wedding cake with large flowers

 Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Cake by Enjoy Cupcakes

An all-white cake doesn't mean there isn't room for florals! Pair lightly textured buttercream with plenty of cascading blooms for an effortless garden look.

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Textured Fondant

White textured wedding cake topped by succulent

Photo by Carrie J. Photography; Cake by Le Dolci; Table Setting by The Perfect Table; Calligraphy Runner by Thunderloft Paper

Go for all-white, but have a little fun! This three-tiered cake makes a bold statement, with one extra-tall tier in the middle and plenty of unique fondant texture to make it anything but boring.

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Dotted Piping and Florals

White wedding cake with purple florals

Photo by Laura Gordon Photography; Planning & Flowers by Greenwood Events; Cake by Roaring Gap Club

An all-white wedding cake makes the perfect canvas to showcase florals. This two-tiered confection is decorated in textured buttercream with hydrangeas and dogwood flowers to add a pop of color.

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Rustic Frosting

Two-tier rustic white wedding cake

Photo by The Burks Photography; Cake by Debi's Cake Studio

Consider letting the buttercream speak for itself. This two-tiered cake stands on its own with rough frosting to match a rustic aesthetic.

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Coconut Shavings

Single-tier white wedding cake with coconut

Photo by Jessica Simons Photography; Cake by Tara's Cakes For All Occasions

A single-tiered white wedding cake may sound dull, but this sweet is far from it. We love the way coconut shavings were added to the top for a bit of texture to round out the design.

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Dotted Details

white wedding cake with dotted piping

Photo by Corinna Raznikov Photography; Cake by Kennedy Confections

Embrace your love for polka dots without going overboard on a color scheme. This four-tiered cake incorporates carefully dotted piping with a few blooms for an elegant look.

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Texture and Greenery

White textured buttercream wedding cake topped with flowers

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

When it comes to making all-white wedding cakes more interesting, it's all about texture. This simple, textured look, paired with a few florals and a hint of greenery, makes a sweet statement.

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Cute Topper

Small white wedding cake with flamingo cake topper

Photo by Everence Photography 

Let your small, single-tiered cake be the perfect backdrop for additional décor. This white cake is completed with a fun flamingo topper and surrounded by florals.

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Unadorned Classic

Three-tier simple white wedding cake

Photo by Peaches & Mint Photography; Cake by Lily Cupcake

Want to really keep things simple? An all-white wedding cake can certainly stand on its own without any other adornments! This is a true classic to suit any occasion.

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Delicate Flowers

white wedding cake with flower details

Photo by Marni Pictures; Cake by Jim Smeal

A two-tiered white wedding cake provides the ideal base for beautiful details. This sweet stands tall with delicate sugar flowers all over for an elegant option.

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Tall Statement

Three-tier semi-naked wedding cake

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Want an all-white wedding cake without all the frosting? Go for a semi-naked option to make a show-stopping statement.

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Whimsical Texture

White wedding cake with textured buttercream

Photo by Kathryn Frugé Photography; Cake by The Cookie Social; Florals by Roots Floral Design; Planning & Styling by The Gifford Collective

All-white cake designs can certainly still be a little whimsical. This design pairs plenty of texture with delicate blooms for a beautiful look for any season.

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Seashell Detailing

White wedding cake with seashells

Photo and cake by Earth and Sugar

Not all nautical-inspired cakes need to be designed with bold colors. Pair an all-white cake with subtle white seashells for the ideal seaside wedding sweet.

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three-tier naked wedding cake with fresh flowers

Photo by Heather Waraksa

There's no shame in going with something sweet and simple. Opt for a semi-naked cake decked in white frosting and dotted with white blooms for a beautiful spring celebration.

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Ruffles and Florals

White wedding cake with ruffles and florals

Photo by Sylvie Gil; Event Planning by Elise Johnson for Shannon Leahy Events; Cake by Jasmine Rae Cakes

No other color palette can pull off a light and airy vibe quite like white can. Pair ruffles with sugar flowers for a stunning design.

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Simple Texture and Florals

white wedding cake with flowers and greenery

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Planning a garden party wedding? This design—pairing simple, textured buttercream and white blooms—is as sweet as can be.

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Gold Detailing

White wedding cake with gold detail

Photo by Carmen Santorelli

A little pop of gold can go such a long way, and it pairs perfectly with an all-white cake. Add the slightest hint of gold detailing on the edges of each tier to bring a simple, elegant design together.

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Statement Topper

four-tier white wedding cake with floral topper

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Add a bit of drama to your cake table. This four-tiered cake, topped with bold sugar flowers, makes for a stunning choice.

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Smooth Frosting

Wedding cake with smooth frosting and flowers

Photo by Henry + Mac

Who says the cake needs to have any texture or piping at all? A tall, two-tiered cake with smooth frosting makes for a beautiful, modern design.

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Mountain Time

White wedding cake with mountain design

 Photo by Once West Photography

A white wedding cake is a lovely choice for a winter wedding, and it can be dressed up for the season with plenty of details. We love the way a bit of white fondant was added to this cake for a subtle mountain vibe.

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Colorful Blooms

White wedding cake with bright flowers

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Hoping to incorporate bright, bold buds for a spring wedding? Use a smooth, white wedding cake as the ideal canvas to let the beautiful color of your florals shine.

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Boho Flowers

Two-tier white buttercream wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Alex Lasota; Cake by Sarah Ojeda; Florals by Simplified Celebrations

A classic all-white cake can certainly still have its place at a boho-inspired wedding. Add a bit of texture and incorporate unique florals, such as tan roses, to bring the design together.

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Ornamental Grasses

Four-tier white wedding cake with grass and greenery

Photo by Norman & Blake; Cake by Megan Joy Cakes

Want a more natural look? Pairing a smooth, all-white cake with grass and greenery is gorgeous for a late summer wedding.

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Pattern Play

All white winter wedding cake with multiple textures

Photo by Christie Graham Photography 

It goes without saying that an all-white wedding cake is a lovely choice for winter, but this design takes it to another level. We love the playful texture added to each tier, almost resembling a cozy sweater for the season.

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Square Statement

square wedding cake

Photo by D’arcy Benicosa Photography

An all-white color palette is an entirely modern option, but why not take it up a notch? Opt for a square cake to truly make a bold statement.

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Wedding Theme Topper

Whiter wedding cake with bold flowers and celestial topper

Photo by K.R Moreno Photography

Your wedding cake should reflect your event's theme, like this creation, which showed off a couple's celestial-themed nuptials. And the bold flowers near the middle of the cake add an eye-catching burst of color.

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Zig-Zag Design

White wedding cake with zig-zag florals

Photo by Deirdre Alston

The zig-zag design of the flowers adds depth to this all-white wedding cake. We love how the florals reach the top, serving as the cake's topper.

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Glam Touches

White wedding cake with florals and gold touches

Photo by Asia Pimentel Photography

Add some glamorous touches to your white wedding cake. This one boasts dainty flowers with gold details, which would look amazing at a black-tie wedding.

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Something Blue

White wedding cake with blue middle tier

Photo by Alice Vicente

Break in some blue for an all-white wedding cake. We love the pattern on the middle tier of this dessert, along with the pale pink and white flowers.

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Bright Bloom Display

Simple white wedding cake surrounded by colorful flowers

Photo by Lacie Hansen Photography, Angela Germany Photography, Carlos Lopez Ayerdi

You can make a simple white wedding cake stand out by surrounding it with a bevy of blooms in different colors. You just can't help but look at this cake and smile.

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Fresh Flowers

White wedding cake with multicolored florals

Photo by Gideon Photography

The great thing about an all-white wedding cake is that it's a blank canvas, so showing off your wedding colors and flowers is a snap. 

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