ALL the Millennial Pink Details You Need for Your Wedding

Everything you need, in the hot color everyone wants in on


By now chances are you’ve heard of Millennial pink. In fact, we’d chance that you probably have even read an article or two about it, and have either intentionally or unintentionally bought something that is Millennial pink just because it’s been forced into your pop-culture subconscious. It’s everywhere—overtaking decor, fashion, branding, beauty, your social media feeds...and according to a lot of people, it’s not going anywhere. And we believe it!

So, in lieu of having a pink wedding dress (unless that’s your plan, in which case we say go for it!), how can you incorporate this omni-present color into your wedding day? We’re glad you asked! Your wedding doesn’t have to be all pink everything in order to get a little of that trending rosy tinge, no no! In fact, we think it might be even more successful if you keep the Millennial pink to a minimum and sprinkle it with a very light touch around your wedding in various ways, keeping the rest of your palette more neutral. It’ll seem much more sophisticated using this approach. So, if you’re a little pink averse, don’t be scared to use this color as an accent and not a main player.

Here are some of our favorite ways to get in on this trend for your big day!

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Pink Wedding Cake

Photo Courtesy of @Crummb on Instagram

Your cake doesn't have to be all "Pretty Pretty Princess" just because it's pink! Add a geometric pattern and clean lines to modernize it.

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Pink Place Setting

Photo courtesy of Casa de Perrin

We love a creative place setting at a wedding, and Casa de Perrin does it so well! The pink here works so well because it's mixed in with super modern pieces and colors that tone it down. The best part is you can actually RENT most of what you see here, and if you fall in love with something that you can't rent you can buy it for your own home, or better yet, register for it!

SHOP NOW: Casa de Perrin, prices vary

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Pink Place Cards

Photo Courtesy of @KaelaRawson on Instagram

Perfect for the gallerina who's having a modern/minimalist fête, these place cards are so simple but so perfectly designed. Use this color palette (getting shades of Millennial pink mixed in with rustier hues) or keep them all to shades of varying shades of blush.

SHOP NOW: Kaela Rawson, price upon request

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Pink Party Favors

Photo courtesy of Esselle

Prop your place cards up on these geometric holders and then let them double as your favors! They're the perfect size for holding a photo and putting on your desk or vanity. Double duty!

SHOP NOW: Esselle, $30 for 6

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Acrylic Table Numbers

Photo courtesy of Happily Ever Etched on Etsy

For subtle and sleek table numbers that don't distract from the rest of your table decor, we love these laser cut acrylic ones with just a touch of Millennial pink.

SHOP NOW: Happily Ever Etched Inc, available on Etsy, $16 each

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Pink Guestbook

Photo Courtesy of Velvet Raptor

This nude-ish velvet guestbook is the epitome of Millennial pink—a "non-color color" that straddles the line between a couple of different shades.
SHOP NOW: Velvet Raptor, $385

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Pink Save The Date

Photo Courtesy of @KaelaRawson on Instagram

For all you design nerds out there (hands all raised around here) this save the date is perfection. From the subtle color variation to the font choice to the negative space—it's soooo good. SHOP NOW: Kaela Rawson, price upon request

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Pink Ring Box

Photo Courtesy of The Mrs Box

Who doesn't love a good ring box? The Mrs. Box collection is so lovely because they have virtually any color you could imagine (including, of course, every shade of Millennial pink), plus you can customize your monogram by foil color AND a wide variety of fonts. SHOP NOW: The Mrs. Box, $75

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Pink Thank You Cards

Photo Courtesy of Papel and Co on Etsy

When all the champagne has been drunk and all the presents unwrapped (and you're settling back into normal life post-honeymoon) it's time to send out those thank-yous, post-haste. These foil-pressed cards have a pretty and modern script and come in the dustiest blushes (along with many other colors!).

SHOP NOW: Papel and Co available on Etsy, $20 for 10

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Pink Vases

Photo Courtesy of Food52

Not into pink flowers but still wanna get that Millennial pink on your reception tables? These vases are subtle and sophisticated, and would look perfect in a variety of sizes sprinkled down your tables and filled with white flowers and lots of greenery.

SHOP NOW: Hawkins New York, available at Food52., from $40

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