The Prettiest All-Greenery Bridal Bouquets

These trendy greenery bouquets can be a HUGE money-saver

Updated 12/08/16

Photo: Paula O'Hara Photography; Bouquet by Floral Earth

Beautiful flowers will always be in style, but if you're looking for wedding arrangements that are more unusual and unexpected, consider going green. Using all greenery in your wedding decorations is a seriously cool and trendy alternative to fresh flowers. Plus, brides on a budget should take note: greenery and colorful foliage leaves will always be much more affordable than fresh flowers. So if you're looking to save on your wedding decorations, going heavy on the greenery is a major cost-savings move.

These days, we're seeing lush foliage without the flowers take center stage not only in ceremony backdrops and reception table centerpieces but also in wedding bouquets. It's a gorgeous option for both the bride and her bridesmaids to carry down the aisle, and since greenery and foliage come in so many beautiful shades, textures, and interesting shapes, there is so much room for creativity. Play with scale and opt for an oversize greenery bouquet if you want to really turn heads—you could even ask your florist to add elegant, wispy trails and tendrils cascading from the sides for a more romantic look. Or, opt for a simple, all-foliage posy containing just one or two types of greenery if your style is more elegant and understated.

If you're concerned that foliage will just blend into the backdrop, rest assured: A verdant, all-greenery bouquet is guaranteed to turn guests' heads and have a major impact. Not to mention the fact that the deep, emerald-green hues will beautifully pop against a crisp white wedding dress.

To get you inspired, we've rounded up some of the prettiest all-greenery bridal bouquets we could find.

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Eucalyptus and Ferns

Style Layers

Eucalyptus and Ferns
Skip the brightly colored blossoms and carry a lush bouquet of fresh leaves and foliage down the aisle instead. This emerald-green beauty includes various ferns and whimsical silver-dollar eucalyptus (the round-shaped leaves).

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Organic and Boho

Studio Castillero

Organic and Boho
If you prefer a loose, organically shaped bouquet, you'll love this cascading arrangement. The free-flowing shape feels unfussy and totally fresh, and the deep-green hues are a dramatic juxtaposition against her creamy white wedding dress.

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Clean and Simple

Caroline Tran

Clean and Simple
Sometimes all you need are two elements to make an elegant bridal bouquet. This pretty posy combines fresh bay leaves (they smell amazing too!) surrounding clusters of white astrantia.

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Unexpected Varieties

Studio Mondine

Unusual Greenery
This leafy bouquet features various greens and textural elements—assorted ferns, viburnum berries, hellebores, and variegated caladium. It's organic, modern, and totally eye-catching even though there's not a flower in sight.

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Oversized Vines

Kim Nowell Photography/Vases Wild

Oversized Bouquet
This stunning bouquet uses size and texture rather than color to stand out. The monochromatic, emerald-green arrangement incorporates assorted ferns, poppy pods, trailing amaranth, and wispy clematis vine.

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Clark Walker Studio

Woodland Bouquet
Even more proof that all-greenery can be gorgeous: This bouquet features succulents as well as many plucked-from-the-forest-floor like sword ferns and fiddlehead ferns.

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