A-Frame Wedding Signs That'll Earn You an "A" in Style

Get inspired by our six fave A-frame-style welcome signs

Updated 05/14/17

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The welcome sign: It's typically one of the first details your guests will see, greeting your friends and family members and giving them a sneak peek at the festivities to come. It's also a helpful way to point guests in the right direction (or simply remind them who is tying the knot!).

One of our favorite welcome-sign styles is the A frame—a freestanding sign with two panels connected by a hinge. A-frame signs (sometimes called sandwich-board signs) are relatively easy enough to make on your own if you and your fiancé are up for a DIY project. And when it comes to the overall look of the sign, the sky's the limit: Choose distressed or reclaimed wood if your wedding aesthetic is on the rustic side, or paint the panels white for a clean, modern look.

To help get you inspired, we've rounded up some of our favorite A-frame-style welcome signs.

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Modern A-Frame Welcome Sign

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For a clean and modern look, paint the plywood sides a bright, crisp white. (Don't forget to paint the back too.) Turn your text into decals and carefully apply them to the painted sides. Adding a spray of flowers and greenery at the top will help soften the overall look.

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Wooden Chalkboard Sign

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Take a rustic wooden A-frame sign and add a chalkboard panel to the front. The combination is perfect for a ceremony set in an outdoor venue like a farm or vineyard. A lush garland of bay leaves and garden roses completes the look.

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A Series of Signs

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Greet arriving guests with the warmest of welcomes: Line the path to the ceremony site with a series of sandwich-board signs thanking guests for attending your celebration. Adding decorations to the signs, like small bouquets of flowers and greenery, will make them even more eye-catching.

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Ceremony Entrance

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Create an inviting scene as guests arrive at the ceremony. In addition to a sweet sign, add a variety of lush potted ferns and grasses, as well as glowing candles, to greet guests as they take their seats.

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Acrylic Details

Jessica Burke

Guide guests to the wedding site by placing helpful directional signs where everyone will be sure to see them. This creative couple had their names and an arrow cut from a sheet of acrylic. Then, the pieces were affixed to a reclaimed-wood A-frame sign.

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Painted A-Frame Sign

Courtesy of Details Darling

Set a festive, fun tone for the celebration to come by greeting guests with a colorful and whimsical welcome sign. Paint it a bright color to match your wedding color palette and add additional touches—tasseled balloons, pom-pom-embellished baskets to hold the ceremony programs—to create a bohemian welcome station.

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