50 Too-Cute Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Whether you own a cat, dog, horse, rabbit, reptile, or even a pig, there are plenty of ways to have them play a special role in your big day.

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Attention parents of fur babies: We've compiled some of the most adorable pet wedding ideas so you can incorporate your beloved four-legged BFF into the wedding celebrations. Whether you own a cat, dog, horse, rabbit, reptile, or even a pig, there are plenty of ways to have your animal play a special role in the big day. And these pet wedding photos are all the inspiration you'll need.

When considering the following pet wedding ideas, first take into account your pet's personality and whether your venue allows pets on the premises. Many couples choose to have their furry companions present for the "I dos" and reception festivities. Have your dog walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids, or stand with the groomsmen as you say your vows. Your furry friend can even dress for the occasion. Give your pup a bowtie that matches those of the groomsmen, or a little dress so your fur baby can be an honorary flower girl. (Just think about how adorable those pet wedding photos will be.) However, if that isn't an option, consider scheduling an engagement or bridal shoot in the months leading up to the wedding, or taking photos with them during the getting-ready portion of the day. No matter which route you choose to go, notify all of your vendors so they can help you plan ahead and ensure a pet-friendly environment.

If your pet can't make it to the big day, don't fret. You can use your relationship with your pet as inspiration for your wedding stationery, décor, favors, cake, and more. Have an illustration of your pup drawn up for your invitations or escort cards. And instead of the standard newlywed wedding cake topper, you can have a replica of your precious pet made to top your confection. The pet wedding ideas are truly endless.

From furry flower girls to kitty cocktail napkins, check out some of our favorite pet wedding ideas and photos below.

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Walk Down the Aisle Together


Photo by Alex Bramall

Your pet is your ultimate furry companion who has been there for you through all of the ups and downs, so why not have them accompany you down the aisle, too?

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Pose for Pictures

Photo by Photography by Gema

Pose your fur baby next to your gown for a still-life shot that's too cute for words.

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Dress Your Pup in Festive Attire

Photo by Emilia Jane Photography

A dapper dog makes himself right at home in fluffy layers of tulle.

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Invite Your Pups to the Getting Ready Suite

grooms and dogs

Photo by Sara Lobla

These grooms couldn't help having a quick cuddle with their pups while getting ready for their wedding.

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Take Photos Together

Bride with bridesmaids and dog

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Here, the standard "bridesmaids on a bed" photo gets the cutest upgrade.

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Take a Squad Pic

dog in tux

Photo by Sara Lobla

Even model Shanina Shaik invited a four-legged friend to her wedding to DJ Ruckus.

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Have Fun

bride with dog

Photo by Braedon Flynn

This little pup wants to help the bride get dressed, too.

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Consider Your Cats

Photo by Millyjane Photography

This bride shows off her stunning vintage-inspired dress with a little help from her feline friend.

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Order Unique Ring Holders

Photo by Julie Wilhite Photography

Safeguard your rings with a pet-inspired accessory holder.

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Have a Real Ring "Holder"

Photo by Caroline Studios

If your pet is very obedient, snap a well-timed photo of your ring resting on their nose or paw.

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Give Your Pup a Kiss

Photo by Joy Michelle Photography

Stoop down to your dog's level for some well-deserved nose kisses.

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Allow for Some Alone Time

Photo by Sawyer Baird Photography

Scoop your furry friend into your arms for a heartwarming pic that will be a wedding album highlight.

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Give Your Pup a Pep Talk

Photo by Susan Stripling Photography; Event Design by Erganic Design

Are you having a nontraditional bridal party? Bestow your dog or cat with the title of best man or maid of honor.

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Wear Your Loved One on Your Sleeve

Photo by Krystal Zaskey Photography

A groom gave a shout-out to his pup with a customized pocket square in his likeness.

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Walk Your Pup Down the Aisle

Photo by Dennis Kwan Photography; Event Design by Gather Events

Lots of squealing will ensue when your flower girl or ring bearer walks your little pride and joy down the aisle.

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Have a Ring Bearer

Photo by Justin Tinapay Photography; Event Design by Rothweiler Event Design

Have your dog carry a specially designed pillow for his or her grand debut (entrust the real rings to the best man).

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Plan a Separate Processional

Photo by D&A Photography

This couple attached a GoPro to their canine, capturing one-of-a-kind footage during their wedding ceremony.

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Make a Grand Entrance

Photo by Austin Gros Photography

We're swooning over this Southern groom's cowboy-style entrance on his steed.

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Have Company at the Altar

Photo by Austin Gros Photography; Event Design by Fête Nashville

Here, two adorable bystanders look on as a pair of grooms exchange rings.

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Make a Greenery Wreath

Photo by Jordan Voth Photography

Deck out your dog with a gorgeous wreath or collar made of greenery.

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Wrap Their Leash in Greenery

Photo by Kaysha Weiner Photographer

A harness and leash completely covered with flowers are 100 percent Instagram-worthy.

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Dress Her Up in a Dress

dog in wedding dress

Photo by Clayton Austin

The cutest flower girl we ever did see.

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Dress Him Up in a Tux

Groom dog

Photo by Hannah Costello

This little pup in a tux almost showed up the groom.

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Wear Whatever Feels Natural

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

With a pink tutu and fancy collar, this canine duo stole the show.

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Consider a Floral Collar

Wedding dog

Photo by Hannah Costello

A wreath of greenery and this little guy is ready for the spotlight.

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Opt for a Bow Tie

Photo by Flora + Fauna

If your pup isn't a fan of dressing up, you can attach a small bow tie onto their collar just to take a quick photo or two.

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Coordinate Matching Outfits


Photo by Olivia Rae James

This pup's bow tie matched his mom's wedding dress.

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Take Engagement Photos Together

Photo by Julie Wilhite Photography

If it's not feasible to include your pet in the actual wedding festivities because of their temperament or size, then have them accompany you to your engagement shoot instead. Compared to a full-blown wedding, it involves a much smaller window of time and there are fewer people around, making it the perfect low-pressure environment for animals who tend to be anxious or excitable. Plus, you'll still get to take lots of dynamic and memorable shots, like this one.

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Add an Illustration to the Invitation Suite

Courtesy of Pickett's Press

Ask your stationer to create a custom illustration of your pet for your save-the-date, like this charming design by Pickett's Press.

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Consider Your Stationery

Photo by Kristi Odom Photography; Event Design by Bellwether Events

A couple who owns chickens paid homage to their feathery friends in their wedding invitation.

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Think About Other Paper Goods As Well

Photo by Britta Marie Photography

You can also use an illustrated motif throughout all of your wedding stationery for a whimsical feel.

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Get Creative With the Escort Card Display

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

"Best in show" ribbons guided guests to their seats at this equestrian-themed wedding.

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Make a Punny Sign

Photo by Caroline Tran Photographer

How clever is this fetching escort card display?

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Don't Forget the Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail Napkins

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Kitty cocktail napkins for the win.

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Remember the Bar Menu

Bar Sign

Photo by Emilia Jane Photography

The couple's dog made a special appearance on their signature drink menu.

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Make Pillows That You Can Reuse at Home

Photo by Caroline Tran Photographer

Personalize your wedding lounge furniture by including a pillow with your favorite breed.

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Go for the Unexpected


Photo by Christy Cassano

There was an alpaca at this wedding—an alpaca!

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Let Everyone Play

Dog with guest

Photo by Hannah Costello

Who's ready to party? This pup, who cuddled up to the DJ during the reception, definitely is.

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Dance Together

Photo by Gina Paulson Photography; Event Design by Gather Events

A bulldog joined the new Mr. and Mrs. for their first dance as husband and wife.

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Embrace Farm Animals

Photo by Tyler Branch Photo

Gather all of your animal companions for a breathtaking bridal shoot.

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Make New Friends

lamb in flower collar

Photo by Jill DeVries Photography

One benefit of hosting your wedding at a farm, like this couple did? Plenty of cute four-legged friends to snap photos with.

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Take Formal Photos

Photo by Lindsay Collette; Event Design by Antonia Christianson Events

Sneak away from the reception to take a few shots with your furry pal.

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Take Family Photos

Photo by Caroline Tran Photographer

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, this tuxedoed pig oinked its way into our hearts.

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DIY Fun Details

Photo by Krystal Zaskey Photography

At this wedding, the couple gifted horseshoes to their guests (in many cultures, placing a horseshoe over the door is believed to bring good luck).

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Consider Giving Back

Photo by Mary Kate McKenna Photography; Event Design by Bellwether Events

Instead of a traditional wedding favor, pay it forward with a donation to an animal rescue program or the ASPCA.

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Have Photo Booth Props

Photo by The Danger Booth

A large cutout of your cat's face is a must-have in your photo booth props arsenal. This way, they can photobomb all of your guests' pics.

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Hide a Mini Me in the Cake

Photo by Jenny DeMarco

A stunning floral wedding cake came with a hidden surprise—a replica of the couple's dog peeking out from beneath the bottom layer.

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Showcase Your Pup as a Cake Topper

Wedding Cake with Dog Topper

Photo by Rachel Buckley Weddings

A mini version of the newlyweds' pup was the finishing touch to this couple's confection.

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Add a Sign to the Cake Topper

Photo by Chudleigh Weddings

A cake topper with your pet's seal of approval is a definite crowd-pleaser.

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Make the Cake (and the Wedding) a Family Affair

Photo by Julie Wilhite Photography

A couple displayed cute miniature wooden figurines of their pet family on their buttercream-frosted cake.

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