50 of the Most Epic Wedding Photos From Across the USA

<p>Wedding photo at Rancho Mirando in Texas</p>

Amber Vickery

We love a good wedding photo—everyone does; no one wants a bad wedding photo. But when we say good, we’re talking more than just a pretty portrait. We’re talking the kind of photos that take your breath away, the ones that make you do a double-take, the ones that you have to put on your wish list for your wedding photographer (or the ones that make you wish you could redo your wedding to get that same shot), and the ones that are too good to be real. Jaw-dropping, stunning, epic photos. Yeah, you could say we have a soft spot for them.

That said, we’ve gone to the ends of the earth scouring for some of the best photos taken in the United States. The result? Pure magic and beauty captured across all 50 states. From the famous cliff backdrop of Yosemite National Park and the setting sun with its amber glow over the plains and cotton fields of the Midwest, to city skyscraper dreams of New York and Chicago and the elegance and romance of historic estates (shoutout to Miami and Nashville), each photo perfectly captures a bit of each state’s beauty.

And these photos have it all; whether it’s panoramic views, cliff top or mountain peak lookouts, a perspective that can be designed only by nature, radiant and ethereal light, undeniable rich tones of color or something in between, there’s something special about each and every one. If you haven’t chosen a wedding location yet, one of these photos is sure to inspire you. And if you do have your location nailed down—well, they’ll definitely still inspire you.

Regardless, they’re a fun scroll while relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee (or glass of wine!). So go ahead, find your home state and take a peek at the rest. Which one is your favorite?

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<p>Wedding photo at Moss Rock Preserve in Alabama</p>

Kristen Kaiser

The stunning boulder rock formations of Moss Rock Preserve in the midst of winter make for an unexpected backdrop rich in rugged beauty.

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<p>Wedding photo in Anchorage, Alaska</p>

Catie Bartlett Photography

With icy mountains, silver waters, and a mystical fog, this epic shot perfectly captures the beauty and essence of Anchorage.

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Wedding photo at the Grand Canyon

Priscila Valentina Photography

Time to pick your jaws off the floor. We’ve seen a number of stunning Grand Canyon weddings and elopements, but this shot, taken at the South Rim as the sunrise paints the landscape in pink hues and embraces snow-covered caps, just might take the cake.

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<p>Wedding photo at Camp Wyldewood in Arkansas</p>

Cassie Jones Photography

As Camp Wyldewood in Searcy, Arkansas proves, there’s something moodily romantic about the husky, earthy tones of a barren wintry landscape.

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<p>Wedding photo at Yosemite National Park</p>

Justine Montigny

Yosemite National Park is arguably one of the most epic locations in all of the U.S. With out-of-this-world views that seem to go on for infinity, it’s no wonder why couples flock here to tie the knot.

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Newlyweds in Aspen

James x Schulze; Event Planning by Aimee Monihan of Mountain Occasions

With mountain ranges for days, there’s no denying Colorado’s breathtaking scenery. The Rocky Mountain views from the hills of Aspen do the state—and this bride and groom—justice, full of natural splendor and alpine beauty.

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<p>Wedding photo at Chatfield Hollow State Park</p>

Daphne and Dean LLC

Chatfield Hollow State Park’s mossy forest of trees serves as an enchanting backdrop for a newlywed couple. The tender emotions on their faces give us all the feels.

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<p>Wedding photo at Greenville Country Club in Delaware</p>

Pat Robinson Photography

Someone call the Brothers Grimm because this photo looks like it was pulled straight from the pages of a storybook. The Greenville Country Club’s luscious garden with dense foliage and a turret-like building of brick, shingles, and climbing greenery have fairytale charm.

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<p>Wedding photo at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens</p>

Simply Sarah Photography

Cuban and Renaissance influences join together in the stunning architecture of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, creating an elegant setting rich in old-world romance. Coupled with Spanish moss and palm trees, it’s the perfect combination of classic Florida.

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<p>Wedding photo in Ringgold, Georgia</p>

Finding Eden Photo

From wooded paths and an adorable pond to the sweet canoe ride for two, we can’t get enough of the bohemian dreamland that is Ringgold, Georgia.

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<p>Wedding photo at Kukahiko Estate in South Maui</p>

Angie Diaz Photography

Painting or photo? We can’t tell for sure, but the pastel skies and mountains, glimmer of turquoise sea, and an outcropping of lava rocks battered with a crashing tide pool make Kukahiko Estate in South Maui nothing but dreamy.

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<p>Wedding photo in Sawtooth National Forest</p>

Maggie Grace Photography

Can it get much more magical than Sawtooth National Forest? The frosty ground up close is just as beautiful as the towering evergreens and snow-capped mountains in the distance, made all the more otherworldly with a low-hanging fog.

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Newlyweds looking at Chicago skyline

Laura Gordon

As this image proves, there’s nothing quite as chic and classic as downtown Chicago’s waterfront skyline.

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<p>Wedding photo at Laurel Hall in Indianapolis, Indiana</p>

Chloe Luka Photography

No, this isn’t Europe; it’s Laurel Hall in Indianapolis. This historic, polished estate creates an elegant location just right for the sophisticated and timeless bride—and a masterpiece of stairs to showcase her train.

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<p>Wedding photo at Mines of Spain in Dubuque, Iowa</p>

Amelia Charleen

Not all wedding portraits are meant to be glamorous. Taken among the weathered beauty of the Mines of Spain in Dubuque, Iowa, this non-traditional shot proves to be just as eye-catching.

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<p>Wedding photo at Stone Hill Barn in Augusta, Iowa</p>

Be Images Photography

The weeds and meadow flowers of Stone Hill Barn in Augusta come alive underneath the setting red sun, casting this couple in that coveted golden hour glow.

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<p>Wedding photo at Red River Gorge in Kentucky</p>

Happy Camper Film & Photo

The rich tones in this picture are everything, from the bride’s red and pink bouquet to the scenic backdrop of Red River Gorge where miles of lush mountain greenery go on for days.

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<p>Wedding photo at New Orleans City Park</p>

Julian N Photography

Green has never looked so good, thanks to Spanish moss, live oaks, and a glassy river that reflects it all. There’s no denying that New Orleans City Park is a charming and whimsical spot.

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<p>Wedding photo at Lookout Inn in Maine</p>

Emily Delamater

Two lovers and their kissing trees take in the coastal goodness of the pebbly Maine shore at Lookout Inn.

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<p>Wedding photo at Chesapeake Bay in Maryland</p>

Michael and Carina

What do you get when you combine a sailboat, U.S. flag, and ballgown, all on the Chesapeake Bay? Classic American beauty.

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<p>Wedding photo at Granite Links Golf Club</p>

Ashley Largesse

The best of both worlds of this historic state is on display at Granite Links Golf Club, juxtaposing Mother Nature with the Boston skyline.

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<p>Wedding photo at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan</p>

Justine Montigny

Peaceful and serene, the rolling sand dunes and the endless blue of Sleeping Bear Dunes is the perfect spot for an intimate moment.

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<p>Sunset wedding photo on a farm in Minnesota</p>

Two Pines Photography

Stalks of wheat dance in an amber ambiance at a farm near Sauke Centre, epitomizing Midwest romance as a pocket of sun lights up this couple’s love.

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<p>Wedding photo at cotton farm in Collins, Mississippi</p>

April and Paul

How much sweeter can it get than this radiant field of endless cotton in Collins, Mississippi? The sweet south has never looked so fine.

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<p>Wedding photo in Kansas City, Missouri</p>

Stephanie Nachtrab Photography

The beauty of Kansas City is raw and real. It looks like someone painted the sky in pink brushstrokes, creating a pastel canvas for this smoldering tree of life to pop against. Symbolic, no?

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<p>Wedding photo at Beartooth Pass in Montana</p>

Kristin Jean

Montana is known for its watercolor mountains and pastures, but its side of Beartooth Pass, which it shares with Wyoming, brings unexpected beauty in a jagged brown turf. And just how infectious is the joy and laughter between this couple?

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<p>Wedding photo at a field in Omaha, Nebraska</p>

Huy Nguyen

Who knew an empty boy scout camp in Omaha could be so captivating? With a sloping hill enveloped by a forest, this area takes part of its magic from a delicate wind causing a gentle ripple in the grass and bride’s dress.

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<p>Wedding photo at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada</p>

Darren Roberts

Cotton candy skies and the rugged landscape of Red Rock Canyon create a picturesque backdrop for post-Las Vegas elopement portraits.

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New Hampshire

<p>Wedding photo at Mount Willard in New Hampshire</p>

Erin Wheat Photography

Mount Willard’s steep mountain slopes create a natural mural of wild allure. But what you can’t see is this bride’s tenacity—she hiked seven miles in her dress to reach this point! So worth it.

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New Jersey

<p>Wedding photo at Crossed Keys Estate</p>

Lauren Fair Photography

There’s just something so romantic about couples framed in nature. This green tunnel of beauty at Crossed Keys Estate has secret garden vibes.

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New Mexico

<p>Wedding photo in the Chihuahuan Desert</p>

Jordan Voth

Yes, this unreal and dreamy place actually exists. The wave-like white gypsum sand dunes of White Sands National Monument in the Chihuahuan Desert provide a dramatic backdrop for a breathtaking wedding portrait, especially when cast in a pastel amethyst haze from the sinking sun.

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New York

Newlyweds in front of NYC skyline

Chaz Cruz; Event Planning by Jove Meyer Events

What would wedding portraits from the Big Apple be if they didn't include some stunning skyline views? These panoramic downtown vistas aren't the only things paying tribute to the city's iconic persona—this bride's cool-girl denim jacket is a fitting touch, as well.

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North Carolina

<p>Wedding photo at Blue Ridge Parkway</p>

Fox & Owl Studio

The mix of soft and dark romantic tones in this image is to die for, but what else would you expect from sunset at Blue Ridge Parkway? An ethereal glow casts shadows and light in all the right places for mountain moodiness.

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North Dakota

<p>Wedding photo at Lions Conservancy Park</p>

Dan Thorson

A walk through Mother Nature in Lions Conservancy Park creates some gorgeous perspective. Trees seem to reach upwards for miles, making this couple look so small, but their love look so big.

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<p>Wedding photo in cornfields of Findlay, Ohio</p>

Hannah Rose Gray

We love how this bride is leading her groom and not the other way around! The cornfields of Findlay, Ohio, embody a dream Midwest summer wedding.

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<p>Wedding photo at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge</p>

Emily Nicole Photo

With infinite skies above and vast plains below, this gorgeous spot at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is made for elopements.

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Newlyweds in lush forests of Oregon

Christy Cassano; Floral Design by Selva Floral Design

As this bewitching photo proves, the Pacific Northwest’s staggering beauty is found in its lush, cascading wilderness. And when you drop a bride in a lace gown with her Prince Charming into these scenic views, the result is fairytale fantasy amongst verdant evergreens and sprawling octopus trees.

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<p>Wedding photo at Hickory Run State Par</p>

Lauren Fair Photography

Hawk Falls at Hickory Run State Park is every nature bride’s dream, complete with cascading waterfall and a woodsy fall feel. Who knew the outdoors could be so cozy?

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Rhode Island

Newlyweds in front of RI coast

Chi-Chi Ari; Event Planning by Tiffany Rivera of Simply Breathe Events

The timeless Newport coastline epitomizes New England romance and charm, making the perfect backdrop for this classic couple. And catching the sight at sunset makes it all the more special.

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South Carolina

<p>Wedding photo at Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina</p>

Easter Day Creative

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of Charleston is captured right here in this incredible photo. Hanging Spanish Moss and a romantic bridge, need we say more?

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South Dakota

<p>Wedding photo in the Badlands in South Dakota</p>

Rebel Rabbit Photography

Are the Badlands for the total badass bride and groom, or what? Just look at those perfectly imperfect canyons, weathered and harsh but every bit stunning and achieving the natural perspective only nature could.

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<p>Wedding photo at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens</p>

Amilia Photography

We’re feeling Romeo and Juliet vibes from this classic, timeless shot. The ornate architectural details, twisting branches and vines, and blanket of lush vegetation of Cheekwood Estate and Gardens in Nashville are brimming with romance. All you need is a chic bride and groom.

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<p>Wedding photo at Rancho Mirando in Texas</p>

Amber Vickery

Got to love a good gust of wind that brings killer movement to a bride’s dress. Combined with panoramic views of Rancho Mirando at dusk, this shot—and moment—is purely cinematic.

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Newlyweds walking through Canyon Point

Laurken Kendall; Event Planning by Mae&Co Creative 

We can’t blame these newlyweds for soaking up the ethereal beauty of Canyon Point as the sun illuminates its otherworldly magnificence.

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Bride and groom in forests of Vermont

Norman & Blake; Event Planning by 42 North

An ethereal, hidden oasis for two newlyweds. Vermont’s famous thick evergreens make an appearance in the thickets of Stowe for a storybook, woodland vibe.

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<p>Wedding photo in Covington, Virginia</p>

Nicole Colwell Photography

Did we step into a princess fantasy? Please, transport us to the breathtaking falls and mossy boulders in Covington, Virginia, stat. This amorous couple effortlessly fits right into the magic of the location.

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Newlyweds walking towards slopes of Cascade Mountains

Sally Pinera; Event Planning by Kaleb Norman James Design

We can’t even breathe looking at the frosty views of the Cascade Mountains in the winter, let alone the fresh yet powdery tones of the composition. Seriously, both render us speechless.

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West Virginia

<p>Wedding photo at Adventures on the Gorge</p>

Stephanie Sunberg Photography

Two lovers on a mountaintop make for one swoon-worthy portrait. With mountain after mountain laid out before them, it’s easy to see why this region was named Adventures on the Gorge.

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<p>Wedding photo at Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin</p>

Hearts and Color

Love is captured in its truest form at Devil’s Lake with this pair, who make rocks look comfortable. Sultry, moody, and emotional—we dig it.

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<p>Wedding photo at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming</p>

Taylor English Photography

Indigo skies, a glimmer of an early moon, and celestial peaks in the distance—the stark, earthy beauty of the wilderness of the Grand Tetons are unparalleled.

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