20 Colorful Reasons You Need Smoke Bombs in Your Wedding Portraits

Grooms and wedding party walking down the street with colorful smoke bombs

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography 

If there's one trend that's the bomb (literally) in weddings right now, it's smoke bombs. These fun props take off in gorgeous clouds of color, creating a dreamy backdrop that's completely ethereal. Not only do they put on an epic show that promises to make your wedding photos unforgettable, but they also offer a playful way to add a nontraditional and unexpected element to your wedding, bringing it alive with a burst of color.

Choose from every color imaginable, tailoring a smoky effect to your personality as a couple. You can employ a bold magenta to make a big statement or mix purple and turquoise for a dreamy combo. Mix and match it to your theme or opt for a hue that contrasts with your environment to stand out. Even a lack of color looks stunning—a swirling white has an enchanting, mystical effect. Set them off in the distant background for a billowing backdrop in the forest with an otherworldly vibe or throw them in the air after saying "I do" for a celebratory walk down the aisle.

Of course, there are a few things you'll want to take into consideration, specifically your environment—make sure you use your wedding smoke bombs outdoors and take note of the temperature that day as well as the wind before lighting them. And don't forget to first check with your venue that it's OK to use them on the property and that your photographer is adequately prepared to shoot with them. Remember: Smoke bombs can stain, so keep a distance from them if you care about preserving your dress, but if you're more on the trash-the-dress side of things, this is a perfect way to get started.

Take a look at these gorgeous couples for some inspiration.

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Choose Peach for a Fall Wedding

Bride and groom walking in a wooded park with a peach colored smoke bomb in autumn

Photo by The Wild Love Club

Having a fall wedding doesn't mean everything has to be pumpkin orange and black. If you're not into the season's typical colors, opt for a smoke bomb in a softer variant like peach. It plays off the gold and sienna of the falling leaves but doesn't come off as Halloween-themed. We're loving the way this peach cloud looks during an autumn stroll through the park.

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Choose a Bright Color

Wedding Photo with Neon Pink Smoke Bomb

Photo by LillyWhite Photography

A neon smoke bomb brings a zesty punch to a modern desert dune elopement, highlighting the colorful florals in the bride's bouquet. Play with coordinating colors in attire, like the groom's pants here, or stick with all neutrals and let the bright smoke bomb pop even more.

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Add Romance with Red

Couple kissing in a cloud of red smoke bomb smoke

Photo by The Wild Love Club

Steamy post-ceremony kiss aside, this photo oozes with passion—after all, red is the color of romance, right? The matching ruby garments and strawberry smoke bring out the vibrant greens of the woods, showcasing the true magic of well-executed complementary colors. The end result is a moody, powerfully intimate shot with just a hint of mystery.

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Mix White and Pink

Bride and groom walking with pink and white smoke bombs

Photo by The Wild Love Club

The combined force of a brightly colored smoke bomb with natural white makes for some dramatically stunning photo opportunities. The photographer can capture some stunning images that show off the bright hue while the clouds are still separate, but when they start trailing together, the white blends to create a whole new color of soft pastels. Plus, we love the way white smoke settles to look like an actual cloud, especially if you're up in the mountains like this couple.

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Use Orange for Sunny Portraits

Bride looking at groom after wedding standing in an orange smoke bomb cloud

Photo by Felicia V. Photo

Shooting portraits midday can be a challenge, especially in direct, bright lighting. Use a sunny color like orange to diffuse the harshness into a soft, warm haze—bonus points for looking at your spouse like this bride is heart-eye gazing at her new husband.

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Create a Hazy City Skyline Background

Bride and groom walking in the road with two smoke bombs

Photo by Elkin Cardona Photography

We're loving the way these downtown smoke bomb wedding portraits put a green and gray cast over the city skyline. The hazy backdrop gives a surreal movie poster feel, and this bride and groom look like they are walking right into their happily ever after.

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Mix Colors

smoke bombs

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography 

Turquoise and pink leave a colorful cloud of pastel decadence. The sidewalk scene reminds us of elevated pavement chalk art in the best way. Don't forget the contrasting smoke bomb colors: a deep navy and hints of bright neon green give the rainbow even more depth.

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Place a Smoke Bomb Behind the Altar

Bride and Groom's first kiss at wedding

Photo by Tessa Tadlock

One way to level up your ceremony backdrop? A hot pink smoke bomb, of course. For the most romantic wedding photo, have someone time it so the colorful cloud releases just as you're leaning in for that first kiss.

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Give Smoke Bombs to Your Wedding Party

Bride and groom kissing in front of bridal party with smoke bombs

Photo by The Wild Love Club

There's nothing better than a supportive bridal party—except maybe one that's armed with begonia and lilac smoke bombs. If your wedding party is at all camera shy, consider adding a smoke bomb moment to your wedding timeline. After waving pink smoke all around and watching the couple kiss for the dozenth time, everyone will be feeling loosened up, silly, and a lot more comfortable having their photo taken.

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Use Complementary Colors

Wedding Photo with Orange and Teal Smoke Bombs

Photo by Sara Monika Photographer

Orange smoke plays up the warmth of the brick wall while a deep teal adds a popping contrast. Make like these two and use complementary colors like orange and blue, red and green, or yellow and purple.

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Go Colorless

Bride and groom with a gray smoke bomb

Photo by Bonnie Turner Photography

Who said smoke bombs always have to be bright and colorful? Choose a white or smoky gray to add a bit of natural-looking mist to your portraits. The artificial haze creates a mystical element perfect for an outdoor wedding.

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Add a Motorcycle for the Ultimate Coolness

Wedding Getaway Photo with Violet Smoke Bomb

Photo by Joshua Mikhaeil

Rev off into the sunset on a slick motorcycle in a haze of violet for the ultimate getaway. We love the way the purple hues bounce off the backgrounding cliffs like a magnificent painting.

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Match Your Wedding Attire

Bride and groom portraits in front of green smoke bomb

Photo by Let Me Show You Love

A deep emerald suit calls for a romantic green smoke bomb. Match the smoke color to the wedding's main hues to tie everything together. It creates a cohesive—and steamy—photo session.

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Double Up on the Smoke

Bride and groom in front of venue with double sided pink smoke bomb

Photo by The Wild Love Club

Go big with a double-sided smoke bomb. Not only will your cloud be enormous, but the color will be intensified and extra vibrant. The smoke will also last longer, leaving you more time to capture the perfect shot with your photographer—which is a huge plus as smoke bombs can come and go extremely quickly.

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Make It Intimate

Wedding Photo with Red Smoke Bomb

Photo by Cami Takes Photos

This couple took advantage of a secluded cave at the bottom of a canyon, where a soft red cloud of smoke engulfs them for an intimate feel and bohemian vibe. Really any color will do here, but the salmon hue is a perfect choice for the surrounding reds and oranges of the area.

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Hold One in Your Favorite Color

Wedding Photo with His and Hers Smoke Bombs

Photo by Lara Hotz Photography

We love the idea of handheld smoke bombs as much as we love this stylish bride's modern take on the tea-length dress. Hold yours or your spouse's favorite color, or synchronize with complementary ones.

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Varying Shades of the Same Color

Wedding Photo with Green and Blue Smoke Bombs

Photo by Jennifer See Studios

An intense and stunning backdrop in varying shades of blue and green makes all the difference, taking this couple by storm. Vary each shade slightly by saturation and brightness to create the ultimate contrasty mood.

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Use Dark Colors for All-Black Attire

Couple holding hands in a cloud of indigo smoke

Photo by Elkin Cardona Photography

If wearing black on your wedding day is more your style, let the darker mood carry through to your smoke bomb selection. Deep indigo, purple, navy, or black smoke clouds fit right in with the serene nighttime theme.

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Run From a Cloud of Pink

Grooms holding hands and running across sand dunes with pink smoke bomb

Photo by Let Me Show You Love

We never grow tired of a smoke bomb blowing across a desert landscape, and these happy grooms prove just why. The bubblegum pink cloud looks like a cotton candy dream set against the blue sky, and the backdrop that results could not be any sweeter.

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Intensify With Turquoise

Wedding Photo with Turquoise Smoke Bomb

Photo by Hannah Costello

Jewelry designer Love Tatum knows how to nail a good smoke bomb—curling plumes of turquoise provide the only color here, creating a stunning setting for this kiss. We especially appreciate how the bright cloud pops against the black background, creating photographic drama in the best possible way.

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