25 Colorful Reasons You Need Smoke Bombs in Your Wedding Portraits

Whimsical Woodland Wedding Photo with Pink Smoke Bombs

Photo by Alice Mahran

If there's one trend that's the bomb (literally) in weddings right now, it's smoke bombs. These fun props take off in gorgeous clouds of color, creating a dreamy backdrop that's completely ethereal. Not only do they put on an epic show that promises to make your wedding photos unforgettable, but they also offer a playful way to add a nontraditional and unexpected element to your wedding, bringing it alive with a burst of color.

Choose from every color imaginable, tailoring a smoky effect to your personality as a couple; employ a bold magenta to make a big statement or mix a purple and turquoise for a dreamy mix. Mix and match it to your theme or opt for a hue that contrasts with your environment to stand out. Even a lack of color looks just as stunning—a swirling white has an enchanting, mystical effect. Set them off in the distant background for a billowing backdrop in the forest with an otherworldly vibe or throw them in the air after saying "I do" for a celebratory walk down the aisle.

Of course, there are a few things you'll want to take into consideration, specifically your environment—make sure you use your wedding smoke bombs outdoors and take note of the temperature that day as well as the wind before lighting them. And don't forget to first check with your venue that it's okay to use them on the property and that your photographer is adequately prepared to shoot with them. Remember: Smoke bombs can stain, so keep a distance from them if you care about preserving your dress.

Take a look at these gorgeous couples for some inspiration.

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Choose a Bright Color

Wedding Photo with Neon Pink Smoke Bomb

Photo by LillyWhite Photography

A neon smoke bomb brings a zesty punch to a modern desert sand dune elopement, highlighting the colorful florals in the bride's bouquet.

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Make It a Photo Backdrop

Pastel Pink and Lavender Smoke Bomb Wedding Photo

Photo by Amy & Jordan

Pastel pink and lavender smoke bombs serve as the perfect backdrop to a ceremony littered with rose petals for a classic princess wedding.

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Mix Colors

smoke bombs

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography 

Turquoise and pink leave a colorful cloud of pastel decadence.

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Amp Up Your Post Ceremony Kiss

Wedding Photo with Turquoise Smoke Bomb

Photo by ENV Photography

A haze of turquoise amps up the wow factor for any ceremony kiss.

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Use Two Colors

Wedding Photo with Orange and Teal Smoke Bombs

Photo by Sara Monika Photographer

Orange smoke plays up the warmth of the brick wall while a deep teal adds a popping contrast.

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Use It as a Prop

Wedding Photo with Pink Handheld Smoke Bombs

Photo by Aaron & Whitney

Handheld smoke bombs make for a perfect celebratory cheers. Hot hues of orange and pink billowing in the breeze playfully juxtapose against a serene lake setting.

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Up the Drama

Wedding Photo with Cobalt Blue Smoke Bomb

Photo by Denise Karis

A diagonal streak of husky cobalt blue smoke creates a dramatic effect.

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Add a Motorcycle for the Ultimate Coolness

Wedding Getaway Photo with Violet Smoke Bomb

Photo by Joshua Mikhaeil

Rev off into the sunset on a slick motorcycle in a haze of violet for the ultimate getaway.

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Blend in With the Scenery

Wedding Photo with Jade Green Smoke Bomb

Photo by Rachel Barkman

A cloud of jade green lingers in the background, adding a bit of magic to an enchanted forest setting.

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They Don't Have to Be Colorful

Wedding Photo with White Smoke Bomb

Photo by Suzi Photography

Who says you need color? A haze of white dances across a green landscape for a mystical feel.

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Make It Intimate

Wedding Photo with Red Smoke Bomb

Photo by Cami Takes Photos

This couple took advantage of a secluded cave at the bottom of a canyon, where a soft red cloud of smoke engulfs them for an intimate feel and bohemian vibe.

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Keep It Seasonal

Wedding Photo with Cotton-Candy Pink Smoke Bomb

Photo by Justine Milton

Smoke bomb or fluffy ball of cotton candy? A soft pink cloud coalesces with the misty sunlight for a delicate springtime setting.

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Everybody Gets One

Wedding Photo with His and Hers Smoke Bombs

Photo by Lara Hotz Photography

We love the idea of his and hers smoke bombs as much as we love this stylish bride's modern take on the tea-length dress.

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Make It Out of This World

Woodland Wedding Photo with Pink Smoke Bomb

Photo by Alice Mahran

This woodland setting is made even dreamier with a hypnotizing pink haze, lit by filtered sunbeams for an otherworldly effect.

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Varying Shades of the Same Color

Wedding Photo with Green and Blue Smoke Bombs

Photo by Jennifer See Studios

An intense and stunning backdrop in varying shades of blue and green makes all the difference, taking this couple by storm.

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Add Light

Wedding Photo with Blue and White Smoke Bombs

Photo by Laura Goldenberger

Smoke bombs at night take on a whole new feel when set aglow by a pair of beaming headlights amid the enveloping darkness. Blue and white smoke mimics the deep hue of the night sky and its shining moon.

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Pair It With a Sunset

Wedding Photo with Yellow Smoke Bomb

Photo by Laugh Out Loud Photography

A rich yellow smoke bomb mirrors the golden tones of a glowing sunset for a romantic and warm ambiance.

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Choose a Color That Pops

Wedding Photo with Cerulean Smoke Bomb

Photo by Denise Karis

A streak of cerulean smoke pops against a stunning desert landscape.

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Add Feminine Touches

Wedding Photo with Rose-Hued Smoke Bomb

Photo by Justin R Photography

From a cloud of rose-hued smoke to a short tulle skirt, we love the subtle ballet influences in this portrait, where feminine meets masculine in a woodsy setting.

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Turquoise Makes It Even More Intense

Wedding Photo with Turquoise Smoke Bomb

Photo by Hannah Costello

Jewelry designer Love Tatum knows how to nail a good smoke bomb—curling plumes of turquoise provide the only color here, creating a stunning setting for this kiss.

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Prepare for Magic

Wedding Photo with Soft Pink Smoke Bombs

Photo by Joshua Mikhaeil

Soft pink smoke bombs creep across the landscape like fog for some unexpected ceremony magic.

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Keep It Ethereal

Forest Wedding Photo with Green Smoke Bomb

Photo by Rachel Barkman

A mossy forest takes on an ethereal vibe as a dreamlike emerald green haze drifts through the trees.

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Don't Forget the Fairytale

Forest Wedding Photo with White Smoke Bomb

Photo by True Love Photography

With a floating cloud of transparent white and amber sunlight, this earthy scene looks like it was ripped straight from the pages of a fairytale storybook.

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Make It Eclectic

Wedding Photo with Blue and Violet Smoke Bombs

Photo by Lauren Rita Photography

Wisps of blue and violet punctuate the atmosphere for an eclectic vibe.

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Play With Color

Wedding Photo with Pink Smoke Bomb

Photo by Leslie D Photography

Rolling clouds of hot pink burst with life in a blinding white landscape.

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