25 Seaside Photos That Will Convince You to Have a Beach Wedding

Find More Dreamy Settings Than These

Grace and Jaden Photography

Beachfront nuptials are the epitome of a summer wedding, a classic choice, particularly for a destination affair. And it's easy to see why—there's nothing quite as dreamy as the wide expanse of the ocean blue as your ceremony backdrop, a dazzling sunset, or the whisper of a balmy breeze in your hair as you exchange vows.

Besides the movie-worthy setting, there are several advantages to having a wedding in such paradise. For the bride who wants an affair without all the bells and whistles, the beach offers a much more casual and relaxed option. Swaying palm trees and a sandy floor automatically set the stage for a laid-back ambiance, the latter of which practically requires you to forgo heels. Seriously, what more could you ask for in a wedding than an excuse to wear flats or sandals or—gasp—no shoes at all!?

And, if it's a destination wedding, the beach also offers a more intimate vibe since those truly closest to you will make the trip. While you might think a destination wedding may extend past the boundaries of your budget, think again—the gorgeous background of a beach creates an atmosphere that stands on its own, without the need to spend on any décor to dress it up.

Of course, there are a few factors you'll want to take into consideration to perfect your big day on the beach. As with any outdoor wedding, you should keep a close eye on the weather, including the wind, which is stronger near the coastline. Because the beach often brings on the heat, hold your ceremony in the morning or around dusk for more comfortable temperatures; an hour before sunset is the right time for optimal lighting. Once you have these things nailed down, you'll get to enjoy one of the best parts that come with a relaxed beach wedding: less stress. If that's not enough to convince you, these gorgeous photos will.

<p>Newlywed Couple on the Beach at Sunset</p><br><br>
Meg Courtney Photography

If this isn't bliss, we're not sure what is. Watercolor skies and a graceful sea of vivid teal serve up a serene setting.

<p>Bride and Groom Running on the Beach</p><br><br>
Grace and Jaden

Nothing paints picture-perfect romance quite like running along the shoreline hand-in-hand.

<p>Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait on the Beach</p><br><br>
Heart and Colour Photographers

A curving coastline from a bird's eye view makes for a stunning backdrop to this couple's portrait.

<p>Rocky Beach Wedding Portrait</p><br><br>
Amber Phinisee Photography

With waves splashing against black rocks hosting an elegant bride and groom, this shot is pure seaside magic.

<p>Bohemian Bride and Groom Beach Wedding Portrait</p><br><br>
Angie Diaz Photography

A small cove with a spirited vibe marked by crashing waves and craggy rocks is the perfect photo-op spot for adventurous couples.

<p>Bride and Groom on Rugged Beach Cliffs</p><br><br>
Tyler Branch Photo

Rugged cliffs and a roaring ocean combine for a majestic feel with a breathtaking view.

<p>Bride and Groom Dancing on the Beach</p><br><br>
Sawyer Baird

A foggy day on the beach proves just as beautiful as a sunny one, especially when paired with a romantic dance for two.

<p>Bride and Groom Embracing on the Beach</p><br><br>
Angie Diaz Photography

Nature's elements come out full force in this adoring shot, with a soft golden light and balmy breeze working some photogenic magic.

<p>Indie Bride and Groom Beach Wedding Portrait</p><br><br>
Bonita Gabrielle Photography

A misty haze brings grey seas and skies for understated elegance with an indie edge.

<p>Aerial Beach Wedding Photo</p><br><br>
Ed Peers

Sand like velvet and water smooth as glass—an aerial perspective captures the shoreline in a new light, making a romantic setting for this chic couple.

<p>Bride and Groom Seaside Wedding Photo</p><br><br>
Ryan Chard Smith

Softy, dewy hues across the horizon bring a subtle glow to the foreground in this fairytale overlooking the sea.

<p>Beach Wedding Photo with Canoe</p><br><br>
Maži Stebuklai

Being shipwrecked isn't so bad when you're stranded with the one you love. This castaway shot has some serious jungle island vibes.

<p>Aerial Rocky Beach Wedding Photo</p><br><br>
Bradyhouse Media

There's beauty in the rough—an outcropping of lava rocks and a powerful current create a gorgeous effect.

<p>Sunset Wedding Photo on the Beach</p><br><br>
Grace and Jaden

The golden hour lives up to its name in this playfully romantic shot, creating an amber ambiance as this couple takes their beach photos to a whole new level by daring to trash their dress and tux.

<p>Sunset Wedding Portrait on the Beach</p><br><br>
Meg Courtney Photography

This sky explodes like a roaring bonfire in a sunset that is literally everything. A mountainous landscape and vivid sultry hues mimicked in the shoreline—what more could you ask for in a beach portrait?

<p>Faraway Beach Photo of Bride and Groom</p><br><br>
Amy Jo Royall

Brilliant sunshine casts an ethereal light upon this doting couple, who found themselves the perfect boulder for privacy.

<p>Beach Wedding Pastel Portrait</p><br><br>
Heart and Colour Photographers

It's hard to find a more dreamy setting than this one rich in pastel tones, from periwinkle skies to aqua waters.

<p>Bride and Groom Ocean Wedding Portrait</p><br><br>
Van Middleton

A sliver of choppy sea framed by boulders makes a grandiose backdrop for a newlywed kiss.

<p>Destination Beach Wedding Photo</p><br><br>
Angie Diaz Photography

Palm trees, azure ocean, and a sandy shore? This shot is straight out of paradise.

<p>Destination Wedding Photo on the Beach</p><br><br>
Mary Costa Weddings

Nothing says wedding beach perfection like a sweet kiss among a spray of waves against a rocky shoreline.

<p>Wedding Portrait on Seaside Cliffs</p><br><br>
Grace and Jaden

Seaside cliffs overlooking the crashing surf are mesmerizingly breathtaking.

<p>Nautical Wedding Portrait</p><br><br>
Bradyhouse Media

Lush fauna frames an intimate moment made all the more magical by a setting sun that elicits cotton candy skies.

<p>Bride and Groom Portrait with Sea and Mountains Backdrop</p><br><br>
Julia Wade Photography

This shot literally takes our breaths away. The deep blue is taken to a whole new level as it merges with husky mountains and hazy clouds, peppered by a glittering coastline.

<p>Bride and Groom Wedding Photo on the Coastline</p><br><br>
India Earl Photography

A gentle tide, rugged coastline, and white sunshine lighting up the horizon create one picturesque beach.

<p>Beach Wedding Photo of Bride and Groom</p><br><br>
Meg Courtney Photography

A rosy sunset floods over a frothy sea for a mystical effect.

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