The 2019 Wedding Food Trends Everyone Will Be Eating Up in the New Year

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Updated 12/10/18

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Planning a 2019 wedding? We're sharing all the details on 2019’s most anticipated wedding trends—we’ve already got your bouquet and reception trends covered! Now, we are rounding up some of next year's most delicious future food crazes. Tapping the minds of industry experts, we’ve gathered some new wedding food trends that are expected to hit serving trays in the New Year.

Playful dessert stations and reverting back to formal tradition reception settings are ideas that some of the industry’s top experts are anticipating in the coming year. If you’re planning on tying the knot in 2019, consider these delicious ideas—from cocktail hour hors-d'oeuvres to black-tie setups—that are sure to be as delightful as they are memorable.

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Elevate Your Presentation

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“We see our clients starting to really have fun with cocktail hour hors-d'oeuvres,” says Cassy Anderson, founder of Cassy Rose Events. Present your guests with something unexpected either in flavor profile or presentation (or both!). “These ceviche push-pops from Forte Belanger are just as delicious as they are fun to eat!” Anderson adds.

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Find Your Way Towards Formal

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"After years of seeing the industry move towards an ‘unconventional’ food experience at weddings, we are seeing a trend towards a traditional plated experience with elevated service,” says Bill Coyne, director of business development at Cloud Catering & Events. “As the industry continues to seek exciting, innovative new ways to integrate food and beverage into weddings, there seems to be an appetite and nostalgia for formal dinner service,” Coyne explains.

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Get Playful With Your Dessert Station

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Amy Mendes, event manager at Mezze Catering & Events, considers an abundance of dessert options a major food trend in the coming year. "One food trend we are noticing is offering your guests an abundant dessert station with lots of seasonally inspired offerings,” Mendes says. For this wedding, the couple’s cake decorations included seasonal donuts as a way to integrate other dessert table options into their elegantly playful design.

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Opt for Substitutes

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“Addressing dietary lifestyles have become increasingly more common,” says Alison Awerbuch, chef & partner at Abigail Kirsch. “Whether it’s gluten-free, vegan, nut- free, keto, or paleo, we are always getting requests by our brides to include some of these types of food at their wedding,” Awerbuch adds. It’s important to create menu items that are seamlessly modified since they are so delicious and are presented so creatively. “Some favorites include our vegan and gluten-free Artisan Vegetable Sushi made with brown rice, quinoa & pickled beets, squash and cucumbers,” notes Awerbuch.

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Pay Homage to Your Hometown

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“The trend is here to stay, honoring our cities, regions or family heritage in your menu creation,” says Lisa Dupar, founder of Lisa Dupar Catering. Whether you are celebrating Chinese traditions or southern customs, it’s easy to marry cultures on your menu. “Custom messages in fortune cookies, congee made with Carolina Gold rice, or a Baijiu (Chinese sorghum whiskey) Lychee Julep are all great custom options that couples can consider when merging their heritages through food,” she suggests.

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Set the Bar

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"A trend we are starting to see now that will definitely continue into 2019 is 'Roaming Food Bars,'" says Carla Ruben, owner and creative director, at Creative Edge Parties. “’Roaming Food Bars’ offer both the selection of a stationary buffet as well as an interactive quality,” she adds. A great option for guests with specific food restrictions, play with ideas including this vegetarian ceviche idea that features composed vegetable based ceviches with loads of fun toppings such as plantain ribbons, spiced pepita seeds, and gooseberries.

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Create a Grab-and-Go Dessert Table

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Melissa Panico, director of marketing at Taste Catering and Event Planning, suggests giving guests an easy takeaway option for dessert. “This colorful spread featured an array of sweet treats that guests could easily grab on their way back out to the dance floor,” Panico says. “An assortment of fork-free options are also essential when crafting a display of grab-and-go options,” Panico adds.

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