28 Ways to Use Love Quotes in Your Wedding Decor

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Searching for wedding decor that's both stylish and sentimental? Showcase sentiments in a super stunning way by using love quotes for wedding decor.

Any wedding is filled with an abundance of words: the promises you make, the toasts you share, the vows you take, the lyrics you blast on the dance floor. And planning all that takes a lot of work! It involves hours (and hours) of creating the ceremony with your officiant, scouring the internet for the perfect readings and verses, and searching Spotify for the songs that feel right for the first dance, father-daughter dance, and the rest of the night. So why not put all that hard work on display by using love quotes for wedding decor? Sure, your guests will hear the special readings and songs you selected, but what if they could see them too?

Well, they can! As you'll see below, we're all for incorporating sweet love notes, quotes, or really any saying into your wedding decor. Think about your vows scrolled on your cake, a meaningful verse written on the ceremony backdrop, song lyrics up above the bar, and more. And that's not all: We're now seeing newlyweds add special verses to their fashion as well, with a message incorporated into the dress's design or inside a lapel. Finally, we like the idea of personalizing and sharing a specific quote with each guest. (Think: a lyric from your favorite song, an excerpt from a book you both love, et cetera.) To do this, we've seen couples using a letter as an escort card or adding a note at each place setting.

That said, we think you're more than capable of coming up with new, creative ideas to write a message of your own. Whether you decide to showcase a sonnet, song lyrics, or an original verse, we can't wait to see how you incorporate the wedding decoration quotes trend on your big day. And, more importantly: We can't wait to see what you have to say!

Scroll on for 28 of our favorite real wedding examples illustrating ways to put your love notes—or inside jokes or inspirational quotes—on display.

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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Bride and groom cutting the cake

Photo by Valorie Darling

This model bride took the age-old saying quite literally by adorning her arms with lines from her vows. The tulle fingerless gloves (so chic!) were adorned with "to love & to hold," and "to love & to cherish," respectively.

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Set the Tone

Roald Dahl quote hanging on a scroll


This whimsical Roald Dahl quote perfectly encapsulated the dreamy theme of the Italian destination wedding it graced. The beautiful notion not only amplified the scene but also primed guests to enter a more magical headspace.

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Wipe Away Tears

Personalized handkerchiefs

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

From pollen to overwhelming (happy!) emotions, weddings naturally lend themselves to teary eyes. Why not capitalize on the occurrence by personalizing handkerchiefs for you nearest and dearest to wipe away their tears and hold on to as mementos of the big day?

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Put Your Love on Display

Notebook of handwritten poems

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

Let guests in on the special bond between the two of you by putting it on display. This notebook showcased all the poems the bride wrote to her now-husband throughout their relationship. Swoon!

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Spotlight Your Love

Photo by Katie Harmsworth; Signage by Sketch & Etch

ICYMI: Neon signs are all the rage! And what better way to incorporate a short quote or saying into your decor? We think this design is especially great because it's both fun and elevated at the same time.

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Illuminate an Entrance

Neon sign

Photo by Paige Vaughn Photo

Neon signs work double duty when positioned near an entryway. They communicate your love message in an exiting way while inviting guests into the celebration and providing a positive exclamation to the evening as they depart.

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Craft Future Heirlooms

Needlework decor

Photo by Kristin La Voie Photography

There's nothing more meaningful—or more sustainable—than wedding decor that turns into a beloved heirloom. These embroidery hoops look just as great hung on a wall as they would hanging from the family Christmas tree.

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Create a Literary Centerpiece

Table runner

Photo by JB Marie Photography

Everyone knows flowing table runners are in style, but they're even more on trend when calligraphed. This gorgeous centerpiece features "I Carry My Heart With Me," a love poem by EE Cummings—a great choice for a ceremony reading, too.

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Add Meaning to a Focal Point

wedding favor table

Photo by Michele Beckwith Photography

This statement gift table basically speaks for itself. Seriously, how pretty is that calligraphed linen?

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Use Linens as a Canvas

groom note on handkerchief

Photo by Kate Headley

Make like this couple, who found famous letters printed on handkerchiefs and gifted them to their attendants. You could also create your own by having something special embroidered onto napkins or a pocket square.

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Embroider the Wedding Dress

Bride showing embroidered hem of dress

Photo by Katie Grant

This bridal dress designer made her own wedding dress, of course. And she added a special finishing touch: the lyrics of Neil Young’s "Harvest Moon" embroidered inside.

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Screen Print the Hem of the Wedding Gown

Groom holding up screen printed dress

Photo by India Earl

Another bridal designer, another quote-accented dress...we spy a trend in the making.

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Send Love Notes

Jenn reading a letter in her Danielle Frankel dress with a square neckline

Photo by Kaley From Kansas

Creating something beautiful with words doesn't mean it has to be huge. We love the idea of scrolling meaningful words on your invitation suite—or on a love letter to your partner on the day-of.

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Give Everyone a Seat

Escort card display

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Now this is a fresh take on the trend. In fact, we're kind of obsessed with the idea of sharing specific notes or quotes with the special people in your life. In this display, the couple put each scroll in a clear vessel calligraphed with the guest's name and table assignment.

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Mark Place Settings

Poem at place setting

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

Or, leave a special note for each guest at their seats. This bride handcrafted each place card with a different poem that reminded her of that particular guest.

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Get Love Drunk

Cocktail station

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

We've talked a lot about famous words and serious sentiments...but funny sayings or even cheeky takes on a signature cocktail's name are also welcome. Humor is the real language of love, after all.

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Drape Tapestries

Quote Ceremony Backdrop

Photo by Ryan & Alyssa Photography

For this ceremony set up, the couple enlisted the help of a calligrapher to draw their vows on their ceremony backdrop. They're written in French, as a nod to the fact that they met in France.

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Write on the Walls

Hanging scroll

Photo by Jacoby Andrick

Yet another example of the perfect ceremony backdrop. This one features lyrics from James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)" and crawling greenery beside it.

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Hang Scrolls

Quote Banner

Photo by Tifani Lyn

This one is short and sweet, yet it still functions as the perfect backdrop for that cake-cutting moment. We also like how you can easily take this banner elsewhere—and hang it up for special occasions (or all occasions).

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Write It Down

Flat lay of wedding rings and books

Photo by Jake Anderson

This may seem like an obvious inclusion, but think about utilizing a book of quotes in a special way. This particular book made for a pretty photo backdrop, but you could also gift a copy to your partner as a surprise on the day-of. (If you do, make sure to add a your own note inside!)

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Put a Frame on It

Vignette of collected items

Photo by Cait n' Her Camera

A picture may be worth a thousand words but text deserves just as much applause. This quote was given pride of place (in a frame!) and stunningly pulled together this lovely vignette of collected objects.

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Curate a Backdrop

flat lay of boutonnieres

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Talk about a pretty way to capture the day's small details, like boutonnieres, rings, and invites.

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Add an Inscription to the Bouquet

Bouquet with craft paper and quote on the handle

Photo by Laurken Kendall

This bride grew up gardening and admits to sending her florist a very detailed list. On it were leafy greens (eucalyptus and olive branches), calla lilies, blushing brides, and rust-colored orchids. The finishing touch: a leather wrap inscribed with Walt Whitman’s “We were together, I forget the rest.”

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Carve a Path

Quote Stepping Stones

Photo by For Love of Juneau

These pretty stones feature Pablo Neruda's love poem, "Sonnet XVII," which perfectly describes taking that next step in your relationship. We love the idea of drawing this script on stepping stones near your reception tent—or even down the aisle (if you're wearing flats).

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Adorn Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cake with inscription on it

Photo by Kristina Adams

This one-tier cake is so trendy thanks to its cooper-hued text and greenery garland. And don't get us started on those candlesticks in the background!

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Layer the Love

Quote Wedding Cake

Photo by Koby Brown

With floral arrangements this pretty, it's no surprise that this quote-covered cake is flower-themed. It showcases Alfred Tennyson's famous words, “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever.” (How perfect for a garden party wedding!)

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Make It Sweet

Three-layer wedding cake with Victor Hugo quote written on it

Photo by Sweetlife Photography

If you're not already convinced, we give you one final example of how cakes and quotes go hand-in-hand. This French phrase is a famous quote by Victor Hugo that translates to "life is a flower in which love is the honey." It just doesn't get any sweeter than that.

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Decorate Your Getaway Car

Getaway car

Photo by Lisa Blume Photography

Make a final splash by adding a note to your getaway ride. We're especially into this calligraphed card—and the greenery spray for an added flourish.

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