The 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World, According to Airbnb

Did your V-Day getaway make the list?

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No matter where you live, something about the dreary and seemingly never-ending winter seems to intensify everyone's travel itch. Thankfully, with Valentine's Day on the horizon, you and your partner have no greater excuse to indulge your wanderlust whims by venturing to a faraway locale. But, if you're not entirely sure where to start, Airbnb has come to your rescue with a ranking of the 10 most romantic cities worldwide. Even if you've already booked your February 14 trip, have your passport handy because these dreamy venues need to stay on your radar.

Airbnb shared data with Brides on the absolute best places worldwide to jet-set for your next couples' adventure. From Rome to Bali to (naturally) the city of love, Paris, this comprehensive roundup, spanning four continents, needs to become your official travel bucket list. And remember: You don't have to venture overseas for a little R&R with your honey in a loved-up locale—two picturesque cities in the U.S. earned their rightful places among the eight other storybook spots.

So, without further ado, these are the 10 most romantic cities you and your sweetheart should prioritize for V-Day travels and beyond.

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10. Bali, Indonesia

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9. Edinburgh

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8. Los Angeles

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7. Rome

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6. Sydney

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5. New York City

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4. Copenhagen

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3. Amsterdam

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2. Paris

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1. London

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