20 Funny Wedding Pictures That Will Make You LOL

groom laughing at bride

Photo by J. Olson Weddings

Weddings are emotion-filled experiences. First comes the excitement of getting engaged, then the rush of wedding planning, and then love and tenderness fill the air when the day arrives. Couples experience romance, elation, and laughter on their wedding day. Whether you need some giggles to release nerves or you’re so happy you can’t help but get a little goofy, there are plenty of opportunities to let funny moments unfold. And why not? Let silliness reign during this joyous occasion! 

Our roundup of good-humored photos from talented photographers will encourage you to let the good times roll as your photographer documents it all. Some may even inspire you to pre-plan with props, motivating guests—from your wedding party to family, and you and your partner—to err on the side of lightheartedness. 

Ahead, 20 funny wedding pictures that are sure to make you smile.

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A Pre-Ceremony Dance Party

groomsmen hula dancing

Photo by Kylee Yee 

Sometimes a groom needs to work a humorous angle before he can see his fiancée. Such was the case for this groom during his Chinese tea ceremony, who had to complete certain challenges (also referred to as “door games”) before he was allowed to see his bride. 

We bet when his groomsmen signed on for the job they weren’t aware they’d need two outfits for the day: suits and grass skirts, complete with coconut bikini tops. The photographer captured this silly moment as they participated in a choreographed dance number.

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Funny Faces

bride and groom

Photo by Heather DeCamp Photography

Everyone wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day; a huge part of that is being you. Dressing up in traditional Indian wedding attire for this couple’s equally traditional Indian wedding ceremony was all the more reason for them to let their playful selves show. Making silly faces at one another was a way they inserted their personalities into a day filled with rituals. 

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An Unexpected Wedding Guest

bride with batman

Photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

You never know when an unexpected wedding guest might show up. While the photographer was outside capturing this bride before her first look with her groom, the craziest character arrived: Batman. Rather than ask him to step out of the picture, they all recognized a golden photo opportunity and asked him to join in on the fun. Who else can say they had Batman randomly show up on their wedding day? While some surprise guests are unwelcome, others should be greeted with open arms, if only for a moment. 

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Parade in the Streets

wedding party

Photo by Chaz Cruz 

This couple was walking down a cobblestone street in lower Manhattan when the groom decided to jump into his husband’s arms. Sometimes the joy literally moves you! As something they do all the time, they couldn’t resist having their photographer spontaneously capture it during their wedding day. 

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Part of the Band

bride and groom with band

Photo by Chaz Cruz

A bride and groom can’t help but radiate joy to others as they walk through the streets of a city to take photos for their day. This couple was walking through the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown when they were spotted by a Chinese band playing string instruments. Lo and behold, they had room for two impromptu bandmates. When they asked the couple to come play, they gleefully obliged!

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Poolside Poses

groom and bride

Photo by Kylee Yee

When you realize how precious each moment is, you don’t want to waste a minute. In a photo that truly represents the couple, the photographer captured the groom snacking on a burger while his bride waited for him to finish so they could take additional wedding day photos. The groom shared he’s always eating and his bride is commonly dancing (and waiting) by his side.

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The Cutest Photo Crasher

bride and groom

Photo by Quyn Duong/Diligent Artists

This couple proves that the only thing you can control is yourself. They flew from Australia to New York City for their elopement and were taking photos on Pebble Beach in Brooklyn. Imagine their surprise when a torrential downpour arrived, unexpectedly soaking them and a child running by. They were having so much fun, however, they just kept laughing.   

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Movie Theater Fun

wedding party in move theatre

Photo by Chaz Cruz 

When you get married at a wedding venue with a theater you may suddenly have another dimension to view your wedding in. This wedding party threw on 3D glasses for an epic wedding party photo in the theater’s comfy blue seats. We hope everyone got to snack on popcorn during the couple’s movie theater ceremony

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bride and groom posing behind car

Photo by Heather DeCamp Photography

When things aren’t going your way on your wedding day, sometimes the best thing to do is lean in. This couple was waiting for a break in cars on a well-known bridge in downtown Chicago when they decided to literally bend to the traffic instead. 

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Cat Cuddles

bride and groom with cat

Photo by Fancy This Photography

It’s common to see dogs at weddings, especially if the bride or groom’s beloved pooch is a part of the ceremony or portraits. But what about the felines? One of the perks of having a small wedding at home was that this couple’s cat, Kitty Purry, could attend. 

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Mid-Ceremony Giggles

bride and groom

Photo by Quyn Duong/Diligent Artists

Encouragement from their photographer to be playful, even during a formal ceremony, is the only permission this couple needed to show their amusement. They may have been in the midst of their Korean Paebaek ceremony but when the mood struck, they couldn’t contain their affection. This groom loved on his bride so much with his hug, he squeezed the laughter out of her. 

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A Moment of Celebration

bride and groom

Photo by Chaz Cruz

A fun-loving couple who doesn’t take themselves too seriously is bound to have a ceremony with non-stop laughter and tears. The pom-pom garland backdrop added color and whimsy to this animated couple’s proclamation. They yelled, “Yes!” as they threw their hands up in the air after their friend declared them husband and wife.

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A Funny Sign

man holding sign

Photo by Ryan Ray 

Besides seeing two people tie the knot, one of our favorite wedding moments is the celebration that ensues, which includes a lot of dancing, of course! This couple kicked off their night of fun immediately after saying "I do" when a friend appeared on the lawn with a sign that read "Everybody dance now!"

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The Leg Pop

wedding party

Photo by Jessica Hunt Photography

Not only is this wedding party cheering on their best friends, but the best man deserves a prize for his extra support. Kudos to a groom who will do the “foot pop” when his bride’s dress doesn’t allow it. And to friends who will help hold your foot high as you kiss your spouse! 

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Jumping for Joy

bride and groom jumping

Photo by Heather DeCamp Photography

The bride wanted a fun photo in downtown LA to counterbalance the more romantic images they were taking. The groom took one for the team when she realized she couldn’t jump in her gown. This marriage is a true partnership!

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Staying Serious

married couple

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love

After this couple eloped in a Brooklyn home, they posed for photos around the apartment—including this serious shot of the newlyweds showing off their new bling. These brides could barely keep a straight face, and we love that so much!

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An Epic Entrance

ceremony entrance

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography

These grooms took advantage of their theater reception venue in New Orleans for the most epic entrance of all time. They ascended into the party through a trap door much to the delight of their guests!

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Balloon Toss

wedding party

Photo by Chaz Cruz

Just because wedding photos are considered “stills,” doesn’t mean you have to stand still. The emoji inflatable balls that were scattered on the dance floor were gathered up by the wedding party, who playfully hurled them at the photographer when he asked how hard they could throw them. 

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Fun With the Cake


Photo by Logan Cole Weddings

Who says the cake cutting has to be a serious moment? At their Palm Springs party, the grooms took turns feeding each other a piece of wedding cake. But our favorite detail? Their four-tier birthday cake-flavored confection from Milk Bar!

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Disco Dance Party

bride and groom

Photo by Ryan Ray 

The celebrations don't need to end with your reception. Take a note from this couple who hosted a disco-themed after-party to keep the party going all night long. Bonus points if you and your guests dress in costume!

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