22 Fun and Fruity Wedding Cakes

Make a splash with a colorful cake!

grapefruit wedding cake

Photo by Madeline Trent

There are plenty of reasons why summer weddings tend to be the most popular. From beautiful weather, abundant fresh produce, and, of course, the incredible floral choices, summer is truly a dream come true.

With summer also comes the option to add plenty of color to your wedding palette. We’re talking bold oranges, sunny yellows, and uplifting green hues that really pack a punch. And while those colors can definitely be incorporated in plenty of ways, from your reception décor to your bouquet and bridesmaid dresses, it’s also the perfect opportunity to really embrace adding fruit into the mix to make a splash. Not only will this addition embellish your cake in the most beautiful, colorful way, it also adds a touch of creativity, thinking outside the box of the typical floral or fondant adornments.

Think a cake decked out in fruit will definitely bring the fun to your big day? Read on for 22 of our favorite fruity wedding cakes.

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Opt for Plenty of Orange

wedding cake with orange slices

Photo by Ashley LaPrade Photography; Cake by Exquisite Desserts

Planning your celebration for the dead of summer? Nothing's more refreshing than tart citrus! Choose a simple white cake decked out in bright, bold orange slices with a hint of desert-inspired greenery to top it all off.

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Keep It Fresh With Berries

wedding cake with berries and figs

Photo by De Joy Photography; Cake by PARKER LUSSEAU PASTRIES

Summer means it's officially berry season, and that's worth celebrating. Choose a simple tiered naked cake but take it to the next level with plenty of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

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Create a Display With Coconuts

Wedding cake with coconut

Photo by Sanaz Photography; Cake by Beverly's Bakery

Coconut lover? Now's the time to embrace it. We love the look of this two-tiered confection, complete with real coconuts and greenery for a unique look.

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Liven Things Up With Lemon

wedding cake with lemons

Photo by Dana & Josh Fernandez Photography

Is there anything more luscious than lemon curd? Embrace the sweet flavor of this citrus fruit at your upcoming summer wedding. This confection features three tiers of cake, paired with a lemon curd drip and plenty of fresh lemons and blooms to tie it all together.

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Pair Greenery With a Touch of Citrus

wedding cake with oranges

Courtesy of Honey Bee Cake Co.

The couple who displayed this cake at their wedding met on Bumble, so it was only natural a pop of yellow made an appearance! Greenery and a few blooms are certainly center stage, but the addition of orange slices takes this cake's design to the next level.

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Feature Figs and Florals

wedding cake with figs

Photo by Jackie Fox Photography

While we often associate figs with fall and early winter, they're actually in season in summer as well! This three-tiered confection with different hues for each level is as dreamy as can be. Decking it out with plenty of fresh figs makes it all the more beautiful to display at an outdoor wedding.

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Pair Orange Slices and Roses

wedding cake with oranges and roses

Photo by Martina Micko Photography; Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking

No matter the season, citrus can make a beautiful statement. Pairing orange slices with a few colorful blooms sets this confection up as the perfect display for a summer-inspired soiree.

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Create a Beautiful Blood Orange Design

grapefruit wedding cake

Photo by Madeline Trent; Cake by Cakes to Live By

The golden, pink hue of blood oranges is nothing short of stunning, and it makes for the ideal inspiration for a wedding cake. We can't get over the beautiful hue of this awe-inspiring cake.

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Make It Sweet With Candied Lemon Slices

wedding cake with lemons and greenery

Photo by Ivey Photo; Cake by Sweet Angel Cakes

The combination of lemons and blueberries is totally classic for summer. Adding sprigs of greenery makes this two-tiered confection totally outdoor party-ready.

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Create an Abundant Display

wedding cake with fresh fruit

Photo by The Coconut Creative

Summer is all about embracing abundant, fresh produce, and this cake pulls that off flawlessly. With Rainier cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and more, this confection truly shows off all there is to celebrate about summer.

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Opt for Pretty in Peach

wedding cake with peaches

Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Cake by The Sweet Side

Want everything at your wedding to be as pretty as a peach? Don't forget your cake! Deck out a textured cake with plenty of peaches and sprigs of greenery for a fresh look.

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Choose Chocolate and Fruit

naked wedding cake with fruit


Think you can't pair chocolate and fruit? Think again! This three-tiered semi-naked confection pulls it off perfectly with a dreamy caramel drip and plenty of fresh fruit dotted on each tier.

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Commission a Piece of Art

citrus wedding cake

Photo by The Ganeys; Cake by Sweets Illustrated; Styling by Daly Digs

Don't want fresh fruit sitting out too long while your cake is on display? Embrace the concept and commission a hand-painted cake instead. We love the beautiful citrus painting on this confection, paired with a bit of fresh fruit to complete the cake table design.

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Look to Lemons

lemon wedding cake


There's no shame in going bright and bold with your wedding cake. This cake sat on display for an industrial-meets-jungle wedding. With color-washed buttercream and a full cascade of lemons, it certainly made a splash.

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Mix It Up With Millefoglie



Want something a little different than a traditional tiered wedding cake? This treat made up of layers of puff pastry with pastry cream may be low profile, but it can still command attention. Plus, it's the perfect way to embrace plenty of fresh berries.

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Pair Orchids With Citrus

Wedding cake with flowers and citrus

Photo by Sarah and Brent Photography; Cake by Simply Sweet Cakery

Bringing roses and orchids into a wedding design may be typical, but pairing them with citrus on a textured cake? Talk about an unexpected touch!

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Make a Colorful Splash

wedding cake with grapefruits

Photo by Rebekah Viola; Cake by Sugar and Slice Bakery

Embrace a beautiful, colorful palette and bring it into your cake design as well. We love this barely-naked cake topped with clusters of blooms and juicy grapefruits.

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Create a Berry-Covered Masterpiece

Wedding cake with berries

Photo by Sarah Jane Ethan

While summer is all about embracing fresh berries, they can also pair with so many other elements to make a cake truly beautiful. Add a touch of greenery, gold fleck detailing, and even macarons to make the most stunning display!

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Make a Single-Tiered Statement

single tier wedding cake with berries

Photo by Suzanne Li Photography

Planning an outdoor party? We love the way this single-tiered textured cake is taken from simple to extraordinary with the addition of sprawling berries and greenery for a natural, foraged look.

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Embrace a Bright Palette

wedding cake with citrus

Courtesy of Stacy Brewer Cakes

Want to set up an entire dessert table? Opt for a bright color palette and allow fresh fruit to drive it home. This vivid pink and sunny yellow palette truly adds a splash of fun.

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Combine Caramel and Fresh Berries

wedding cake with drip

Photo by Tamara Merri Photography; Cake by Corgi Bakery

Decking out a cake in fruit doesn't have to always mean you're keeping it simple. This three-tiered stunner truly makes a statement with a luscious caramel drip, plenty of berries, and a few blooms to pull it all together.

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Tie in Tangerines

wedding cake with tangerines


Want to stick to a traditional, white wedding cake with just a hint of fruity fun? This confection remains classic with the perfect touch of color from pixie tangerines.

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