24 Show-Stopping Flower Engagement Rings


Courtesy of Cappucinne

If you want to put a slight twist on a traditional engagement ring, a flower ring may be the perfect option for you. This ultra-feminine ring style is elegant, romantic, and timeless—with a slightly vintage look to it that makes them stand out in a crowd. And, if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck: Flower wedding rings are really popular right now, and there are tons of gorgeous options out there. 

“Flower rings offer a ton of finger coverage, but the price tag isn’t as hefty because the total carat weight is distributed over all of the stones, as opposed to buying one large solitaire,” jeweler Jillian Sassone says. In other words: You get more bang for your buck and the small stones on the halo or the wedding bands make your ring appear larger than it is. Then there’s the fact that the shape seems to give them a deeper meaning. “Now more than ever, people are searching for meaning in objects,” says jeweler and designer Helen Ficalora. “Flowers speak to the sentimentality of something beautiful and light in a dark world.” 

Meet the Expert

  • Jillian Sassone is the founder and lead designer of Marrow Fine, a California-based jeweler specializing in fine jewelry and bespoke pieces.
  • Helen Ficalora is a jewelry designer and owner of her eponymous jewelry brand Helen Ficalora.

What to Know When Buying a Flower Engagement Ring

There are two different ways to embrace the flower ring trend. You can purchase an engagement ring with a halo around your center stone that looks like a flower or you can purchase a solitaire ring and use one or two wedding bands around that ring to create the look of a flower. Sassone points out that the second option gives you more versatility: You can stack several wedding bands for a unique look or change them out if you want to. 

You’ll often find vintage flower engagement rings for sale. “If you’re buying vintage, have a respected jeweler look at the piece of [jewelry and ask]: Is the band in good condition, are all of the prongs still there, any stones loose?” Sassone says. “If you’re creating a vintage-inspired flower ring with a designer, choose someone whose work you love and feel you can trust. It’s such an intimate process, you really want to make sure you feel heard and supported the entire way. In the end, you should have a new heirloom piece that will become part of your family’s history.”

Ahead, take a look at 24 flower wedding rings we love.

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With Clarity Milgrain Flower Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

flower ring

Courtesy of With Clarity

A floral halo framed with milgrain diamond accents around a center round diamond is a classic flower ring design. This one is vintage-inspired for a romantic look.

SHOP NOW: With Clarity, $1,160

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Ashley Zhang Old Mine Diamond Daisy


Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

This antique ring dates back to the Victorian Era, and features a cluster of old mine cut diamonds around a center diamond. In yellow gold, this really does resemble a daisy. 

SHOP NOW: Ashley Zhang, $2,100

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Mociun Halo Ring


Courtesy of Mocuin

An old European cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of small diamonds that gives it the look of a flower. On a simple yellow gold band, this looks feminine and delicate.

SHOP NOW: Mociun, $12,700

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Aprés Jewelry The Cecilia Ring Setting


Courtesy of Aprés Jewelry

Most flower-shaped rings feature a round diamond, but this one has a similar look with an oval cut diamond instead. The ring also boasts a salt and pepper colored diamond for a beautiful contrast.

SHOP NOW: Aprés Jewelry, $1,700

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Porter Gulch Remi Ring


Courtesy of Porter Gulch

With the accent diamonds flanking either side of a round center cut stone, this ring resembles a rosebud. Sweet and glittering with a diamond band, this one will definitely stand out.

SHOP NOW: Porter Gulch, $11,500

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L Priori Selena Ring


Courtesy of L Priori

For something non-traditional, opt for a center stone that isn’t a diamond, like this ring that features a pink sapphire. Between the halo and the color of the gemstone, this truly resembles a flower.

SHOP NOW: L Priori, $8,030

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Michelle Oh Finn Ring


Courtesy of Michelle Oh

While most flower rings look like a flower because of the halo or band, this Michelle Oh ring looks like a flower because of the accent stones. The stones flanking the center stone look like little leaves attached to a flower.

SHOP NOW: Michelle Oh, $4,450

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Jennie Kwon Designs Diamond Leaf Ring


Courtesy of Jennie Kwon Designs

Delicate and feminine, this diamond leaf ring is certainly unique. The milgrain detail around the center bezel makes this one beautifully detailed. 

SHOP NOW: Jennie Kwon Designs, $1,045

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With Clarity Lily Diamond Engagement Ring Setting


Courtesy of With Clarity

Simple and sleek, this ring manages to look both modern and romantic. The lily shaped petals that come up the cradle of the center diamond are what make this look flowery.

SHOP NOW: With Clarity, $500

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Bario Neal Stellium Diamond Halo Ring

Bario Neal Stellium Diamond Halo Ring

 Courtesy of Bario Neal

A total of 22 tiny diamonds make up the delicate halo around a round center stone for a ring that is sure to dazzle. With a yellow gold band, this one will really stand out in a crowd.

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, $15,270

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Anna Sheffield Celestine Ring


Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

A rose cut champagne diamond sits in the center of a white diamond halo. The rose gold basket is what really makes this beautiful ring look like a flower. 

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $11,750

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Tacori Full Bloom


Courtesy of Tacori

A center diamond sits in a detailed halo for a flower look that isn’t too in-your-face. The crescent profile has beautiful details for an elegant look.

SHOP NOW: Tacori, $3,680

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Ashley Zhang Isabelle Engagement Ring


Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

This antique stunner is from the Edwardian Era and features an old mine cut diamond surrounded by single cut diamonds for a classic floral design. This is definitely a distinctly vintage look.

SHOP NOW: Ashley Zhang, $5,400

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Natalie Marie Diamond Cluster Ring


Courtesy of Natalie Marie

This ring features a cluster of seven diamonds, including a unique mix of round and marquise cut diamonds. The arrangement almost looks like a flower with petals on the side.

SHOP NOW: Natalie Marie, $1,912

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Aprés Jewelry The Lucinda Ring Setting


Courtesy of Aprés Jewelry

A center oval diamond and a crest of marquise stones gives this ring a unique floral design. The crest almost looks like a separate band, but is ideal for stacking.

SHOP NOW: Aprés Jewelry, $1,900

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Ashley Zhang Willa Victorian Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring


Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

A vintage beauty, this ring is from the Victorian Era. It features an old European cut diamond with a large halo of diamonds around it to look distinctly like a flower. A wide yellow gold band makes this one stand out even more.

SHOP NOW: Ashley Zhang, $9,500

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Porter Gulch Eloise Ring


Courtesy of Porter Gulch

This vintage-inspired ring features a laboratory-created oval diamond with a dainty and sparkly halo. The floral design is beautifully detailed.

SHOP NOW: Porter Gulch, $3,800

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Tacori Blooming Beauties


Courtesy of Tacori

The double halo around this round center stone gives this ring a floral look, but it also features botanical-like tendrils on the carriage. It has a unique cushion shape and crescent details that give it a lot of personality. 

SHOP NOW: Tacori, $5,220

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Natalie Marie Petite Rose


Courtesy of Natalie Marie

For the bride who is looking for a more modern option to a diamond, there’s this petite rose ring. It features a morganite stone with a half crown of white diamonds that has a subtle floral look to it.

SHOP NOW: Natalie Marie, $1,092

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Capucinne Angie Sapphire Ring


Courtesy of Capucinne

Another option that isn’t a traditional diamond ring is this ring, which features a peach-pink sapphire in a diamond halo. With a rose gold band, it looks even more floral.

SHOP NOW: Capucinne, $1,800

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Harry Winston Winston Blossom Diamond Engagement Ring


Courtesy of Harry Winston

A unique take on the flower engagement ring trend, this one features a round diamond center stone with a halo of 16 smaller diamonds and platinum petals. The pavé band gives this even more sparkle.

SHOP NOW: Harry Winston, $11,800

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Blue Nile Starburst Floral Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


Courtesy of Blue Nile

This starburst halo made up of 10 round diamonds gives this ring a different kind of floral look that is both slightly more modern and fun than a traditional engagement ring. Pave diamonds on the shank complete the look.

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $1,990

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Verragio Venetian Round Flower Halo Engagement Ring Setting


Courtesy of J.R. Dunn

This floral halo has a very vintage look to it with an eight prong set round center diamond. The twisted band is a bit wider and chunkier than more modern rings, giving it more of a vintage look.

SHOP NOW: J.R. Dunn, $4,750

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Annabelle Diamond Engagement Ring


Courtesy of Greenwich St. Jewelers

This ring features an old mine cut diamond flanked by old European cut diamonds that look like leaves. The result is a unique floral beauty. 

SHOP NOW: Greenwich St. Jewelers, $17,200

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