15 Adorable Flower Girl Hairstyles

A flower girl's hairstyle is just as important as the rest of your bridal party's.

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We can all agree that before a bride makes her way down the aisle, all eyes are on the flower girl. Whether the petal-tossing tot is clad in a floor-length gown, touting a full-fledged princess look, or taking on a boho vibe reflective of the bride, you mustn't overlook the tiny guest of honor's hairstyle for the ceremony.

That's right: A flower girl's hairstyle is just as important as the rest of your bridal party. Of course, we've done some of the legwork and gathered a few of our favorite (and totally adorable) flower girl hair looks that will serve as all the inspiration you need. From whimsical braids to garlands of greenery, small buds tucked away into little locks, and floral crowns to make every bite-size sprite squeal with glee you'll find all the tiny 'do inspo here.

Read on for 15 of the cutest flower girl hairstyles you'll ever see.

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Half-Up Updo

Flower girl

Ami Cass 

For the sophisticated flower girl, a twisted half-up style adorned with tiny flowers makes for a princess-worthy look to complement any dress style. The little buds are intricately tucked away to flow with the shape of the gathered hair and create the illusion of sprouting from the tresses themselves. Frankly, we'd happily wear this hairstyle on any given day.

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A Classic Flower Crown

Flower crown

A Tall Long Legged Bird

Long hair, short hair, or no hair, a classic flower crown sits beautifully on top of any hair type (and with a few pins will stay put on the most adventurous of flower girls). The abundance of greenery in this particular crown makes a stunning base for the white blossoms.

Match the petals she's scattering to the blooms in her hair for a truly cohesive moment.

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Give Her a Big Bow

Flower girl

Rachel Havel 

Tuck her hair out of her precious face with a classic bow. You can choose to have the ribbon match the dress, the bouquet, the bridesmaids, the décor—you name it. Don't be afraid to go overboard! While she may be small, we honestly believe the bigger the bow the better.

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Plaited Tresses

Flower girl braids

Ami Cass 

If you're looking for long hair inspiration, an expertly braided hair crown like this will do. For a touch of sparkle, add some hair accessories to complete the look. The petite princesses will feel oh-so special with their carefully coiffed and bedecked 'dos.

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A Simple Bun

Flower girl

Angie Lipscomb 

Who could possibly resist this darling little lady? You can never go wrong with a classic bun. The simple style stays put all day long, works on various hair types and lengths, and can be adorned with blooms for an adorable boho vibe.

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Twisted Updo

Flower girl

Ashley Errington 

Play up a beautiful flower crown with a sleek updo that adds an instant touch of glamour and is easy to recreate. Just wrap the ends of a low ponytail around it so that it looks like part of the hairstyle and pin into place. As for the topper, we're obsessed with this chic alternative to classic blooms.

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A Flower Tuck

Flower Girl

Kurt Boomer

A full-fledged wreath of blossoms isn't the only way to incorporate a floral touch. Tuck a few fresh sprigs behind her ears, or weave some stems through her braids, for an equally charming moment.

Ribbon can also be intertwined with strands of hair to form a playful and colorful braid.

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Tiny Braids

Flower girl

Ashley Rae 

A minimalist look is complete with two barely there braids connected at the back. Play up the simple look with a pretty flower crown. Either way, those itty-bitty plaits are stylishly elegant without being too fussy.

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Opt for Dried Grasses

Dried bunny floral crowns

Katie Grant

These little ones are the epitome of rustic-chic in their earthy toppers made of dried bunny-tails. Disclaimer: No bunnies were harmed in the making of this Aussie wedding.

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Milkmaid Braids

Flower girl

The Day Collective

This particular type of braided style just radiates a sweet, wholesomeness that's perfect for any flower girl. The best part is that the plaits are really secure (one could even say child-proof), so they'll stay in place regardless of how active the tiny one chooses to be. You can top with a floral crown for an added dose of darling.

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A Floral Headband

Flower girl

Andre Maier 

If you don't want to go full flower crown or the little nugget is too small to keep one balanced on her head, a headband is a sweet alternative. A few asymmetric buds make this look cute as can be.

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A Wild Crown

Flower girl crown

Erich McVey 

This particular topper is a bit different from its usual floral counterparts. The mixture of long grasses with the small wildflowers gives this hair accessory a decidedly wild and freshly foraged feel.

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A Wreath of Olive Branches

Flower girl crown

Kylee Lee 

In lieu of a traditional flower crown, this munchkin stole the show in a wreath of olive branches. The choice in greenery perfectly emphasized the charm of the surrounding environment at this Tuscan wedding.

If you're having a destination wedding, try to utilize the local flora instead of the usual floral choices. The result is something that is true to your exotic locale and unquestionably personalized to your big day.

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A High Ponytail

Flower girl

Rebecca Yale

Don't disregard a pony as being too casual for a wedding. A high ponytail or half-up, half-down ponytail if her hair is too short can make for a super fun and vivacious look. The perfect complement to an overactive tot. We love the little ringlets forming, and anchoring, this one.

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Au Naturel

Flower Girls

Megan Gielow

If your bite-size attendant isn't in to being accessorized, let her have her moment in however she feels comfortable. This cutie looks just as adorable with her natural tresses as she would with a fancy 'do or adornments. We'd rather see that megawatt smile over a not-so miniature tantrum any day. Sometimes you have to choose your battles, and this detail simply isn't worth getting stressed about on your wedding day.

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