21 Whimsical Flower Crown Wedding Hairstyles

flower crown

Unsplash | Design by Julie Bang

While we love a traditional veil, it’s safe to say we’re suckers for a flower crown wedding look. Many brides are exchanging veils and jeweled headpieces for one of these blooming halos. Aside from being absolutely stunning, flower crowns are exceptionally versatile wedding hairstyles.

Throwing a summer wedding? A vibrant flower crown will give you that fresh, garden-party appearance or add an effortless, bohemian vibe to your bridal style. Even your bridal party can get in on the floral fun, or you can crown a flower girl with a halo of baby's breath for an adorably angelic look. Floral wreaths might just be the ultimate wedding hairstyle accessory and there's one for every wedding theme. And yes, there are even flower crown options for winter weddings.

To find a flower crown that's quintessentially you, consider two factors: your personal style and the climate of your wedding.

Scroll on for wedding flower crown ideas that could be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding hairstyle.

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A Full-Bodied Statement Crown of Greenery and Orange Blooms

Bridal portrait

Ready Luck 

The vast color palette of this bride's show-stopping flower crown extends beyond the hues of the florals. With varying shades of greenery in the mix, this crown is full of life and excitement. We love the mesh of textures in the crown, dress, and shiny black waterfall curls.

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A Blend of Sunny Yellow Daisies and Sunflowers


Levi Tijerina Photography 

Sunflowers and daisies add a sense of playfulness to this bride's wreath. We're obsessed with the look of the saturated golds and citrus hues against her dark hair. This color palette works especially well for both summer and fall nuptials.

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Succulents and Budding Roses Meshed With Full Ivory Blossoms

Bridal portrait

Tyler Branch

Winter brides, rejoice. This flower crown is suited to every wedding season and the versatile colors can be worked into nuptials of any theme. Young buds and succulents modernize the look and give a totally unique cool-girl vibe.

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Berry Hues for Winter Weddings

Newlyweds embracing in the snow

Jadie Jo Photography

Crimson berries with greenery create the perfect Christmas flower crown. These organic accents of greens and woody textures will warm up any chilly winter wedding and the shiny red berries are a dream for a December bride.

Add some hints of crystal for an icy, frozen goddess aesthetic. Dusty, moody tones or creamy whites and ivories are also great for seasonal winter weddings.

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Statement Piece With Asymmetrically Arranged Flowers

Bride getting dressed

Ashley Caroline

How gorgeous is this lush flower crown full of colorful blooms? It makes for a flirty contrast to the bride's clean and simple wedding dress. The asymmetrical structure concentrates the majority of the height and drama to just one side, balancing out an otherwise overwhelming arrangement.

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Tropical Arrangement of Bold and Bright Colors

Bridal portrait

Michelle Scott Photography 

This vibrant flower crown is stunning for a tropical destination wedding. Mixes of fuchsia, orange, and island greens make a fresh and vivid display. We love how the warm-hued blooms pick up the gold in that metallic dress and reflect this bride's radiant, glowing skin tone.

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Fresh Greenery With Tiny White Blossoms


Eva Lin Photography 

Green and white is a classic wedding color palette. It even works for flower crowns, keeping the aesthetic oh-so refreshing. The focus is kept on the elements of natural greens, with subtle hints of small ivory blooms at the center.

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Oversized Pink Peony Crown

Bridal portrait

Ready Luck

If you'd rather your crown take center stage, opt for bigger florals like peonies or zinnias. Take note of this brides placement: Wrapping the headpiece horizontally across her forehead (like a headband) balances out the height of her hair without adding extra inches. Use a hint of greenery to break up the colors.

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Daisies With Pops of Lilac Buds



At this bride's beach wedding in Brazil, she completed her effortless look with a flower crown dotted with lilacs and daisies. Tiny, deep purple berries with speckled yellow petals and dusty rose blooms gave the crown a soft and feminine touch. Here's living proof that a beach wedding is not restricted to tropical décor.

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A Half Dose of Dreamy Eucalyptus and Ivory Roses

Bride with fishtail and floral swag

Kaylee Chelsea Photography; Event Planning by NOVELTY EVENTS; Hair by TIARA EVANS & JANET MIRANDA 

While not a floral wreath in the traditional sense, this blossoming topper still ticks many of the same boxes. Unlike its crowning counterparts, it doesn't encircle the entire head but hugs the side for a sweetly asymmetric vibe. The lush swag is bursting with fresh blooms of eucalyptus, pale roses, succulents, and greenery.

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Berries and Autumnal Tones for a Fall Wedding


Dawn Photography 

For fall brides, add berries and mixed greenery to your crown. The golden hues with bright crimson berries prove fall botanicals don't have to be dried to evoke the quintessential feeling of Autumn. Add deep, rich greens to accent the more brightly colored elements.

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Long and Leafy Wildflowers

Brides in flower crowns touching noses and smiling

 hobo_018 / Getty Images

These extra leafy greens make a statement with rosy pink-petaled accents. Tall-growing wildflowers are the perfect pick for an easy, single strand flower crown you can make yourself. Toss in some face-framing blossoms and you're set with a stunning headpiece.

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Assorted Arrangement of Browning Blooms


Katch Silva

While many brides opt for freshly picked blossoms, aging petals add a vintage touch. The bright yellow bud complements the yellowing and browning of its wilting counterparts. Keep a bit of freshness with a mix of lush and lively greenery.

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A Colorful Blend of Herbs, Greens, and Blooms


Katch Silva 

Bright and beautiful, this bride chose a bold mix of botanicals. Marrying blooms of red-orange, deep maroon, pale pink, lilac, and white with herbs and greenery made a stunningly vivacious bridal flower crown. We love the subtle incorporation of succulents spread throughout.

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A Textured Mix of Orange and Fuchsia Hues


Katch Silva 

With shades of bright orange, plum, and pink, it's hard not to fall head over heels for this flower crown. We especially love how the textured florals add some extra dimension to the look. The small pops of greens are a totally unique take, and not your typical grasses or leaves.

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White Flowers Accents on a Gilded Tiara

Bride in white suit and gold tiara with white flowers


There are flower crowns and then there are flower crowns. This bride went all out on the regal look by incorporating fluffy white blossoms into the base of her gilded topper. We bow down, nuptial queen.

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Delicate Blue Petals Pop Against Tiny Greens

Newlyweds kissing

Kristin Sweeting; Hair by Shear Abby  

This dainty crown starts off with a minimalist approach of tiny white buds and greenery in the front and then blossoms into a posy of vibrant blue delphinium at the back. The soft baby blue is made energetically eye-catching against the understated halo. Her outdoorsy Colorado nuptials made for the ideal setting to rock this organic, wildflower headpiece.

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Dried Grasses and Feathery Textures

Crown of dried grasses


Earthy and organic, this delicate crown of dried pampas grass is like a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of blossoming wreaths. Natural wheat hues and warm beiges blend effortlessly with any theme but are picture-perfect in an autumnal setting. The soft, wispy grasses also add a delightful texture that reads oh-so charming.

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A Half Halo of Playfully Textured White Blossoms

Bridal portrait

Tyler Branch

If you don't feel like rocking a full halo, a half-crown looks just as stunning. This bride plays down the colors, leaving room to amp up the uniqueness in structure. We love how the texture of the blooms mimics that of the lace dress.

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Mauve-Toned Blooms and Long Stems

Dripping flower crown


This floral wreath has a very unique design to it that gives off the illusion of a dripping effect. With long-stemmed blossoms and linear flowers, the composition has a natural drape when set atop the head. While unquestionably lush, the chain of greens expands into more blossoms towards the back concentrating the majority of its weight there.

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Retro Jewel Tones and Dusty Colors

'70s style bride with bouquet and flower crown


This look is a whole mood and we can't help but love the iconic 70's aesthetic. Wedding dress and textured waves aside, the mix of muted colors and dusty tones throughout both the flower crown and bouquet are not only beautifully uniform but absolutely dreamy, too. With a mix of eucalyptus and powdery, jewel-toned buds and berries this floral topper is delightfully punctuated by the bold anemones throughout the bouquet.

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