50 Gorgeous Flower Centerpieces for Any Wedding Style

pink flower centerpiece

Photo by Julia Kinnunen; Floral Design by Rusted Vase Floral Co.

One of the most beautiful additions to a wedding is the flowers, and the choices are unbelievable. From selecting your bouquet and boutonniere to your ceremony blooms, the options are seemingly endless. But even with florals playing a huge role in the ceremony itself, often the most incredible installments are on display during the reception in the form of centerpieces.

Flower centerpieces can be created in a multitude of sizes, shapes, heights, and color palettes. It’s all up to you to narrow down how you’d like beautiful blooms to fit into your overall aesthetic, whether you're planning a springtime soirée or a moody autumn celebration.

On the hunt for inspiration to decide on your centerpieces? We’ve got you covered. Read on for 50 gorgeous flower centerpiece ideas to get the creativity flowing.

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Fall for Autumn Hues

fall flower centerpiece

Photo by Emma Hopp Photography; Floral Design by Everbloom Floral Design

Planning a fall wedding? Don't be afraid to embrace plenty of texture and contrast. This stunning centerpiece is low enough to allow for cross-table conversation, with just a few stray stems for plenty of interest.

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Pick Pink Peonies

pink peony centerpiece

Photo by Mango Studios; Floral design by Sweet Woodruff

Springtime? Garden-inspired? Peonies are a wedding floral statement. Fill a small vase with plenty of these fragrant blooms for a lush look.

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Make It Mauve

mauve flower centerpiece

Photo by Carla Ten Eyck; Floral Design by Blush Floral Design

If the Cafe Au Lait Dahlias in this centerpiece don't capture your attention, the rest of the design surely will. With garden roses, lisianthus, eucalyptus, and dusty miller, this overflowing centerpiece plays with purple hues in the most beautiful way.

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Add Coral to Your Color Scheme

peach flower centerpiece

Photo by Edeningle Photo

Want just a hint of rustic in your color palette? Adding pops of coral roses and dahlias are sure to do the trick when paired with a terracotta pot. A few strawflowers added to the mix provide texture to round out the look.

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Display Tall and Short

tall flower centerpieces

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Photography; Floral Design by Sayles Livingston Design

Want to add a bit of height to the room? Do it with blooms! Work with your florist to create dramatic floral displays that tower over lower pieces.

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Command Attention With Garden Roses

pink rose floral centerpiece

Photo by Ether and Smith; Floral Design by Wild Muse Floral

Is there anything more romantic than garden roses? With ruffled petals, they're absolutely dreamy and the perfect addition to any centerpiece.

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Include a Pop of Yellow

colorful flower centerpiece

Photo by Madeline Collins Photography; Floral Design by Everbloom Floral Design

We love the way this centerpiece is made up of predominantly neutral tones, with just a pop of sunny yellow. The long branches add texture to make the display that much more interesting.

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Include Ikebanas

anemone flower centerpiece

Photo by Ether and Smith; Floral Design by Wild Muse Floral

Want florals without a giant centerpiece? Look to Ikebanas. These dainty displays are such a great way to showcase just a few blooms.

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Pair Florals and Tropical Fruit

fruit and flower centerpiece

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

Plenty of white blooms, along with anemones and king protea make up this display. But the addition of greenery and fruit takes it to the tropics in a subtle, stunning way.

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Wow With Romantic Roses

pink and white rose centerpiece

PHOTO BY AARON DELESIE; Floral Design by DesignWorks

Hoping for a flower-filled, romantic display? Pull it off with full, lush centerpieces like this one made up of plenty of blush garden roses and a touch of chocolate scabiosa.

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Stick to Classic and Elegant

elegant flower centerpiece

PHOTO BY ABBY JIU PHOTOGRAPHY; Floral Design by Amaryllis

Nothing says garden-inspired wedding like fresh roses. Deck a table with lush, romantic centerpieces in a subtle color palette for an incredible scent and a gorgeous look.

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Add Plenty of Height

tall floral centerpiece

PHOTO BY Alixann Loosle ; Floral Design by Rockrose Floral 

This tall, bold centerpiece makes such a statement towering over the reception table. With a gorgeous gold base, paired with plenty of white blooms and greenery, it's perfect for a classic wedding.

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Show Off Sweet Peas

sweet pea flower centerpiece


Want a display as sweet as can be? Sweet peas are the flower for you! Add stems in small bud vases for a charming centerpiece.

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Go Bold With Color

colorful flower centerpiece

Photo by Betsi Ewing Studio; Floral Design by Shelly Sarver Designs

Who says a floral centerpiece needs to stick to a simple color palette? If you're obsessed with color, lean into it. A mixture of dahlias, roses, and peonies made up this rustic-meets-refined display.

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Embrace Baby's Breath

baby's breath flower design

PHOTO BY CASSANDRA CASTANEDA; Floral Design by Sarah-Allen Preston Designs

Baby's breath is one of the most versatile, charming blooms available. Embrace its simplicity by lining the entire table with it. It'll add a touch of romance while remaining super budget-friendly.

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Keep It Simple

bud vase flower centerpiece


There's no shame in keeping things simple, especially if you're not into big, lush arrangements. Display tall bud vases with a single bloom, along with some greenery for texture to create a lively look.

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Run the Table

Floral table runner

PHOTO BY ERICH MCVEY; Floral Design by East Olivia

Obsessed with florals? In love with color? Make a bold splash by adding a floral runner to your reception table, complete with your favorite blooms in any color palette.

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Add Height and Texture

tall floral centerpiece

PHOTO BY HANNAH COSTELLO; Floral Design by Amanda Vidmar Designs

We love the way this display walks the line between floral arrangement and tree centerpiece. A combination of roses, dried lunaria, and autumn leaves made the most stunning statement for a fall celebration.

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Wow With Wildflowers

wildflower centerpiece


What if you could just pick your own wedding flowers? You absolutely can if you'd like! Head out to a u-pick flower farm or ask your friend or family member to visit their garden. Pick blooms in varying colors and stem lengths for a gorgeous display in bud vases.

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Pair White Roses and Greenery

white rose centerpiece

PHOTO BY HEATHER KINCAID; Floral design by Mark's Garden

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to add that wow factor. This enchanting look combined garden roses, ranunculus, and a garland of greenery for an elegant centerpiece.

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Display Hydrangeas With Height

tall rose and hydrangea centerpiece

PHOTO BY JACK JEFFRIES OF CHRISTIAN OTH STUDIO; Floral design by Stoneblossom Floral and Event Design

Hydrangeas are the ultimate summer flower, and they're the perfect piece to create a lush display. These tall displays of hydrangea, garden roses, orchids, and greenery perfectly matched the couple's mansion setting.

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Incorporate Tapered Candlesticks

short flower centerpiece

Photo by Joel Serrato; Floral Design by Natasha Kolenko Design

Lining the table with candlesticks is common, but what if they were added to the actual centerpiece? This display combined a few florals with taper candles in a little dish for a lovely look.

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Make a Statement With Maroon

maroon flower centerpiece

PHOTO BY Julia Kaptelova; Floral Design by Flo Kiosque

Want to make your tablescape that much more romantic? Play with a color such as maroon. It adds interesting contrast for an eye-catching centerpiece.

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Turn to Tulips

Tulip flower centerpiece

PHOTO BY Julie Livingston Photography; Floral Design by Stems

A springtime soirée calls for spring blooms. What could be a better fit than white tulips and roses? It's the ideal combination to pull off a light and airy vibe.

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Add a Touch of Whimsy

peach flower centerpiece

Photo by Julia Kinnunen; Floral Design by Rusted Vase Floral Co.

Preparing for plenty of peach at a summer wedding? This combination of ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, poppies, and sweet peas serves as the perfect inspiration for a stunning arrangement with the slightest boho vibe.

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Match Your Plates

tropical centerpiece

PHOTO BY Katherine Ann Rose; Floral Design by Marigold 

Plenty of color on the menu? Often, floral centerpieces serve as a simple complement to a tablescape with a neutral color palette, but not this time! This display embraces the bold orange hue found in the plate's design and takes the table to a whole new level of fun.

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Create a Tropical Display

white tropical centerpiece


Taking it to the tropics doesn't always mean wildly bright colors. This low centerpiece combined palm leaves and neutral white blooms for a natural display.

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Dot a Runner With Florals

greenery flower centerpiece

Photo by Lauren Fair

Want to embrace your love for natural greenery, with just a hint of color? Display a full table runner of greenery such as eucalyptus with a few blooms mixed right in.

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Play With Plenty of Texture

textured centerpieces

PHOTO BY Lelia Scarfiotti; Floral Design by Fluida Design

Not all floral arrangements need to be symmetrical, and this beautifully textured display proves just that. A mixture of pampas grass, white asparagus fern, pussy willow, and a few anthuriums creates a gorgeous, romantic vibe.

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Light It Up

lighted flower centerpiece

Photo by Lucy Cuneo; Floral Design by Sarah Winward

This textural arrangement of peppergrass with lisianthus, scabiosa, and honey dijon roses is incredible on its own. But what took it to a whole new level? The addition of votive candles captured the light in the arrangement for such a gorgeous fall display.

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Surround It With Greenery

greenery and roses centerpiece

PHOTO BY Madeline Broderick; Floral Design by Splints and Daisies

Create a natural look by letting plenty of greenery do the talking. We love the idea of placing a floral centerpiece on a neutral linen and then adding greenery around the base for a natural, overgrown look.

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Add Interest With Anthurium

anthurium centerpieces


Anthuriums are the sweetest, heart-shaped flowers and they can certainly command attention on their own. For a bold pop of color, line a reception table with bud vases featuring these colorful blooms.

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Pair Feathers and Florals

flower centerpieces with feathers

PHOTO BY Pen Carlson; Floral Design by Lily and Company

This fall arrangement made up of gorgeous foliage and flowers is stunning on its own, but one unique touch made it that much more interesting. Consider adding a few feathers to your floral centerpieces for a hint of texture.

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Stick to Minimalism

single bud flower centerpiece


A black-tie wedding or a minimalist celebration? Create simple displays with two stems at varying lengths for a unique twist on a traditional centerpiece.

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Turn to Terracotta Pots

organic flower centerpieces

PHOTO BY RYAN RAY PHOTOGRAPHY; Floral design by Blossoms Events

We love the lush, overflowing look of this centerpiece with plenty of blooms and branches. To make it look that much more organic? Turn to large terracotta pots.

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Say Yes to Yellow Hues

yellow hued flower centerpiece

PHOTO BY SAMM BLAKE; Floral design by Bourgeon Flowers

This sunny arrangement was the perfect way to stick with a low centerpiece, while still creating texture with longer stems. The mixture of garden roses, zinnias, and strawflower is as sweet as can be.

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Opt for Organics

organic flower centerpieces


Dining al fresco? Embrace a garden vibe with your centerpieces. These dainty vases were filled with hellebores, Queen Anne’s lace, and overflowing ivy.

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Put Dahlias Front and Center

bud vase centerpieces with dahlias

PHOTO BY Samm Blake ; Floral design by Doe and Jay Studio

Dahlias thrive toward the end of summer and into fall, and they're a lovely fit for a gorgeous centerpiece. Grab large blooms and place them in bud vases for a textured display.

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Create a Garden-Inspired Look

white flower centerpieces

PHOTO BY Sarah Falugo; Floral design by Revel Floral

This display looks like the florals were just freshly cut from a flower field. Embrace a garden-inspired look with varying stem lengths in a white and green color palette.

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Focus on Fall Hues and Texture

textured fall floral centerpiece

Photo by The Foxes Photography; Floral design by Rusted Vase Floral Co.

Talk about fall vibes! This combination of toffee roses, lunaria, mums, and poppy pods is nothing short of incredible. But the real star of the show? Dried palm leaves. They make this arrangement that much more interesting.

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Play With Purple

purple and white flower centerpieces

PHOTO BY Stepan Vrzala ; Floral Design by G Fresh Flowers

It's not too often you see a subtle purple hue worked into a color palette, but we're loving it! Pair the pops of purple in your floral centerpieces with your tablecloth for a cohesive tablescape.

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Add Plenty of Anemones

anemone centerpiece


Anemones automatically give off a wildflower vibe. Fill vases with this unique bloom to add plenty of contrast to your table display.

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Paint Baby's Breath

painted baby's breath centerpieces

Photo by Sydney Baye; Floral design by Rusted Vase Floral Co.

It's easy to find white baby's breath, and it makes such a charming addition to any arrangement. But did you know it can also be painted? Baby's breath in pink and purple hues takes this simple flower to a whole new level.

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Let Lunaria Shine

lunaria floral centerpiece

Photo by The Foxes Photography; Floral design by Rusted Vase Floral Co.

Lunaria is a flowering plant, and it can certainly stand on its own. With a meaning of honesty and sincerity, it's a beautiful addition to a tablescape in small bud vases or added to a larger arrangement.

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Create a Display of Hydrangeas

hydrangea centerpieces

Photo by Sarah Mattozzi Photography

Obsessed with hydrangeas? For many, they're on display at home all summer long. Embrace that love and look to this darling bloom as the perfect way to create a round floral centerpiece, ideal for adding a candle in the middle.

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Create a Lush Masterpiece

tall centerpieces

PHOTO BY Emily Wren; Floral design by Mimosa Boston

If you can't hold your springtime wedding in a garden, bring the garden inside! The combination of pink and white garden roses, peonies, and white football mums made for the most magnificent display.

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Incorporate Something Blue

blue and white flower centerpiece

PHOTO BY LAURA GORDON PHOTOGRAPHY; Floral Design by Greenwood Events

Need to add something blue to the big day? Do it with your florals! This display is stunning with a majority of white blooms and just a few blue blooms to match the blue porcelain.

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Utilize Arch-Shaped Vases

floral arrangement with purple

PHOTO BY Christine Brizendine of Dabble Me This; Floral design by Vale of Enna

A great way to make your floral centerpieces seem larger without getting in the way of conversation around the table? An arch-shaped vase creates a lush, full look without all the height.

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Embrace a European Vibe

European tablescape

PHOTO BY Catherine Guidry

Of course, creating a centerpiece solely out of florals isn't the only option. For a rustic-meets-refined European vibe, pair simple pots of flowers with fruit, breadsticks, candles, and more.

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Celebrate With Sprawling Spirea

mustard tone floral centerpiece

Photo by Madeline Collins Photography; Floral Design by Everbloom Floral Design

The mustard and blush tones of this floral centerpiece are absolutely gorgeous and could certainly stand on their own. But to add sprawling texture? Spirea is the star of the show.

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