Floravere's Little Women-Inspired Wedding Gown is Putting Victorian Fashion Back on the Map

Modern has finally met vintage.


Photo by Lauren Naylor 

Finding a vintage-inspired dress is no easy task. You envision yourself in a creation that pays homage to fashion of eras past, yet still feels right at home in today's modern world. But old-school brides everywhere can now rejoice! Your beloved vintage taste has finally found a place in 2019 and it looks a lot like Floravere's newest wedding gown.

Behold the J. March dress, a limited edition gown inspired by Little Women's signature character Jo March. With Louisa May Alcott's famous novel coming to life on the big screen this Christmas, Floravere founders Molly Kang and Denise Jin thought it was the perfect time to release a creation inspired by a fearless female character like March herself.

"We'd like to think that the modern woman today, whether she chooses to marry or not, would look up to the ideal that Little Women author Louisa May Alcott championed that democratic relationships would be the salvation of marriage," the founders tell Brides. "We're such fans of the author and her protagonist Jo because we love the philosophy that Alcott stood for: gender equality in relationships is what leads to happily ever after."

With a modest neckline, prairie skirt and puffed sleeves, the look feels like it could be straight off the Oregon Trail and the bridal runways all at the same time. "We’ve been receiving constant requests for a 'modern take on vintage' and thought this was the perfect opportunity to address the juxtaposition of nostalgia and modernity," they reveal.

bride wearing dress
Photo by Lauren Naylor

The gown, which is made of 100% silk double georgette and lace trim, is as fashion-forward as Victorian fashion can get in today's standards. "The puffed sleeve and prairie skirt look is having a moment right now and given its roots in Victorian fashion, we thought it would make the perfect inspiration for our Little Women dress," says Kang and Jin. Their favorite element? The statement sleeves, which make the gown feel dramatic.

We like to think that if Jo March was alive in 2019, as indomitably subversive as ever, there's no doubt she would be a Floravere bride.

It was easy for the Floravere founders to be inspired by March, even saying that if she was real and alive today, she would undoubtedly be a Floravere bride. "She's determined, ambitious, and has a fierce spirit for independence, yet she's kind and a bit romantic in her core," they explain. "That spirit very much resonates with us because we started Floravere to disrupt the rules and confines of the traditional bridal industry—everything from the crazy price tags to the assumptions of what a 'bride' looks and feels like. We like to think that if Jo March was alive in 2019, as indomitably subversive as ever, there's no doubt she would be a Floravere bride."

wedding dress
​Photo by Lauren Naylor 

According to Kang and Jin, weddings in the Victorian era were a lot more casual, deeming this creation perfect for a laid back affair. "We'd love to see this gown worn at the type of wedding that embodies this delightfully laissez-faire spirit: maybe it's a small gathering, barefoot in the grass in Upstate New York, or an elopement among rolling fields and wildflowers."

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This isn't the first time Floravere has drawn inspiration from some of our favorite characters. When Crazy Rish Asians premiered in 2018, the brand debuted a red silk gown in honor of the film's lead character. It's also the brand behind our favorite Meghan Markle look-a-like royal wedding dress.

bride wearing prairie hat
​Photo by Lauren Naylor 

Retailing at $2,450, the gown comes in sizes 0-14 and is available for pre-order here. In need of matching accessories, too? We say skip the traditional veil in favor of Floravere's wicker boater hat to really channel your inner March.

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