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The Future of Fashion: Brides Are Reimagining the White Dress

A deep dive into the new norms of bridalwear.

It's safe to say that the past few years have been nothing short of transformational. Specifically, as it pertains to bridalwear, there has been a massive shift towards individuality, with modern brides ditching society's concept of "traditional," and instead, opting to enhance their personal style by way of their fashions.

Gone are the days when large ball gowns reign supreme, as bold, sexy, and minimalist numbers have taken center stage (or aisle) at most weddings today. What's more, given this new era of nuptials, it's more popular now, than ever before, to ditch the white gown.

So, to shed light on these "new norms," we spoke with a few bridal fashion experts to help explain the future of wedding day fashion. You'll ultimately learn that the trends we once knew are no longer prominent, and the future of bridal fashion is one that strives to be inclusive for all.

bridal fashion

Markarian/Oscar de la Renta/Design by Tiana Crispino

A Nod Towards More Color

Color-infused wedding gowns became extremely popular in 2020, and the experts agree it's a trend that's here to stay. "We have always seen brides think outside the box with their gown choices," shares renowned wedding dress designer, Monique Lhuillier. "We have quite a few bridal offerings with prints and color, and have seen brides be more open to expressing their individuality."

However, this doesn't mean that white wedding dresses will become obsolete. White ensembles are still popular and very much bridal, but colorful looks have become a fresh way for brides to embrace their personal style. "I do think brides have realized how important their wedding day is to not only express themselves but also to have fun, and enjoy such a celebratory moment," adds Lhuillier. 

Embracing Non-Traditional Silhouettes

By now, we're sure you've seen the influx of brides opting to wear short and mini-length wedding dresses. These silhouettes catapulted to fame in 2020, and are predicted to grow in popularity in the upcoming years. "We have spent a lot of time listening to brides directly to understand what they are looking for from designers during this time—and we see a great mix of wants from more fashion-forward looks such as high slits, and non-traditional mini and midi dresses," reveals Georgina Chapman, creative director of Marchesa. Additionally, transitional pieces (like detachable skirts and sleeves), bridal suits, and jumpsuits are other styles that will continue to make their mark down the aisle at many modern weddings.

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Halfpenny London/Design by Tiana Crispino

Creative Accessories Beyond Jewelry

A wedding day outfit is more than just the gown, and encompasses everything from shoes to veils and so much more. That's why brides have taken it into their own hands to reimagine bridal accessories, and opt for more fashion-forward pieces to wear on the big day. For instance, gloves, removable capes, blushers, elaborate headbands, and hats are now common add-ons to many wedding ensembles.

"In addition, we have many removable jacket options so brides can have the ability to have two looks on their day by just removing the jacket to reveal a strapless or sleeveless gown," shares Lhuillier. Jackets also add a fun and playful element to any look, and can be customized and styled to suit all aesthetics.

Final Takeaway

One final thing to remember, though, is that the future is what you make it. If none of the latest trends and styles resonate with you, that is completely okay. "There are so many beautiful wedding concepts now. These trends are transcending specific types of brides, [and] they are more about your personal vision for your big day," highlights Chapman. Simply put, what you choose to wear should be your decision.

In the end, you should always stay true to who you are and embrace what makes you feel your best. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to bridal fashion, so take what you need and leave the rest.

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