This Silicone Bra Never Lets Me Down, No Matter What Outfit I'm Wearing

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We’ve all been there. You’re about to get dressed for a special occasion when you realize, oh wait, I don’t have a bra that goes with this outfit. With all the backless, strapless, and cutout dresses today, it’s harder and harder to find a bra that works. This happened to me before a trip to Las Vegas. I just got a new, slinky dress that I absolutely adored, but any bra straps would ruin it. So at the last minute, I ran to the nearest drugstore to find a solution. I’ve always seen Fashion Forms lining the shelves of my local Target, so I thought I’d give them a shot. 

The Product

The brand offers various styles of backless bras and nipple covers, but I decided to go with the silicone skin bra. You get two clear cups that come in different sizes, ranging from A/B-D/DD. One side is sticky, while the other is smooth. For the most staying power, you're supposed to put on the sticky cups on clean, dry skin—that means before putting on any moisturizers, powders, deodorants, or perfume.

Fashion Forms Silicone Skin Bra

Fashion Forms Silicone Skin Bra


Price at time of publish: $26

The Results

Looking at the two flimsy cups, I was skeptical if they would stay put, but let me confirm—they don’t let go. This reusable bra has now accompanied me to clubs, birthday parties, and other events where I’m dancing and bumping into people. Despite the sweat and gravity, the cups never slip or fall off. Granted, I do have a smaller chest, but the adhesive should work equally on all sizes. In case you do feel like they are losing their grip, you can simply wash the cups with soap and water and let them air dry. I’ve been using the same pair for over a year now, and they hold up as good as new.

Are they painful to take off? Surprisingly, no. Unlike some other products like boob tape or nipple pasties, these cups aren’t paper thin, so they don’t have a viper-like grip on your skin and peach fuzz. The thickness also makes them easier to grasp and pull off, preventing any scratches or red marks. 

Fashion Forms Silicone Skin Bra

Brides / Emily Cieslak

Besides how well it works, this bra is so versatile. Since the cups are separate, you can lift and mold your breasts into whatever placement you want. Whether your top is plunge, backless, or giving plenty of side boob, these cups will give you the shape you need without any straps or bands. Plus the cups are clear, so it’s easier to match your skin tone. Even I struggle with finding a nude shade that works year round as my skin goes from pale to tan. With this, I don’t have to worry about it. 

Everyone has different boobs and outfit needs, but if your calendar is filling up with bachelorette parties and wedding ceremonies, I recommend investing in an adhesive bra so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Of course, you can go braless, but sometimes you need a little extra support and coverage. Fashion Forms has supported my girls and my crazy outfits for the past two years, and I'm ready for more to come. Bring on the invites. 

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