20 Boutonnieres Perfect for a Fall Wedding

Fall Boutonnieres


A fall color palette, with its rich hues and warm tones, has a large number of couples tapping it as their wedding design of choice. The boutonniere is yet another way to integrate these shades into the big day. “Boutonnieres began with a purpose (a personal potpourri to ward off smells) before they became a fashion statement,” says floral designer Jessica De Corse.

Meet the Expert

Jessica De Corse is a floral designer and creative director of Ellamah, a floral design studio based in Los Angeles.

Accent flowers can round out a fall-inspired design, from bright yellow Witch Hazel and cherry Goldenrod to vibrant Mexican sage and lavender. “You could even forgo a flower and instead, use changing color foliage such as nandina or fall eucalyptus,” says De Corse. 

“The best flowers for boutonnieres hold up well out of the water and are sturdy for all of the hugs that one will undoubtedly encounter on the wedding day,” says De Corse. Orange ranunculus, deep red phalaenopsis orchids, and garden roses in blush pink all fit the bill for appropriate choices. “Some more unique options are blueberries, eryngium, or even dried florals,” says De Corse.

Read on for 20 inspiring boutonnieres that are perfect for a fall wedding.

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Opt for Copper

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Sasithon Photography of The Wedding Artists Collective; Floral Design by Putnam & Putnam

An autumnal color palette can come to life in a variety of ways, from deep reds to bright oranges. Stick to a combination of warm tones with a boutonniere that includes copper, yellow, and pink accents.

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Try Out Thistle

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Meredith Perdue; Floral Design by Michelle Peele

Part of the sunflower family, globe thistle’s purple-blue hue and unique texture can put it as a front runner for a striking boutonniere design. Paired with waxflower and greenery, the combination proves to be a refreshing take on a classic design.

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Start With a Rose

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Christine Doneé; Floral Design by Ellamah

Roses can be a wedding’s best friend, from the bride’s bouquet to the rose petals tossed for your grand exit. A usual bet for boutonnieres, the sturdy stem of a rose and its full head of petals means that it will withstand just about anything—and looks best accented with leaves or berries to bring the entire fall look together. 

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Incorporate Succulents

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Gloria Goode Photography; Floral Design by Exquisite Petals

Succulent wedding decor is here to stay, and boutonnieres are no exception. The mini cacti hold up well and add an effortless, relaxed touch to the overall floral design of the day. 

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Add Leaves Into the Mix

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Valorie Darling; Floral Design by Gavita Flora

A crisp white rose is appropriate for any season (it's incredibly timeless). Add a leaf or two to give a nod to the changing colors.

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Use Unexpected Accents

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by  Jose Villa; Floral Design by La Rosa Canina

“Lately, I’ve been into adding dried bunny tail grass to boutonnieres because of their small size, exciting texture, and everlasting condition,” says De Corse. For this Tuscan destination wedding, the groom sported a petite boutonniere consisting of scabiosa pods, eucalyptus, and bunny tail grass tied with twine for a rustic take on an autumn-inspired design. 

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Add Dried Flowers and Grasses

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Evan Hopman; Floral Design by Juna Alinea

“A great way to play into the fall season is to add dried bits to your boutonnieres, such as berries, grasses, or even greenery,” says De Corse. Pampas grass is often used for weddings with a more bohemian flair, but the color and shape of the dried grass make it the perfect option for a fall-inspired boutonniere, no matter your wedding style. “It’s a great way to add texture and interest into the boutonnieres.”

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Pick a Playful Pink

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Andre Maier; Floral Design by Jes Gordon/Proper Fun

Create a playful design with light pinks and green that pull towards a darker colorway perhaps utilized elsewhere in the overall wedding design. Boutonnieres in these shades will surely pop against a dark tuxedo or suit and serve as the perfect complement to the cooler tones.

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Extend an Olive Branch

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Michael Stephens Photography; Floral Design by Fluidbloom Designs

Full yet surprisingly simple, a boutonniere composed solely of olive branches cut down to size is a welcome change from traditionally floral-heavy boutonnieres.

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Add a Splash of Cream

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Heirlume Photography

For a fall wedding in any style, the deep red-orange of rust present as leaves or even spray roses will serve to warm up a creamy white rose and dusty green brunia for a whimsical boutonniere design.

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Consider Neutrals

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Chris Isham; Floral Design by Katelyn Pinner Studio

Cafe au lait roses are on the softer side end of the spectrum when it comes to color palettes, but they are not without their ability to draw attention to themselves. Their dusty pink, almost beige shade, when accented with fall-toned berries, grasses, or other flowers, are a great option for a wedding designed with the fall season in mind—without going overboard.

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Choose Scabiosa

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Jonnie and Garrett; Floral Design by Modern Day Events & Floral

Strikingly unique, scabiosa pods are quickly becoming a fan favorite when it comes to wedding design. Especially perfect for fall nuptials due to their neutral color, the ball-shaped head creates a focal point for boutonnieres.

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Make It Textured

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Jenn Emerling; Floral Design by Marigold San Francisco

Combining textures for any floral arrangement, from boutonniere to centerpiece, is an excellent way to add layers to any overall design. The soft, delicate petals of hellebores alongside something akin to Old Man’s Whiskers is a study in contrasts and a great option for a boutonniere.

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Incorporate Fruit

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Natalie Watson Photography; Floral Design by Flora

Fruit + weddings = a formidable combination, and boutonnieres shouldn’t be excluded from this brilliant concept. Blueberries are a unique option for a bit of something unexpected: Their transition from green to purple tips to blue ensures that no matter their stage of growth.

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Keep Things Crimson

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Lacie Hansen Photography ; FLoral Design by Lambert Floral Studio

If there was a color of the autumn season (besides orange) crimson would be it. Put together a beautiful design of rich red foliage and flowers for a boutonniere that’s quintessentially fall.

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Go Simple

man with boutonniere

Photo by Kent Drake

While greenery is becoming more commonplace in terms of overall wedding design (like a greenery-only bridal bouquet), less can actually do more when it comes to boutonnieres. Combine a single white flower with greens for something playful yet stately.

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Pay Homage to the Harvest

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Jami Laree Jeskey; Floral Design by Walden Floral

We can’t help but think of a fall harvest when it comes to wedding floral design for the autumn season. Whether pampas grass or dried cattail, this could be just the touch of fall you need for a boutonniere that’s chic, yet playful.

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Consider Using Feathers

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Anée Atelier; Floral Design by Mignon Floral Co.

The ultimate expression of fall sophistication, we’ll never be over these all-feather boutonnieres. Warm autumn tones, varying patterns, the naturally rustic vibe it exudes.

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Opt for Ranunculus

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography; Floral Design by Natalie's Florist

“My favorite flower to use for boutonnieres is ranunculus,” shares De Corse. “Their flower heads are not only the perfect shape and size, but their style lends itself to a traditional fete or a clean-lined modern wedding, in addition to holding up well out of water.”

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Incorporate Waxflower

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Floral Design by Branch Design Studio

Waxflower has long been hailed as a perfect choice as a filler flower, so it should come as no surprise that it is an outstanding option for a boutonniere design as well! The tiny buds clustered tightly together on a single stem provide a simple option for a beautiful bout. Bonus: they symbolize lasting love and patience!

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