30 Boutonnières Perfect for a Fall Wedding

Think rich hues and mixed textures, just in time for chilly weather.

Fall Boutonnieres


Boutonnières are a traditional element of the wedding ensemble. Most often worn on the left lapel of a suit jacket or tux, they also hold significance; worn over the heart, they help to make the overall floral design of a wedding more cohesive. Boutonnières most often are made up of elements to match a bridal bouquet, or even incorporate elements from floral centerpieces. It’s a small detail that makes a big impact.

If you’re planning a fall wedding, you may be searching for the ideal boutonnière design to match the season. “If you want your boutonnière to be reflective of the fall season, choosing traditional fall colors is the best place to start,” says Erice McNeff, floral designer and owner of Everbloom Floral Design. Fall color palettes can incorporate neutrals, Earth tones, and jewel tones. Or, they can even be entirely classic with a focus on black and white. Incorporating seasonal blooms and foliage for added texture is sure to dress up a boutonnière for the season.

Meet the Expert

Erice McNeff is a floral designer and the owner of Everbloom Floral Design, a floral design company in Southern California.

Ready to find the perfect boutonnière design inspiration for your wedding? Below, find 30 stunning boutonnières for a fall wedding.

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Select Seasonal Plants

boutonniere with mums and bunny tail


A great way to decide on a fall boutonnière design is to look to what's in season for guidance. "Primarily working with in-season foliage and flowers will make it easy to select from the colors naturally occurring during this season," says McNeff. With this boutonnière, that meant prominently featuring an in-season mum, paired with a touch of greenery and bunny tail.

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Start With a Rose

Fall rose wedding boutonniere on groom

Photo by Christine Doneé; Floral Design by Ellamah

A safe bet for boutonnières, the sturdy stem of a rose and its full head of petals means it will withstand just about anything. Pair a single autumn-hued rose with the accent of leaves or berries to bring the entire fall look together. 

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Add Leaves Into the Mix

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Valorie Darling; Floral Design by Gavita Flora

A crisp white rose is appropriate for any season (it's incredibly timeless!). Add a fall leaf or two to give a simple nod to the changing autumn colors.

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Play With Pampas Grass

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Evan Hopman; Floral Design by Juna Alinea

Pampas grass is often used for weddings with a more bohemian flair, but the color and shape of the dried grass make it the perfect option for a fall-inspired boutonnière, no matter your wedding style. 

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Skip Flowers Altogether

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Jami Laree Jeskey; Floral Design by Walden Floral

No interest in including flowers? No problem. McNeff suggests skipping them altogether if that's what you want. "I think fall is one of the rare seasons where you can get away without even having florals in the boutonnière," she says. "The textures and foliages of the season make for an interesting assortment without flowers."

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Choose Crimson

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Lacie Hansen Photography ; FLoral Design by Lambert Floral Studio

While yellow and orange hues often steal the show, crimson is another statement color for fall. Put together a beautiful design of rich red foliage and flowers for a boutonnière that’s quintessentially fall. "Heuchera leaves are one of my favorite foliages and they work so well with fall palettes," notes McNeff.

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Try Thistle

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Meredith Perdue; Floral Design by Michelle Peele

Part of the sunflower family, globe thistle’s purple-blue hue and unique texture can put it as a front runner for a striking boutonnière design. Paired with waxflower and greenery, this combination proves to be a refreshing take on a classic design.

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Opt for Copper

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Sasithon Photography of The Wedding Artists Collective; Floral Design by Putnam & Putnam

An autumnal color palette can come to life in a variety of ways, from deep reds to bright oranges. Stick to a combination of warm tones with a boutonnière that includes copper, yellow, and pink accents.

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Use Dried Grasses and Bunny Tail

earth tone boutonniere

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography; Floral design by Joy of Bloom 

Fall boutonnières are certainly all about the colors incorporated. But even more, they're all about texture. "I think boutonnières are best made when they have lots of texture to them," says McNeff. "Using dried grasses like bunny tail or eyelash grass can be great accents."

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Embrace Colors of the Season

boutonniere with mums


Choosing a fall-inspired color palette for boutonnières is a great place to start. "Burgundy reds, browns, yellows, and oranges all trigger strong ties to the fall season," says McNeff. This stunning design incorporates bold fall hues, while also highlighting mums, which are in season during autumn.

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Incorporate Succulents

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Gloria Goode Photography; Floral Design by Exquisite Petals

Succulent wedding decor is here to stay, and boutonnières are no exception. The mini cacti hold up well and add an effortless, relaxed touch to the overall floral design of the day. 

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Wrap It in Twine

boutonniere with twine

Photo by Holtz Wedding Photography;

While the blooms incorporated in this boutonnière are simple, it's the other details added to this design we love. Wrapped in twine with a brown button, the stem of this boutonnière adds the perfect rustic touch for fall.

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Don Dainty Flowers

boutonnieres with blue thistle

Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography

By using dainty flowers, you’ll immediately have a darling boutonnière for fall. The addition of blue thistle paired with a textured linen wrapping made these boutonnières all the more picture-ready.

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Extend an Olive Branch

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Michael Stephens Photography; Floral Design by Fluidbloom Designs

Full yet surprisingly simple, a boutonnière composed solely of olive branches cut down to size is a welcome change from traditionally floral-heavy boutonnières.

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Use Unexpected Accents

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by  Jose Villa; Floral Design by La Rosa Canina

For this Tuscan destination wedding, the groom sported a petite boutonnière consisting of scabiosa pods, eucalyptus, and bunny tail grass tied with twine for a rustic take on an autumn-inspired design. 

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Pair Roses With Texture Elements

textured fall boutonniere

Photo by Alanna Hogan Photography; Floral design by Hillside Flowers & Gifts

A single orange-hued rose can certainly stand on its own for a fall wedding, but why not spruce it up a bit more. This boutonnière paired a gorgeous rose with whimsical textured greenery to complete the look.

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Choose Scabiosa

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Jonnie and Garrett; Floral Design by Modern Day Events & Floral

Strikingly unique, scabiosa pods are quickly becoming a fan favorite when it comes to wedding design. Especially perfect for fall nuptials due to their neutral color, the ball-shaped head creates a focal point for boutonnières.

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Pair White With Rust

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Heirlume Photography

A creamy white rose serves as the star of this boutonnière, but the surrounding elements place it for fall. We love the addition of rust-hued leaves and other texture elements for an autumnal design.

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Build Off of a Rose

fall boutonniere with rose

Photo by Emma McIntyre Photography; Floral design by  Oak & the Owl

Keep things classic with one single rose, but spice it up for fall. This design features a golden rose paired with a bunny tail and other textured sprigs. To finish the look, it’s wrapped with a beautiful orange velvet ribbon.

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Incorporate Fruit

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Natalie Watson Photography; Floral Design by Flora

We love the way fruit can be used in such creative ways for weddings and boutonnières shouldn’t be excluded from the mix. Blueberries paired with ferns in this design offer a stunning color palette.

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Keep It Simple

man with boutonniere

Photo by Kent Drake

Sometimes less really can do more when it comes to boutonnières. Combine a single white flower with greens for something playful yet stately.

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Consider Using Feathers

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Anée Atelier; Floral Design by Mignon Floral Co.

While it can be easy to go overboard with feathers, they're a gorgeous fit for a boutonnière! Consider incorporating one or two with blooms, or feature only feathers and dried elements for tons of texture.

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Go for Green

green textured boutonniere

Photo by Joel Serrato; Floral design by Natasha Kolenko Design

It’s not always about moody hues for fall. Stick with a palette of beautiful greenery instead. This boutonnière combined green hellebores with clovers and foliage for a stunning design.

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Feature Seasonal Berries

boutonniere with red berries

Photo by Kurt Boomer; Floral design by Plenty of Petals 

Hues of green and red with a touch of yellow-green are perfect for fall. The addition of seasonal berries paired with a touch of greenery and textured grass made for a lovely pairing in this design.

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Keep It Natural

fall boutonniere with leaves

Photo by Kurt Boomer; Floral design by Siren Floral Co

Skip florals and let nature speak for itself. This design incorporated a larger leaf as the perfect base. A mini pinecone added great texture and fall color.

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Pick a Playful Pink

fall wedding boutonniere

Photo by Andre Maier; Floral Design by Jes Gordon/Proper Fun

Create a playful design with light pinks and green. Especially if you're hoping for boutonnières to stand out against a dark tuxedo or suit, this pop of pink will serve as the perfect complement to cooler tones.

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Pair White and Copper

groom wearing white and copper boutonniere

Photo by Mo Davis Photography; Floral design by Antigua Floral

A simple color palette for fall? Pair white and copper. This boutonnière featured a gorgeous butterfly ranunculus in white dressed up with copper-hued textured grasses.

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Embrace Jewel Tones

boutonniere with jewel tones and berries

Photo by Rebecca Yale; Floral design by Shannon Leahy Events

Planning an autumn wedding with a jewel-toned color palette? Mix berries and foliage in your boutonnière. The mixture of green and crimson leaves, paired with wax flowers and berries, is absolutely stunning.

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Make It Modern

white and green boutonniere

Photo by Sylvie Gil; Floral design by Charlotte & Daughters

A fall wedding can still be entirely modern. And this boutonnière is certainly designed to match. Greenery with a pop of bold crimson is sure to make a statement.

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Combine Texture and Twine

boutonniere with white nigella flower

Photo by Inspired Muse Photography; Floral design by The Petal Workshop

Plenty of texture steals the show with this boutonnière design. While it's a simple color palette, we can’t get enough of the variety of textured white blooms paired with wrapped twine.

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