Coats, Capes, and 3 More Accessory Trends from Fall 2023 Bridal Fashion Week

This season's collections were adorned with classic accessories featuring some unexpected twists.

Three models wearing designs featuring Bridal Fashion Week accessory trends.

Courtesy of Amsale; Wona Concept; Mira Zwillinger / Design by Tiana Crispino

While the stars of the show at every Bridal Fashion Week are undoubtedly designers' new gowns, the supporting elements of each look are not to be ignored—and this year, those elements certainly shone brightly. Accessory trends at Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2023 were timeless, in a sense, but each brought an unexpected freshness to designers new and old. We saw stunning, classic styles—done up with unexpected twists of tulle, embellishments, and mixed fabrics—further complimented with sparkling drop earrings, geometric coats, and fingerless gloves.

For example, Julie Vino debuted glimmering, bead-embellished gowns paired with pearl-dotted, sheer fingerless gloves—a look characteristic of her classic bridal style with a chic modern twist. Wona Concept maintained the designer's heritage classic gown styles graced with a collection of drop and chandelier-style earrings that added a healthy dash of grandeur to the looks.

Below, read about the top five accessory trends we saw at the Fall 2023 Bridal Fashion Week collections.

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Fingerless Gloves

While brides have donned both wrist-length and arm-length gloves for centuries, designers updated this style with embellished fingerless gloves of varying lengths this season. Designers like Julie Vino and Andrew Kwon debuted looks that featured delicate, lace fingerless gloves that accented classic styles and drew the eye to these unique fabrics.

Andrew Kwon

A strapless tulle wedding gown with fingerless gloves in lace by Andrew Kwon.

Photo by Anthony Friend

Julie Vino

A sleeveless embellished gown with fingerless gloves by Julie Vino.

Courtesy of Julie Vino

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This season saw the presence of elegant, detachable capes in many looks. Designers like Halfpenny London and Mira Zwillinger incorporated capes of varying lengths that created a waterfall-like effect to classic cuts and styles. With some looks, delicate lace and gauze fabrics were embellished with floral embroidery or beading for an especially feminine style.

Halfpenny London

A bride wearing a white trumpet style dress with a long cape.

Courtesy of Halfpenny London

Mira Zwillinger

A bride wearing a floral lace gown with a floral embroidered cape.

Courtesy of Mira Zwillinger

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Colorful Veils

Designers didn't shy away from color in their Fall 2023 collections—and this trend extended to veils, giving this timeless accessory an unexpected spin. Monique Lhuillier and Nadia Manjarrez both debuted stunning veils with intricate, colorful (often floral) embroidery that complimented gowns, many of which also featured splashes of color. We saw a range of hues, from champagne to soft pastels.

Monique Lhuillier

A bride wears a colorful floral wedding gown with a colorful floral veil.

Photo by Jose Villa

Nadia Manjarrez

A bride wears a strapless wedding gown with a colorful floral veil.

Courtesy of Nadia Manjarrez

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Chandelier/Drop Earrings

While luxurious earrings are no stranger to bridal looks, several Fall 2023 collections featured both drop and chandelier-style earrings that elevated gowns and added a pop of sparkle to the designer's looks. Wona Concept, for example, debuted several looks with drop-earrings in varying, asymmetric lengths using unexpected adornments like mixed-size pearls.

Wona Concept

A bride wearing a one-shoulder gown with drop-earrings.

Courtesy of Wona Concept

Justin Alexander

A bride in a v-neck white wedding gown featuring chandelier earrings.

Courtesy of Justin Alexander

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Multiple designers accessorized their newest bridal gowns with coats in varying styles, resulting in everything from elegant, cosmopolitan bridal looks to twists on elevated office wear (think oversized, white blazers in crepe fabrics). Both Amsale and Houghton featured several coats; Amsale debuted a chic floor-length coat with pockets and side-by-side buttons. Houghton, alternatively, opted for both a trench style and a slightly oversized two-piece suit.


Amsale Fall 2023 bridal look featuring a floor-length coat.

Courtesy of Amsale

Houghton by Katherine Polk

Two brides wearing white bridal outfits with a trench coat.

Courtesy of Houghton


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