Exclusive: Cuffe Biden Owens and Meghan King's Pennsylvania Wedding

"Our wedding was about two things for us: our love for and commitment to each other, and our family."

Cuffe Biden Owens and Meghan King

Photo by Jeremy Fraser/LA Exposures

Cuffe Biden Owens, a L.A.-based attorney, and Meghan O'Toole King, the podcaster, writer, and "Real Housewives of Orange County" alum, truly had a whirlwind romance. "We connected on a dating app, texted for a day or two, then spent five straight hours on the phone the first time we spoke," shares Meghan with Brides. "By the time that call ended, Cuffe was booked and packed for a flight to St. Louis that took off in about eight hours. Within a week, we were back on the East Coast, meeting his family, and starting to plan our future together. We didn’t leave each other’s side for weeks."

The pair knew quickly that they wanted to be husband and wife. “Our wedding was about two things for us," shares Meghan. "Our love for and commitment to each other, and our family—each of our families, and the new very large and very tight family that we were bonding together by getting married. That’s it."

Cuffe and Meghan set the date for a wedding at the groom's childhood home in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. "We toyed around with an L.A. wedding—at an estate or venue or something—but the truth is it never felt right to either one of us," says Meghan. "When we realized that Cuffe’s parents’ wedding anniversary—October 11—was a holiday Monday, we both knew exactly what we were going to do, where we were going to do it, and how we were going to do it. It’s a beautiful thing to see eye-to-eye with each other as we do."

The couple wanted to keep the wedding to the point and just highlight their love and family. "Consistent with our choice of venue and our reasons for choosing it, our vision was of an intimate and simple gathering—no major frills, no overthinking, no drama," the couple share. Not only was the wedding at Cuffe's family home, it also was fully planned by his mother, Valerie Biden, and his sisters Missy and Casey. “[They] handled those duties remarkably. And Valerie’s best friend, Bernadette Buccini, was our secret weapon," shares the couple. "Having it planned by and for our family, with our complete and total trust, probably couldn’t reflect more who we are as a couple."

Cuffe Biden Owens and Meghan King

Photo by Jeremy Fraser/LA Exposures

With a tight-knit guest list of 50 people, including Cuffe's uncle President Joe Biden, the couple hosted a beautiful and intimate wedding on the front lawn of the groom's childhood home. Read ahead to explore the charming wedding planned by the groom's family and photographed by Jeremy Fraser of LA Exposures.

When it came to invitations, the couple kept it simple and went digital, giving Valerie, Missy, and Casey full reign to handle organizing everything, "no consultation rights required, no approval rights required," adds Meghan. "We gathered the email addresses of our invitees and the family took it from there."

For her wedding day look, the bride decided to go against the traditional route, donning a chic blazer dress by Rasario. She even got Cuffe involved with her big decision. "I bought thousands of dollars worth of dresses online—everything from traditional gowns to cocktail dresses off the rack. And, breaking from tradition, I tried all of them on for Cuffe to see," Meghan explains. "We both found ourselves getting caught up in expectations of tradition with the dress when I just decided to wear what felt most like ‘me.’"

"And, it was the first dress I tried on: a mature blazer dress by Rasario from Matches Fashion online," says Meghan. "I had my dry cleaner pin back the lapels et voilà! My wedding dress was complete."

Her dress might have been something new, but Meghan also made sure to wear something borrowed—diamond studs from her sister—and "classic Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pump in my favorite color, blue," shares the bride. She topped off the look with a birdcage veil from BHLDN, a Jonathan Simkhai camisole, and Dolce & Gabbana lace gloves.

For her beauty look, Meghan wanted "to shed any outside expectations and look and feel as much like 'me' as possible," she says. "I just wanted to look like a better version of myself, but with lashes, of course." The bride made sure to have her hair pulled off her face in an "effortless" manner and spritzed her go-to travel fragrance, Sweet Ash by Snif.

The groom looked elegant in a navy blue Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit for the day. He also wore a watch given to him by his father. Meghan adds, "When I asked Cuffe how he would prepare for grooming on our wedding day he confidently looked at me in the eyes, smiled, and said, 'Like any other day,' and kissed me."

Cuffe Biden Owens and Meghan King

Photo by Jeremy Fraser/LA Exposures

The duo decided to have the ceremony conducted by the people closest to them. Meghan's father walked her down the aisle and the couple had Meghan's twin sons, Hart and Hayes, and her daughter, Aspen, serve as their wedding party for the day. “We told the kids they could walk down the aisle with me if they wanted to and Aspen said she wanted ‘to throw flowers at me’ so it was decided she would be the flower girl! Aspen wore a sweet cotton flower girl dress from Feltman Brothers that matched the dresses worn by our young nieces as well," shares Meghan.

"I bought the boys’ suits and shoes from Amazon. Do you know how hard it is to find belts for little boys?! So, they went belt-free," she adds. "Cuffe found their ties at Brooks Brothers."

Cuffe’s best friend, Douglas Pickett, and Meghan's sister, Julie King, shared the duties of officiating the ceremony for the day. "We originally planned on writing our own vows, but decided against adding more pressure than we already had with planning a wedding," shares Meghan. "Additionally, we were explicitly clear on the commitment we’re making to each other so we didn’t feel the need to."

Cuffe Biden Owens and Meghan King

Photo by Jeremy Fraser/LA Exposures

The couple kept the wedding short and sweet, inviting guests to mingle about the grounds and the home after the ceremony. Later, the pair plan to honeymoon in Glacier National Park.

Keeping it simple perfectly fit the newlyweds' dream for the day. "Don’t let anyone make it about anything other than your love for each other and the commitment you’re making to each other," they share. "And, do it on your terms. If you’re lucky enough to have two families that 'get it' like we do, you’ve got everything you need."

Wedding Team

Bride's Dress Rasario

Bride's Attire Jonathan Simkhai

Bride's Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Bride's Veil BHLDN

Bride's Gloves Dolce & Gabbana

Bride's Jewelry Suz and Patrish Tennis Bracelet; Indulgence Jewelers

Groom's Attire Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Flower Girl Attire Feltman Brothers

Ring Bearer Attire Amazon and Brooks Brothers

Photography Jeremy Fraser of LA Exposures

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