Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Wedding Desserts Online

Get wedding treats with a click of a button.

Wedding desserts include macarons, donuts, and cookies

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Choosing your wedding desserts comes with plenty of options. Will you go for a traditional white wedding cake or opt to make a bold statement with a pop of color? Or you might consider ditching cake altogether and setting up an elaborate display of treats on a dessert table. As you’re choosing the type of desserts to serve, it’s also important to consider where they’ll be coming from. While you can treats from your caterer or a local bakery, you can also order your wedding desserts online.

Nationwide shipping for gourmet treats is continuously expanding, and you can get just about any confection shipped straight to your door. If you’re doing a bit of DIY set-up for your big day, this can certainly come in handy. You can order a variety of desserts to be shipped right to you, and they’ll be ready to plate and serve for your wedding day. Another great idea? Order desserts online to serve as the sweetest individually packaged wedding favors.

Think this might be the right option for you? Read on for our full guide on everything you need to know about ordering wedding desserts online.

Pros and Cons of Ordering Wedding Desserts Online

There are definitely some benefits of ordering online. It can simplify the process of choosing your big day sweets and there won’t be any need for multiple cake tasting appointments, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of wedding planning. Depending on the type of dessert, choosing to order online may also result in some cost savings for your wedding. In addition, many bakeries offering nationwide shipping have a cult following, so you can rest assured they're delicious.

Of course, there are some cons of ordering online as well. Choosing to work with a local bakery offers more opportunities for customizing your wedding desserts. Especially if you’re hoping for a bespoke, multi-tiered wedding cake, ordering desserts online isn’t the way to go. However, if you’re simply wishing for delicious cookies, pies, or a simple single-tiered cake, it may not be an issue.

You’ll also have to consider who will be setting up the desserts at your wedding since you won’t have someone from a bakery to do it for you. If this is the case, definitely put someone you trust in charge of putting together your decadent dessert table.

The Best Type of Desserts to Order Online

The type of wedding desserts you order online is all up to you. However, there are certain types that may travel better, especially if you’re ordering a shipment from far away. "Generally, cookies, brownies, and confections ship quite nicely," says Alexandra Griffin of Alma Kitchen. "If you are looking for cupcakes or cakes, I always suggest buying local."

Meet the Expert

Alexandra Griffin is the founder and CEO of Alma Kitchen, a dessert company specializing in gourmet botanical shortbread made with edible flowers.

Because cookies and brownies are heartier treats, they’re less likely to have any breakage during shipping. Plus, these items typically have a longer shelf life. Safely shipping cupcakes can be tricky, especially if they’re already frosted. Single-tiered cakes can often be shipped frozen, but it’s very unlikely you’ll find an option to ship a multi-tiered cake.

Cost of Ordering Wedding Desserts Online

The cost of ordering wedding desserts online varies greatly. It’s all up to the type of dessert you’re looking for and the brand you're ordering from. Giant chocolate chip cookies can range from $3 to $5 per cookie, while single-tiered cakes range from $50 to $100. If you do plan on ordering in bulk amounts, consider calling the online bakery first. There may be discounts for ordering larger amounts of a specific dessert.

When to Order Wedding Desserts Online

If you’re planning to order your own wedding desserts, timing is crucial. Be sure to check with the bakery on any lead time required for orders. Often, this will be stated on their online ordering system, but it may be helpful to call and double-check for larger orders. Better yet? Griffin suggests getting your orders in as early as possible. Try to get on their books ahead of the normal lead time to ensure on-time delivery. "It never hurts to get your orders in early," she says.

When ordering, be sure to thoroughly read the bakery’s guidelines for their products. "Always double-check the storage instructions and the shelf-life to ensure you are scheduling delivery close enough to the wedding date so that your treats will still be fresh," advises Griffin.

Where to Order Wedding Desserts Online

  • Alma Kitchen: Alma Kitchen offers a variety of shortbread cookies, as well as dark chocolate truffles. Cookies are flavored and decorated with botanicals such as edible flowers and herbs, with color options to match any palette.
  • Carlos’ Bakery: For some, it would be a total dream to have The Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, bake your wedding sweets. Turns out, you can! You can choose from several wedding-worthy single-tiered cakes with options for customization. The cake will arrive frozen, and you’ll have the opportunity to dress it up with greenery, florals, or even fresh fruit.
  • Funny Face Bakery: Want custom cookies? Choose to feature your pet, a monogram, or even a favorite quote on your desserts. Order online and have your custom cookies shipped right to your door to add the perfect touch of personalization to your dessert table.
  • Harry and David: Harry and David has been a staple in gourmet foods and gifts since 1934. You can find a variety of cheesecake flavors, whole pies, cheesecake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, and more to create the dessert table of your dreams.
  • Karma Baker: Need a vegan-friendly or gluten-free option? This California-based bakery has you covered. Everything from cookies and brownies to donuts is available for nationwide shipping.
  • Lady M: Want to offer a crepe cake? These layered treats are certainly becoming popular thanks to their eye-catching appeal. Order a variety of crepe cakes featuring assorted flavors to display on cake stands. They’re made with 20 layers of alternating crepes and cream and will arrive frozen. All you’ll have to do is thaw and serve.
  • Levain Bakery: Hoping to put together a spread of giant chocolate chip cookies? Ordering from New York staple, Levain Bakery, is a simple choice. Decadently thick chocolate chip cookies can be shipped to your door in a variety of sizing options.
  • Milk Bar: Christina Tosi brought Milk Bar to the New York City dessert scene in 2008. Since then, it has expanded to offer a variety of opportunities for indulging in sweet treats with nationwide shipping. You can order everything from cookies and cake truffles to pies. Or, make a colorful splash with the classic rainbow cake.
  • Milk Jar Cookies: This Los Angeles bakery is the perfect spot to grab homemade cookies. There’s plenty of flavor options to choose from like classic chocolate chip or unique choices such as rocky road. Each cookie is perfectly sized, with a chewy soft center for the ultimate bite.
  • Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches: Nightingale makes it easy to dish up ice cream sandwiches for your wedding. This nostalgic treat comes in a variety of enticing flavors including strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, and chocolate French roast. The stylish sandwiches will arrive frozen, and all you’ll need to do is make a plan of when to serve them on your wedding day.
  • Sugaree’s Bakery: Want to put together a display of homestyle single-tiered cakes? This Mississippi bakery is the perfect choice. You can order classic red velvet, coconut, and chocolate cakes to be shipped to your door. Another bonus? Cakes are frosted and decorated simply, leaving room for you to spruce it up with a cake topper or fresh blooms.
  • Goldbelly: Goldbelly is a unique site that allows you to order delivery from restaurant and bakeries around the country. From cupcakes to cake pops to unique local treats, you can create a culinary tour of the country with the site's selection.

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