Regencycore, Bows, and More: Etsy's Top Wedding Trends for 2022

Trendy details for your big day.

Etsy 2022 Wedding Trends

thelotusbloomco / Etsy

Some have coined 2022 as the year of the wedding. With two years of postponements and cancellations, it's the golden era of bridal festivities, and conventional details are being thrown out the window. Brides and grooms are opting for grandiose themes and unique decor—basically, it's go big or go home, wedding edition.

According to Etsy, searches for wedding-related items have increased by 145% in the last three months (further proof that everyone is going to have a ton of weddings on their calendar this year). And the commerce retailer has put together a 2022 Wedding Trend Guide based on their searches to forecast which trends will be the biggest this year in the wedding realm. Brides spoke with Etsy Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson to get the low-down on all the highly-searched items for nuptials.

"With so much uncertainty over the last few years, couples are ready to go all-out with their wedding celebrations—whether that means embracing a vibrant and cheerful color palette, turning up the glamour with regency aesthetics, or incorporating bold and playful bows," says Johnson. Plus, each trendy detail can be integrated into your day without breaking the bank or overwhelming your guests.

"I suggest adding small touches, like accent decor or bridal accessories, that nod to the trends," advises Johnson. "Etsy sellers offer on-trend items at a variety of price points, so there’s something for every style and budget."

Read on to find out which trends are predicted to take over the wedding industry this year and how you can include them in your nuptials.

Bridal Bows 

Bow Trend

LavenirBoutiqeBridal / Etsy

People are ready to go all-out with their dresses, so say goodbye to simple, minimal dresses and hello to over-the-top gowns. One way to make any frock feel grander? Add a bow. Etsy reports a 51% increase in searches for bow-adorned gowns and dresses and a 114% increase in searches for bridal or bridesmaids' bow accessories.

"While certainly not new to the wedding scene, bows are a welcomed re-emerging trend that adds touches of playfulness, femininity, and glamour to both bridal attire and wedding day decor," notes Johnson. If you're planning on a budget, Johnson suggests adding small details. Dainty bow accessories or accents can add a whimsical component to your special today without draining your bank account.

‘60s Style

'60s Style

AdelaisLondon / Etsy

'60s fashion and beauty trends have been everywhere as of late—from Twiggy-esque geometric eyeliner to micro-miniskirts and loud patterns. And the '60s trends are carrying over into bridal. Etsy has seen a 29% increase in searches for short wedding dresses, as well as a 41% uptick in queries for short or shoulder-length veils. One celebrity in particular who has embraced this style in their everyday life as well as on their wedding day is Ariana Grande, who channeled Audrey Hepburn from Funny Face with a short veil and bow during her intimate 2021 nuptials.

After abiding by (very important) health protocols for the last two years, brides are looking to break some fashion rules. "This transformative decade tossed out all of the traditional wedding rules and allowed brides to express their style with minidresses, flared sleeves, and shorter veils," says Johnson. "Today’s couples are embracing those same ideals and saying goodbye to cookie-cutter ensembles."

Heirloom-Worthy gifts

Preserved Flowers

BostonFlowerCo / Etsy

"After a challenging couple of years, wedding guests are looking for meaningful ways to celebrate the people in their lives and prioritizing extra-thoughtful gifts for newlyweds that can be passed down for generations," says Johnson. Which is where personalized and sentimental gifts come in. Giving an heirloom-worthy gift will mean so much to a couple and is something they will keep forever—and most likely pass on to future generations.

Etsy has seen a 77% search increase in personalized wedding or couples cutting boards (great for newlywed entertaining), as well as a 129% increase for custom wedding or couples illustrations. One stunning way to keep the wedding day memories alive is by preserving your wedding florals. Etsy has seen a 128% increase in wedding bouquet preservation items searches. While it's incredibly meaningful, framed dried flowers are the perfect addition to any home decor.  

Regency Aesthetics

Regency Aesthetic

ShleifDressBridalCo / Etsy

It's not particularly hard to guess where this trend stems from. (Ever heard of a little show called Bridgerton?) Thanks to the smash hit that is returning to Netflix next month, 19th-century opulence is projected to be a huge hit for weddings this year. Johnson tells us she wasn't surprised by the gain in popularity since a certain young Hollywood starlet and a dapper duke set the world aflame last year.

"Regencycore quickly stole our hearts last year within the home decor and fashion spaces, so it’s no surprise that this style is making a grand entrance into weddings," explains Johnson. "With staples like florals, pastels, and vintage tableware, the regency trend is the perfect fit for an ultra-romantic wedding celebration."

Pull a Daphne Bridgerton with elegant bridal gloves or channel Lady Whistledown with calligraphy place cards.

Destination — Or Travel-Inspired — Weddings

Tropical Cake Topper

ZCreateDesign / Etsy

After two long years of restricted travel, we're all in dire need of a getaway. So unsurprisingly, there's been an uptick in destination weddings. But if traveling for your nuptials isn't in the cards for you, you can bring the destination to your guests, without leaving home. "This trend proves that couples are getting creative and bringing their dream destination weddings to life, even without traveling," says Johnson.

Etsy has seen a search increase up to 92% on beach-inspired favors with up to 140% search increase in passport-inspired wedding invitations. Other little details like cake toppers and tropical-themed centerpieces are great ways to incorporate the theme and make your guests feel like they're on vacation.

Colorful Celebrations

Colorful Invites

SheffieldHousebyJGV / Etsy

Gone are the days of muted neutrals, it's time for a pop of color, says Johnson. And Etsy's data agrees with a 327% increase in searches for colorful wedding items. Think pastel dresses, vibrant place settings, and bright Euphoria-esque invitations. Gemstone engagement rings are also expected to be huge in the coming year with an increase of 249% in searches for ruby engagement rings, 105% in emerald engagement rings, and 12% in sapphire engagement rings.

"From punchy shades of red and yellow to jewel tones like emerald green, these bold hues inject joy and personality into any celebration," says Johnson. And it's super simple to integrate into your wedding theme without being obnoxious. Add subtle details like colorful place cards or table runners.

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