Have you ever wondered who pays for the wedding? Are you unsure what each member of the wedding party is responsible for on the big day? Do you need advice on how to delicate handle family dynamics during the wedding planning process? Our expert-approved wedding etiquette and advice will help you navigate every potentially tricky situation.

A wedding guest taking a photo on an iPhone of a bride and groom getting married at a wedding ceremony.
8 Social Media Etiquette Mistakes Wedding Guests Should Avoid Making
Bride-to-be at a bridal shower smiling while opening a bridal shower gift surrounded by a pink balloon sign and white flowers
Bridal Shower Gifts Versus Wedding Gifts: Do I Have to Give Both?
Bride and groom with wedding party
What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Wedding Party?
A wedding reception table set with place settings before dinner.
What Should a Guest Do If They Can't Attend a Wedding at the Last Minute?
A Guide to Best Man Wedding Responsibilities
6 Simple Tips for Delivering an Amazing Best Man Speech
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12 Common Mistakes Maids of Honor Make
wedding guest looking up flights on laptop
Budget Mistakes Guests Make When Booking Wedding Travel
Bride and groom in wheelchair at wedding ceremony
15 Ways to Prioritize Your Guests When Wedding Planning
bride with her bridal party
When Should You Give Your Bridesmaids Their Gifts?
bride and groom
Can a Bride Decide What the Groom Should Wear on Their Wedding Day?
A Guide to Best Man Wedding Responsibilities
The Top 5 Best Man Mistakes You Should Never Make
A wedding reception table with greenery, hanging lights, pink flowers, and gold chairs.
Wedding Guest List Mistakes to Avoid, According to an Expert
groomsman with plus one and wedding guest
How to Make Wedding Party Plus-Ones Feel Included
A bride in a white wedding gown with a rose bridal bouquet standing with bridesmaids and maids of honor in colorful dresses.
Can I Have Two Maids of Honor in My Bridal Party?
two guests at a wedding
How a Couple Can Politely Say No to a Guest's Plus One Request
Groomsmen and a groom in black tuxedos at a wedding.
Can I Have More Than One Best Man?
Wedding guests celebrating the bride
10 Items Every Wedding Guest Needs to Pack With Them
wedding gifts
6 Wedding Gifts You Should Never Buy for a Couple, According to an Expert
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5 Wedding Guest Attire Mistakes to Avoid
wedding gift table
Does a Plus-One Need to Buy a Wedding Gift?
A personal attendant at a wedding helps the bride adjust her veil while getting ready.
What Is a Personal Attendant at a Wedding?
wedding stationary
What Should Wedding Guests Give as a Gift If There Is No Registry?
black and white photo of a bride putting on her wedding dress
How to Handle Wedding Dress Shopping Anxiety
Mother of the bride with daughter
Can a Bride Decide What the Mother of the Bride or Groom Should Wear?
A mother and adult daughter talk while having coffee at home.
How to Navigate Family Dynamics When Parents or In-Laws Pay for Your Wedding
bride and her mother
Here's How to Navigate Wedding Dress Shopping With Your Mother
Bride's hand with engagement ring
Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Wedding Day?
bride and groom give toast at engagement party
How to Write a Timeless Engagement Toast
family discussion around a table
How to Set Boundaries With Your Family While Wedding Planning
Wedding Budget
A Guide to Talking to Families About Wedding Budgets
Sabrina and her bridesmaids in pink pajamas drinking champagne and dancing in front of a pool
15 Unique Activities To Do on Your Wedding Morning
Young Asian woman holding a pen and signing paperwork in the living room at home
The Best Name Change Services
bride with her friends
How to Navigate Having the Same Wedding Date as a Friend
bride and groom in a wheelchair
How to Make Your Wedding More Accessible
ceremony decor with no guests
Is It Ever Okay to Invoice No-Show Wedding Guests?
two brides at wedding ceremony
How to Find Wedding Vendors Who Share Your Values
bride and groom with wedding party
How to Navigate Being Part of a Pricey Wedding Party
couple making entrance at sequel wedding
Sequel Wedding Etiquette Rules for Couples and Guests to Know
Opened wedding invitation laid out amongst flowers and a wedding ring
How to Navigate Multiple Wedding Invitations for the Same Day
two brides walking
Gender-Inclusive Wedding Roles and Titles to Use While Planning
wedding gift
What to Do If Your Registry Gifts Are Backordered or Canceled
How Do I Tell Friends That I'm Having a Small Wedding?
How to Decide If You Should Elope
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Groom Duties: The Ultimate Groom Checklist
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How to Get a Marriage License in Hawaii
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How to Dream Up Your Wedding Vision as the Groom
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Junior Groomsmen 101: Everything You Need to Know
13 Ways to Plan a Wedding Online
How Many Groomsmen Should You Have?
no regrets wedding
How to Do Your Own Thing With No Regrets
Macro Weddings
How to Have a Macro Wedding (If Minimalism Isn't Your Thing)
Quiz: What Kind of Wedding Is Best for Your Style and Guest Count?
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Are Micro-Weddings Here to Stay?
etiquette rules
7 Wedding Etiquette Rules to Follow and Ignore
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What Does It Mean to Be An Active Groom
5 Grooms Reflect on Wedding Planning and Share Their Best Advice
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How to Get a Marriage License in South Carolina
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How to Get a Marriage License in Kentucky
How to Get a Marriage License in Idaho
Wedding party
How to Divide Tasks Between Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
How to Divide Wedding Tasks Based on Your Different Skill Sets
AAPI Couples On Celebrating Their Love and Traditions at Their Weddings
Ringing in the Vows: AAPI Wedding Pros on Love, Tradition, Culture, and Heritage
How to Get a Marriage License in Michigan