26 Pretty Cupcakes for Your Engagement Party

It's time to celebrate!

mini cupcake display


You’re engaged! Now, it’s time to celebrate. Your engagement party serves as the perfect introduction to the wedding planning process, and one of the most important decisions to make is all about the food.

Should you serve a cake for your engagement party? You certainly can! Or, you can take another route by incorporating cupcakes into the mix as a perfectly portable sweet. And luckily, whether you’re planning a rustic picnic get-together or a glamorous afternoon of wine tasting, there’s a cupcake design to fit any engagement party theme.

Below, find 26 ideas for engagement cupcakes to make your planning that much simpler.

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Go for Gold Details

cupcakes with gold detailing

Photo by Emily Wren Photography

What makes these fluffy frosted cupcakes that much sweeter? The addition of gold detailing immediately elevates the look to make them party-ready.

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Say Hello to Hydrangeas

hydrangea cupcakes

Photo by Karen Gage Photography

Hosting your engagement party in late spring or summer? Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers of the season, and you can serve up sweets that look just like them!

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Make a Display of Minis

mini cupcake display


Want to make it that much easier for guests to enjoy dessert? Go mini! Mini cupcakes are not only adorable, but they are so much simpler to grab and enjoy while mingling.

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Pop the Bubbly

champagne cupcakes

Photo by SomeTyme Place

It's time to pop the bubbly! And you can incorporate your favorite sparkling drink into your sweets. To really get the party started, opt for pink champagne cupcakes with gold decorations.

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Showcase Spring Flowers

yellow spring flower cupcakes

Courtesy of sugar and frost

Why not incorporate a springtime bouquet at your engagement party? Ask your baker to dress up your sweets with pretty petals in a color palette to match the rest of your party theme.

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Play With Texture

pink cupcakes

Courtesy of Sweet Things by Ana

Long gone are the days of simple frosting on a cupcake. They can be dressed up in so many ways! Play with texture by piping different patterns, use a variety of sprinkles, or even add dried florals or greenery for a playful look.

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Use Fresh Herbs

cupcakes with herbs

Photo by Petar Marshall

Adding fresh herbs is one of the simplest (and prettiest!) ways to dress up cupcakes. Small sprigs of thyme and rosemary are sure to do the trick.

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Add a Ring

cupcakes with rings

Courtesy of Posh Soiree

Want to add a little glitter to the mix? Don't be afraid to let your cupcakes shine. Choose a simple vanilla cupcake and top it with a bold diamond ring cupcake topper for a playful party.

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Incorporate Plenty of Flavors

colorful cupcakes

Photo by Burning Tree Photography

If you're serving cupcakes to a crowd, don't be afraid to go all out. With plenty of people that will want dessert, it means you can serve several different flavors. Incorporate vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and more.

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Add a Monogram

cupcakes with monograms

Courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake

Truly customize your engagement party desserts in the sweetest way! Work with your baker to add a fondant monogram to the top of each cupcake.

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Choose Bold Blooms

colorful flower cupcakes

Courtesy of Cozy Oven Cake Shop

Planning a springtime or summer engagement party? Go all out with the colors of the season. These beauties just scream warm weather with bright, bold hues.

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Create a Succulent Garden

succulent cupcakes


Embracing your love for plants? Opt for cute cupcakes decorated as succulents. Then, display all of the confections amongst moss and greenery for a garden vibe.

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Add a Bit of Bling

cupcakes with silver details

Photo by Eddie Judd Photography; Cupcakes by Cakes by Krishanthi

Don't want to go all out with glittery toppers? Keep the design simple with a bit of silver detailing on the tip of each cupcake. It even resembles a ring!

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Showcase Embroidery

embroidery blue cupcakes

Courtesy of Cozy Oven Cake Shop

It's never too early to incorporate something blue. These sweets take on an embroidered look in beautiful blue hues, but you could switch up the color to fit any color palette.

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Make Them Fruity

blackberry cupcakes

Photo by Jenna McElroy

Using fresh fruit such as blackberries is one of the best ways to take cupcakes from simple to fabulous. Even if you don't want to serve fruity flavors, you can still take cues from berries and decorate with them for a beautiful summertime display.

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Decorate With Sugar Flowers

sugar flower cupcakes

Courtesy of Jenny's Cakes

You may not want to incorporate fresh flowers on your cupcakes, and that's totally fine. Top cupcakes with dainty sugar flowers and leaves as the next best option.

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Choose Mini Cakes

mini pink cakes


If you don't love the look of traditional cupcakes, you can still take a cue from these sweets. Embrace the idea of individual cakes so you have the same ease that comes with serving cupcakes, with an elevated design.

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Celebrate With Chocolate

chocolate cupcakes


Don't ditch the idea of serving chocolate as a flavor option. If it's a favorite of yours, serve it! Dress the cupcakes up with floral buttercream details to elevate the look.

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Add a Fondant Topper

fondant topped cupcake

Courtesy of Jenny's Cakes

Want a smooth, elegant design? Fondant is the way to go. This detailed topper paired with a little pink sugar rose is so sweet.

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Use Lace Wrappers

cupcakes with lace wrappers


No matter the type of cupcakes you choose, or how the top is decorated, sometimes it all comes down to the wrapper. Put aside a classic paper wrapper and opt for lace to take your display to the next level.

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Showcase Strawberry

strawberry cupcakes

Photo by Rachel Solomon

Especially if you're celebrating your engagement during summer, you may want to show off the fruits of the season. Look to strawberry cupcakes, complete with fresh strawberries on top, for a lovey, seasonal treat.

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Channel a Rustic Vibe

rustic cupcake display


Celebrate during any season with a rustic look. Put together a tree trunk-inspired stand with plenty of flavors to make a statement, especially during fall! Want extra cake? Go ahead and add a mini cake at the top of your display to complete the look.

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Add a Green Leaf

cupcake with leaves

Photo by Whitney Heard Photography

Keep it simple and sweet with greenery. We love the idea of adding one or two green leaves to the top of each cupcake for a charming look.

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Use Custom Wooden Picks

wooden cupcake picks

Courtesy of Weddings by Eli

Want to keep it super simple but still offer a charming confection? Dish up simple vanilla cupcakes with a piped swirl and add a cupcake pick on top. You can even find custom wooden picks with your initials to make the look that much sweeter.

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Celebrate With Sage Green

sage green cupcakes

Courtesy of Jenny's Cakes

Don't be afraid to play with color if you love it, but keep it subtle. This splash of sage green frosting paired with dainty sugar flowers and lace wrappers is absolutely lovely.

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Make a Sweets Display

display of sweets


You may want to make cupcakes the star of the show, but if you're serving dessert to plenty of guests, the occasion might call for more. Embrace a tower of cupcakes and add other sweets like macarons and a small celebration cake to truly make a spread for celebrating your engagement to the fullest.

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