17 Engagement Manicure Ideas for Insta-Worthy Ring Selfies

Flaunt your new bling with these creative nail looks.

Engagement mani

Emilie White

What goes better with a new engagement ring than a gorgeous manicure? Not a whole lot! This is the time when everyone will be fawning over your hands to get a peep at that sparkly new addition, so you'd better make sure those hands and nails (and cuticles) are up to the task. That's why we searched high and low for fun engagement manicure ideas that'll set your ring selfie apart from all the others on your Instagram feed.

The manicure ideas ahead will look stunning next to your new sparkler without overshadowing it (as if anything could). And don't worry—they are all totally doable at home, even if you're not an expert with the nail polish brush.

Scroll through to discover 17 engagement manicure ideas for picture-perfect nails.

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Talk the Talk

Let 'em know, without a shadow of any doubt, that you said "Yes!" Or in this case "oui"—but we'll leave it to you to tailor the expression to your very own language of love.

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A Reverse French

Put a sparkly spin on the traditional French mani and turn it on its head.

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Chic As Can Be

Ring selfie–ready nails just got a whole lot easier with a DIY option. These taupe and metallic silver stick-on gels are chic and bridal-appropriate.

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Ombré Effect

A gradient pretty-in-pink manicure is perfect for a bride-to-be as demonstrated here.

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Spirit Finger

Give that all-star finger a little extra love when its time has finally come to shine. If you're not into nail jewels—or want one very specific jewel to take center stage—you can simply brush a bold hue on your ring finger to really put the spotlight on your engagement ring.

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All That Glitters

Similarly, you can add some nail art to your ring finger to make your ring pop. Have a gold band? Use flecks of gold nail foils.

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Geometric Sparkle

Don't want to commit to a full-on glitter manicure? Add a touch of sparkle by painting it on vertically along the sides of your nails, achieving a half-on, half-off look.

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Modern Minimalism

Nail art doesn't have to be distracting. With the right design, it can look inarguably chic and become the finishing touch to your new bauble.

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Monochromatic Madness

Utilize negative space, so all the more attention will be on your engagement ring.

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A Futuristic Touch

Do you crave some sparkle but are searching for something more unique than your average glitter polish? Try a holographic nail powder.

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Pearlescent Pursuits

If you're a pearly kind of girl, incorporate elegant and demure accents to your mani like craft pearl beads.

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Consult the Cosmos

The stars aligned the day you met your fiancé, so why not let your nails tell the tale? Nail Inc.'s Crystals Made Me Do It nail polish duo is infused with mood-enhancing crystals like amethyst to ward off any negative vibes and keep your engagement as happy as can be.

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Nail Bling

What better way to give your spouse-to-be a little shoutout than by emblazoning your nails with their initials—in solid gold, no less.

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Double French

If you loved the reverse French manicure we showed earlier but want a fresh twist, you'll love this double French. Twice as nice, right?

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A Blossoming Engagement

How sweet is this springtime nail look? All you need are tiny dried flowers and a good topcoat (the itty-bitty buds are placed on the natural nail with no base color). Et voilà!

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Show Your Heart

Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, or your nails for that matter. Slap on a heart decal and your nails will be instantly ring-selfie ready. These bridal-appropriate stickers are available at Olive & June.

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The Gold Standard

Is there anything more opulent than a mani completely wrapped in gold? We didn't think so. These statement nails are jaw-droppingly gorge with just about anything, but especially if you're sporting a yellow-gold engagement ring (you can always tailor the foil to your ring's metal for uniformity).

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