16 Wedding Favors Our Editors Actually Want to Receive

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Collage of wedding favors

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After the cake is cut and the last dance is over, you’ll probably want to thank your family and friends for coming to your wedding with a special token of your appreciation. Enter: the wedding favor. Whether you choose to give guests a box of matches or a chocolate bar, wedding favors are a thoughtful way to show your loved ones just how grateful you are that they could be part of this important day.

Here at Brides, our all-time favorite favors are ones that are both personal and practical. Not only are the most well-received goodies ones that your guests will use, but they’re also items that will make your nuptials stand out. And don't forget that these goodies can also play double duty as reception décor. Whether they’re perched on place settings or arranged at a designated table, favors can add color and texture to your reception's overall design.

To help you choose the perfect favor to send home with your guests, we asked the Brides team to share their top picks this fall. You’ll find items like custom tea bags, soft cashmere blankets, and edible treats that will almost certainly be consumed on the car ride home.

Ahead, our favorite wedding favors for October.

Nette The Honey Bunch Candle and Honey Set

Nette candle

Courtesy of Nette

“While this set may be on the pricier end of the wedding favor spectrum, it's perfect for an intimate affair. Candles are a no-fail gift on any occasion, especially during cozy season. Nette's bestselling Queen candle—with notes of honey and wildflowers—inspired the brand to purvey its own raw honey packed with antioxidants that makes a sweet takeaway for guests to enjoy well after the wedding.” — Samantha Netkin Brash, Assistant General Manager

Price at time of publish: $105

Tony's Chocolonely Personalized Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bar

Courtesy of Tony's Chocolonely

“Anyone who knows me can attest that I have the world's greatest sweet tooth, and Tony’s Chocolonely happens to be my all-time favorite treat. Each and every one of their flavors is incredible (my go-to is the milk chocolate caramel sea salt, but I've been recently obsessed with the milk wafer cookie), but it's their mission to make the entire chocolate industry slave-free that's even more noteworthy. You can personalize the wrappers as festive favors and feel great knowing that your gift to guests also does good for the world.” — Gabriella Rello Duffy, Editorial Director

Price at time of publish: $8

A Day to Remember Studio Plantable Wedding Favors

Plantable wedding favors

Courtesy of A Day to Remember Studio

“After treating your guests to all the stunning floral arrangements at your wedding, give them an opportunity to bring some more blooms into their daily life. These sweet personalized favors offer a plantable piece of paper full of wildflower seeds that guests can add to their gardens when they return home.” — Shelby Wax, Senior Editor

Price at time of publish: $1

State Cashmere The Solid Fringe Throw Blanket

State cashmere blanket

Courtesy of State Cashmere

“Having a winter wedding? There's nothing sweeter than having soft cashmere blankets folded on the back of your guests' chairs at dinner time. They can wrap up after dinner and cocktails for all the hygge vibes, and then, they can take these chic blankets home as a wedding favor! Plus, it's a great way to work your wedding color scheme into the dinner details. Since this is a pricier wedding guest favor, consider it for a smaller-sized guest count.” — Ellie Nan Storck, Senior Editor

Price at time of publish: $215

Home Stylish Personalized Flip Flops

Flip flops

Courtesy of Home Stylish

“For anyone who has endured wearing heels at a wedding, it should come as no surprise why flip flops are an amazing wedding party favor. Not only can guests wear them after the big day, but they also serve as an essential item during the celebration (guests can change into their flip flops while dancing). It's a lovely way to say thank you and prioritize the comfort of your closest family and friends.” — Corinne Pierre-Louis, Editor

Price at time of publish: $264

Myriad Designs UK Agate Coasters

Agate coasters

Courtesy of Myriad Designs UK

“The most thoughtful wedding favors are the ones that come personalized, and these agate coasters are up to snuff. By customizing each coaster with your guests' names, you’ll make quite the impression. With an eye-catching design, they can even double as décor at your reception. Use them as place cards for a glamorous touch to your nuptials, and have your guests take them home after the festivities come to a close. The coaster will add a chic edge to your loved ones’ living rooms, and they’ll prevent dreaded water marks from ruining their coffee tables time and time again.” — Lilly Blomquist, Editorial Assistant

Price at time of publish: $8

Mark and Graham Personalized Mini Champagne


Courtesy of Mark and Graham

“Nothing says a celebration like champagne, so let your guests take a piece of the party home with them with personalized mini champagne bottles. You can even pair it with a little OJ to make a mimosas-to-go kit for your guests to enjoy the next morning.” — Jessica Chassin, Senior Social Media Editor

Price at time of publish: $79

The Pure Moment Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

Hot chocolate mix

Courtesy of The Pure Moment

“As the weather gets colder, I am an avid hot chocolate drinker, and words can't express the joy I would feel receiving it as a favor at any cold-weather festivity. It's the perfect warm drink to serve guests during a winter wedding cocktail hour (even spiked, of course!), so why not let guests take that cozy feeling home to remind them of your big day every time they take a sip? You can even pair it with a mug, so your guests will always have a piece of your special day long after the hot cocoa runs out!” — Araziel Jackson, Associate Social Media Editor

Price at time of publish: $4

Give It Pretty The Perfect Blend Coffee Wedding Favor

Give It Pretty The Perfect Blend Coffee Wedding Favor


“A hot cup of coffee is a must on chilly mornings, making these personalized coffee bags the perfect party favor for fall weddings. Just add your favorite beans. Then, seal the airtight bags, and voila! Your guests will love this adorable and handy gift. The best part is that guests can immediately put this favor to use for a morning after pick-me-up. Plus, you can choose between 20 to 300 bags for your wedding, so these work for all kinds of weddings, from large black-tie affairs to intimate ceremonies.” — Chloe Caldwell, Commerce Writer

Price at time of publish: $8

Levain Bakery Cookies

Levain Bakery Cookies

Levain Bakery

“In my opinion, the very best wedding favors are edible ones. At the end of the night, the only thing your guests really want is a snack—not a keychain or a picture frame. And who doesn't love cookies? Levain's two-chip chocolate chip and dark chocolate peanut butter are my favorites, and I think your guests will love them too.” — Gabriella Rello Duffy, Editorial Director

Price at time of publish: $49

Legends Wedding Personalized Wedding Fan

Personalized fan

Courtesy of Legends Wedding

“For outdoor ceremonies in warmer climates, sitting for a long time in the sun can really take a toll on guests' moods. That's why fan favors are such an essential. This cute design can fit in with your wedding aesthetic and keep your guests cool throughout the festivities.” — Shelby Wax, Senior Editor

Price at time of publish: $62

Mark and Graham Personalized Matchboxes


Courtesy of Mark and Graham

“I love the idea of having personalized matchboxes (with the bride and groom's name or the date of the wedding) sitting at each guest's seat at dinner. Matches are so handy to have around the house, so this is a sweet and useful memento for guests to take home with them. The designs that Mark and Graham offer are so cute and creative, and they come in sets of 50 or 100. If you're up for going the extra mile, you could throw a scented candle in, too!” — Ellie Nan Storck, Senior Editor

Price at time of publish: $59

Graceful Favour Bags Wedding Recovery Kits

Recovery kit

Courtesy of Graceful Favour Bags

“How cute are these personalized hangover recovery kits? Your guests will absolutely love and appreciate this party favor (especially the morning after your reception). You have the option to fill them with anything you consider a ‘hangover necessity,’ from Advil to Tums and hydration supplements.” — Corinne Pierre-Louis, Editor

Price at time of publish: $1

Beau-Coup Personalized Wedding Tea Bags

Tea bags

Courtesy of Beau-Coup

“There’s nothing more comforting than a warm cup of tea, which is why these tea bags from Beau-coup are the perfect gift for fall or winter weddings. You can customize each tea bag with your joint initials and wedding date, so whenever your guests brew a cup, they’ll recall fond memories from your special day. The packaging comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can easily select a style that complements your aesthetic. If you want to go the extra mile, include a heartfelt note to each of your loved ones.” — Lilly Blomquist, Editorial Assistant

Price at time of publish: $1

Engraved Your Way Engraved Champagne Glass

Engraved Your Way Engraved Champagne Glass


“I am all for wedding favors guests can use way beyond your big day, and these engraved champagne glasses are perfect for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding! Personalize them any way you want. I suggest guests' names and your wedding date, so they'll never forget your day. Bonus points if you use them in your escort card display, so they can do double duty on your big day!” — Araziel Jackson, Associate Social Media Editor

Price at time of publish: $10

Desert View Cactus Mini Succulents


Courtesy of Desert View Cactus

Succulents are the best wedding favor for warm-weather weddings and garden-inspired soirées. Not only will the mini cacti look stunning on display at your reception, but they're also a practical gift that your guests will actually use. The potted plants will brighten up your loved ones’ homes. If that’s not enough to seal the deal, they're also known to purify the air and increase humidity in dry environments. Plus, even those without a green thumb will love them—they’re easy to maintain and don’t require repeated watering.” — Lilly Blomquist, Editorial Assistant

Price at time of publish: $123

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