29 Wedding Trends Our Editors Are Loving Right Now

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Photos by Lauren Nicole, Ana & Jerome Photography, Safiya Nygaard, and Phil Chester; Art by Tiana Crispino

Here at Brides, we spend our days covering the hottest wedding trends and anticipating new crazes on the horizon. Since we write about the ins and outs of weddings for a living, we’ve accumulated an extensive amount of knowledge about the industry along the way. You could say we know our stuff!

That’s why, each month, we ask our editors to reveal their favorite wedding trends at the moment. From statement-making wedding gowns to breathtaking reception décor to mouthwatering cuisine, we share our top picks across all categories to help you envision and execute your dream wedding. There’s no better place to get wedding inspiration than from people who look at weddings all day long, so we’ve gathered a list of the top trends our editors can’t get enough of to help you start planning your own. 

Below, you’ll find our editors’ favorite fad along with a quote about why they love it and a link to a similar article where you can find even more information and inspiration. Our hope is to give you ideas that help you navigate the planning process more easily and host an epic wedding that speaks to you as a couple.

Read on for the inside scoop on all of the trends our editors have been obsessing over lately!

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Custom Glass Tents

Glass tent

Photo by Charlene Schreuder

“I'm a fan of any kind of tent, but these glass-made structures are a new favorite! They're perfect for bringing the outdoors in, and I love that they can be tailored to unique locations and various wedding styles. This one is giving me chic barn vibes, but I've also seen one that looks like a garden greenhouse, my personal dream!” — Anna Price Olson, Associate Editorial Director

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Moody Taper Candles

Taper candles

Photo by Carla Choy Photography

“I love the way dark, tall taper candles look on a tablescape, especially black (though I may be biased as I had them at my own wedding). During the fall season when the foliage is naturally turning to deeper, moodier hues, it's great to lean into that color palette and mirror the vibe in your décor.” — Lindsey Metrus, Editorial Project Director

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Greenery Bouquets

Greenery bouquet

Photo by Sacred Nest

“I love how fresh these greenery bouquets look. The succulents are perfect for fall. As the weather gets colder, I'm excited to see different foliage combinations and non-traditional plants as wedding décor.” — Kathryn Vandervalk, Editorial and Strategy Director

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Cozy Throw Blankets


Photo by Nancy Neil

“For me, fall is about all things cozy. I love the idea of integrating coziness into your wedding day. This can be in the form of warm throws on chairs at an outdoor ceremony or spiced cider cocktails at cocktail hour. Our Ultimate Guide to Fall Weddings has tons of inspo to get your creative juices flowing!” — Sam Netkin, Senior Editor

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Statement-Making Veils


Photo courtesy of Giambattista Valli

Veils have long been a bridal staple, but it looks like they have recently gotten a modern revamp. From beautiful embroidery to charming appliqués to surprising headpieces with intricate detailing, this classic piece is certainly having a fashion-forward comeback.” — Shelby Wax, Senior Editor

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Regency Era Fashion

Vintage dress

Photo courtesy of Danielle Frankel

“There’s something poetic about a vintage wedding dress. And right now, puff sleeves, ball gowns, and corset tops are everywhere. Blame it on Bridgerton, cottagecore, the nap dress, or a combination of all three, but Regency era fashion is here to stay (and I’m not at all mad about it). If you’re looking for something more regal-inspired than a full-on costume, opt for either antique details or a dramatic silhouette—rather than both. Think of it as your ‘something new’ and ‘something borrowed,’ equal parts modern and classical.” — Madeline Hirsch, Senior News Editor

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Bridal Hoods

Bridal hood

Photo by Cedar and Pines

“I can’t get enough of the bridal hood trend recently. After seeing Lily Collins’s ethereal take on the look, I’ve been spotting the veil alternative everywhere—and each hood has been more chic than the last. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of drama to your wedding look without overshadowing your dress.” — Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor

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Getaway Cars

Getaway car

Photo by Kristina Adams Photography

“Getaway cars are nothing new, but they've definitely had a resurgence this year alone. What better way to end the night than by hopping into a vintage vehicle with your new spouse?! Bonus points if you deck the car out!” — Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

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Feather Pajamas

Feather pajamas

Photo courtesy of Remonia

“If you’re looking for a fun and comfortable fit to sport while getting glam with your bridesmaids, these feather pajamas will not disappoint! The lightweight silk fabric will keep you warm and cozy while the luxe feather trim will make the perfect photo op. You can also wear them on your wedding night and long after the wedding is over!” — Lilly Blomquist, Editorial Assistant

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Bridal Sunglasses


Photo by Brady Bates Photography

“Who said sunglasses were only for summer months? There's something super cool about a bride in all-white shades, especially when paired with a chic bridal suit for a fall or winter wedding.” — Araziel Jackson, Assistant Social Media Editor

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Hand-Painted Taper Candles

Taper candles

Photo by Alice Walker

“Flowers and candles are part of every dreamy tablescape, so why have I never thought to combine them?! I’m obsessed with these Orna Hand-Painted Candles that can be custom-ordered to match any wedding theme and location. Imagine palms for the beach, wildflowers for the countryside, and roses for a garden party.” — Anna Price Olson, Associate Editorial Director 

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Pizza Party “Rehearsal Dinners”

Pizza party

Photo by Lauren Nicole

“My friend had her wedding in Tuscany a few years ago and threw the most epic night-before gourmet pizza party on the castle’s property. This year, another friend (and pizza obsessive) is doing the same. It’s such a great replacement for a rehearsal dinner and extends the weekend’s festivities, so all guests can partake.” — Lindsey Metrus, Editorial Project Director

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Hyper-Personalized Signature Cocktails


Photo courtesy of Posh Parties

“You’ve heard of signature cocktails, but some couples are taking these creations a step further—because why have regular ice cubes when you can have monogrammed ice cubes? That's what we call attention to detail!” — Sam Netkin, Senior Editor

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Colorful Floral Wedding Dresses

Floral dress

Photo courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

“While floral details have always been a standard for wedding dresses, there is a rising trend to brighten them up in bold, saturated colors. From gorgeous embroidery and appliqué to fabric with popping prints, these styles are a sign that we are all ready for some fun again.” — Shelby Wax, Senior Editor

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Strapless Wedding Dresses

Strapless dress

Photo courtesy of Berta

"There's something about this silhouette that feels so classic, feminine, and sexy, especially when paired with an updo! Plus, it's the perfect wedding dress style for summer." — Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

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String Lights

U-shaped, candle-lit reception layout with peaked canopy of string lights overhead

Photo by Ana & Jerome Photography

“With outdoor weddings becoming the norm, my FAVORITE trend that I've been seeing more and more are string lights. An evening reception, set under a canopy of lights that resemble the stars, is the true definition of romantic bliss.” — Corinne Pierre-Louis, Associate Editor

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Custom Sun Hats

sun hat

Photo by Katie Ruther

“Sun hats are a staple in my summer wardrobe, and they are even cuter when personalized! They make for the sweetest bachelorette party favor, and your besties will surely wear theirs all summer long.” — Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

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Short Wedding Dresses

Short wedding dress

Photo by Matt Godkin

“Mini wedding dresses are everywhere right now, and for good reason! The cropped length not only makes a statement, but it also provides a breathable and movable design, which is perfect for a summer wedding. Plus, the versatility of a little white dress means you can rewear it long after the wedding ends!” — Lilly Blomquist, Editorial Assistant

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Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage rings

Photo courtesy of Heidi Gibson

“I get into a sparkly daze when I see these vintage-inspired rings from Heidi Gibson. They're equal parts timeless and contemporary, with customizable stones for major engagement ring inspo! This is one ring you'll never want to stop showing off." — Araziel Jackson, Assistant Social Media Editor

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Customized Cans

Custom cans

Photo courtesy of Eliqs

Canned beverages are popular right now as more COVID-friendly, single-serve drink options for events. I'm super excited about this because I just discovered this company, Eliqs, that makes custom cans for wine, beer, hard seltzer, water, etc. You pick your colors, style, and theme, and you can even upload your own artwork or design— perfect for a summer wedding and/or bachelorette party!” — Anna Price Olson, Associate Editorial Director 

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Virtual Wedding Invitations

Virtual invitations

Photo courtesy of HoAloha Designs

“I love that we're starting to rethink the wedding invite and RSVP process by pivoting to virtual invitations. Sure, they aren't nearly as exciting or statement-making as pretty stationery, but in an increasingly digital world, it honestly makes things easier on both sides. I love that I can just search my inbox for info on a wedding instead of referencing a hard copy. Plus, it's so much more environmentally friendly to skip the paper-and-mail process.” — Lindsey Metrus, Editorial Project Director

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Grazing Tables

Grazing tables

Photo by The Little Picnic Co.

"One of the last weddings I went to pre-COVID had an appetizer grazing table, and it was such an amazing way to bring the room together to socialize before we sat down at our assigned tables. Mingling while picking at a plate of salami and olives is what I'm looking forward to most at summer weddings." — Kathryn Vandervalk, Editorial and Strategy Director

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“Something Blue” Accessories

Blue shoe

Photo courtesy of Loeffler Randall

"While the pandemic has made it challenging for couples to uphold certain wedding traditions, I love the idea of honoring ones that have stood the test of time. "Something blue" accessories are the perfect way to do so. Loeffler Randall's Camellia shoe now comes in the perfect shade of bridal blue, and you can even customize the sock liner with your wedding date and initials for a special touch." — Sam Netkin, Senior Editor

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Fun Wedding Bar Designs

Bar sign

Photo by Phil Chester

"Weddings are back, baby! People are ready to gather and toast to love, so why not make one of the most visited spots of any wedding (the bar, duh) picture-perfect?! I love the idea of dressing up the bar with a fun quote or a big flower moment." — Mariah Kulak, Senior Social Media Editor

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Colorful Groom Suits

Groom's suit

Photo by Kristen White Imagery

"Pink is the new white. Bold hues, in general, have been everywhere this wedding season, but I especially love the trend of grooms opting for a bright suit for their ceremony. I've seen burgundy, deep blue, and especially pink tuxes pop all over my feed. Who says Brides get to have all the fun?" — Madeline Hirsch, Senior News Editor

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Elaborate Dinners

Elaborate dinner

Photo courtesy of The Creative’s Loft

"I'm so happy that elaborate, seated wedding dinners with multi-course meals are coming back! After scaling back their guest list, some couples are using their leftover budget to go all out with an intricate dinner. I've seen some really beautiful tablescapes and creative menus as a result." — Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor

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Online Dress Shopping


Photo courtesy of Safiya Nygaard

"I'm really happy to see brides continue to take advantage of virtually shopping for their wedding dresses—and love that more designers are continuing to offer this service. It gives brides around the world a chance to buy dresses they otherwise wouldn't have access to." — Corinne Pierre-Louis, Associate Editor

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Colorful Wedding Shoes

bridal party

Photo by Catherine Guidry

"If white is reserved for the wedding gown, then color is a must for your shoes! I love how this bride took advantage of her dress's high slit to show off dramatic hot pink heels. So stunning and oh so fun!" — Maggie Kreienberg, Associate Editor

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Single-Serve Wedding Cakes


Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

"Not only are individualized portions a more sanitary option, but they also provide the perfect opportunity for couples to experiment with many different styles, textures, and flavors. Plus, giving each guest their very own wedding cake creates the most intimate experience." — Lilly Blomquist, Editorial Assistant

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