16 Dried Wedding Flower Ideas We Love

Here’s how to include them in your décor.

Couple kissing beneath a deconstructed floral arch with pampas grass and dried flowers

Photo by The Foxes Photography

Flowers are one decoration that will single-handedly transform your nuptials into a dreamy fairy tale. Fresh blooms are probably the first image that comes to mind when thinking of the lush detail, but the latest wedding flower trend isn’t as traditional.

Right now, dried flowers are having a moment. From bouquets to centerpieces, dried floral elements add a rustic or bohemian edge to your event while playing up the visual intrigue. “Dried florals can bring forth a lot of varying texture to arrangements that fresh flowers often can’t,” planner Kyleigh Stewart says. “This can absolutely help with achieving more voluminous looks for larger pieces or installations.” 

Besides the aesthetic appeal, dehydrated blooms have a longer lifespan than their fresh counterparts. “Fresh florals tend to die within a week following the wedding, whereas most dried florals are known to last longer,” planner Melissa Williams notes. By using dried flowers in your wedding design, you’ll have long-lasting arrangements that you can repurpose in your living room long after the wedding is over. Not to mention, you’ll reduce the amount of waste your wedding produces, so it’s an eco-friendly alternative. 

Depending on the season and source, opting to integrate dried foliage is usually less expensive than living buds, which makes them a cost-effective option with equally beautiful results.

If you don’t want to go all in, mixing dehydrated blossoms with fresh ones offers a unique design option. You can also combine dried plants with various elements to create the aesthetic you’re going for. Throwing a boho bash? Consider building an installation of pampas grass, dried baby’s breath, and budding roses. Or, you can pair palm leaves with dried carnations to evoke a tropical vibe.

Regardless of your vision, textured blooms are perfect for any season. Bursting in warm hues and eye-catching dimension, they’re a vibrant accompaniment to outdoor vow exchanges in the spring, summer, or fall. For winter celebrations with venues inside, these floral details are still a worthwhile decoration. “I have been able to design a wedding that featured a mix of dry and fresh flowers in an indoor ballroom wedding venue that turn out beautifully,” Williams recounts.

To select the best quality blooms for your soirée, Stewart recommends consulting with your planner and florist. “Some tend to be more fragile than others or can even shed,” she explains. “They may not be right for a bouquet or other arrangement that may see more action on the day of your event.” She also advises sticking with organic and natural options to mitigate any negative effect on the environment. “Many artificially dyed or bleached florals are no longer able to be composted properly when they are done being used, resulting in a product that is not great for the environment,” she shares.

Whether you’re using dried foliage in your bouquet or an elaborate hanging installation, dried flowers are a versatile and show-stopping choice. Here are 16 ways to pull off the trend.

Meet the Expert

  • Kyleigh Stewart is a Lake Tahoe wedding planner and the owner and creative director of Audere Events. She’s had eight years of experience planning weddings.
  • Melissa Williams is the owner and lead planner and designer of B Astonished Events based in Washington D.C. She’s been working in the event industry for seven years.
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Combine Them With Fresh Foliage


Photo by Moni & Adri Weddings

When used in your wedding bouquet, the juxtaposition of dehydrated buds and organic blooms creates an unexpected design that will elevate your overall look. A handheld arrangement of dried baby’s breath, dehydrated carnations in tan tones, and tropical greenery brings a boho flair to a beachy aesthetic. Bursting in warm hues and depth, this display will really pop against a white dress.

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Highlight Various Textures

Bouquet of dried and fresh flowers

Photo by SoCal Standard

A jaw-dropping bouquet brimming with texture is a surefire way to elevate your look and make a lasting impression. Fusing soft desert flowers with dried grasses will emphasize shape, movement, and saturation. If you paint your bouquet in neutral shades, the texture will become even more apparent.

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Embrace Moody Hues

Julie's deep V-neck wedding dress and moody bouquet

Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography

Dried blooms and rich colors are the epitome of autumnal nuptials. If you’re saying “I do” in the fall, consider carrying a bouquet of chocolate cosmos and textural foliage with you down the aisle. The moody shades will match the natural setting and introduce the perfect contrast to your bridal whites.

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Turn Them Into a Hair Accessory

Wedding attire

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

Sure, a wedding veil feels quintessentially bridal, but placing a halo of dried blooms on your head is a fun way to buck tradition. A dried flower crown of hot pink buds complements a boho bridal style or a garden-inspired fête.

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Mark Your Entrance

The couple at church door

Photo by The Curries

This couple wanted to welcome loved ones to their church ceremony by flanking the doors with a striking installation. In the design, dried palm fronds, seed heads, and bracken intermixed with fresh café latte and quicksand roses. With its placement, the creation appears as if it’s growing out of the grown and up the walls.

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Border Your Aisle

Beach ceremony

Photo by Kaity Brawley Photography

Looking for a statement-making way to strut down the aisle? Line the edges with a dried floral masterpiece. An arrangement of bunny tails, textured grasses, copper foliage, and white flora will give your seaside ceremony an organic and wild feel. Make sure to keep your aisle markers low to the ground, so you don’t obstruct the ocean views.

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Channel the Fall Season

Julie and Erik's outdoor ceremony with an aisle lined with fall florals

Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography

If you’re making it official in the fall, embrace the surrounding colors and naturally grown plants that define this time of year. Consider lining your aisle with autumnal foliage, golden ferns, interwoven branches, local buckwheat, and dried buds in dazzling red, yellow, and orange tones. Since you’ll want your aisle to be the focal point, select understated chairs and keep any other decorations to a minimum.

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Pair Them With Pampas Grass

Couple and their daughter

Photo by The Foxes Photography

Dried flowers and pampas grass are every boho bride’s dream. Can you imagine a deconstructed floral arch tunnel floating above you as you make your way to the altar? A base of the tall, tufted grass and alternating layers of baby’s breath and dried tan-toned flora comprise this structure. The earthy textures and hues coordinate well with the desert landscape. Dramatic chandeliers and a translucent aisle featuring pink petals give this boho layout a hint of glamour.

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Integrate Tropical Touches

Ceremony arch

Photo by Moni & Adri Weddings

Since your vow exchange is where all of the magic happens, your altar demands an extra special setup. A gold ring peppered with dried palm leaves, jungle greens, baby’s breath, and other dehydrated elements is guaranteed to deliver. We love how bright red patterned rugs work with the boho-inspired arch to create an untraditional design at this beach ceremony.

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Look to Your Locale


Photo by Laurken Kendall

If you need inspiration for your ceremony display, tap the place where you’re tying the knot. With a structure that mirrors the surrounding environment, you’ll create a design that’s cohesive rather than jarring and disruptive. This asymmetrical arch contains dried grasses, vines, and blooms in natural shades that coordinate with the dusty grounds. Secured with a pile of stones, the foundation reflects the canyon backdrop.

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Shower the Newlyweds

flower petals

Photo by Joel Serrato

Once you share your first kiss, your guests will be eager to celebrate you. Have cones of dried flower petals placed at the entrance of your ceremony, so your loved ones can toss them during your recessional. The playful colors will bring your walk back up the aisle to life. Not to mention, your photographer will get the most candid photos, capturing the pure joy you’re feeling in that moment.

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Rethink Your Seating Chart

table assingments

Photo by Laurken Kendall

Breathe new life into your seating chart by adorning it with a tree-like structure made of dried buds, vines, twigs, and grasses. This arrangement looks like it’s growing out of the ground and around the 3D blocks that note your guests’ seating assignments. The muted hues make this whimsical installation even more earthy. 

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Make Them Monochromatic


Photo by Hailley Howard Photography

There’s something so timeless about an all-white palette. And, when you combine monochromatic colors with dried flora, you’ll construct a tablescape that will truly take everyone’s breath away. Here, dried florals are overflowing from modern vases and scattered across a beige runner. To emphasize the texture, use a white tablecloth and white plates as a neutral canvas.

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Play Around With Height


Photo by Hannah Costello

Integrating height into your tablescapes is one of the easiest ways to up the ante. It also gives you an opportunity to experiment with bold color and prominent texture. These tall centerpieces of dried lunaria in red and gold hues on metallic stands tower over guests, so they make a statement without blocking anyone’s field of view. 

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Adorn Your Place Settings

Place setting

Photo by Meraki Photo Co.

Dried flowers are also a pretty way to decorate your place settings. Have each place card affixed with dehydrated buds to enhance a rustic aesthetic. Pair them with simple china and a greenery runner, so the floral accents stand out.

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Top Off Your Confection


Photo by The Foxes Photography

A white wedding cake is always a classic choice, but if you want to dress it up, lean on dried floral elements. Preserved grasses and blooms give this three-tier white cake a whimsical and wild look. For the finishing touch, top it off with your new last name calligraphed in gold.

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