20 Doughnut Wall Ideas for Your Wedding

Small donut wall featuring white flowers for a small, intimate ceremony

Peter Gubernat Photography

More and more couples are ditching the classic white wedding cake, opting for other nontraditional yet still delectable desserts like homemade pies, cupcakes, cake pops, and even giant Rice Krispies treats stacked like a cake. The latest wedding dessert trend? The doughnut wall. That’s right—because nothing is sweeter than an entire wall decked out with doughnuts.

Meet the Expert

John and Kate Emmets are the husband and wife team behind Off The Wall Donuts in New Jersey. The pair have been building and delivering custom doughnut walls since 2018.

The doughy treats are affordable, easy to serve, and you can offer guests a variety of flavors (glazed, old-fashioned, sprinkles, etc.). Not to mention, doughnuts are simply downright adorable. And while you can certainly serve doughnuts instead of cake altogether, you could also offer doughnuts as a part of a larger dessert-table spread. (Hey, where dessert’s concerned, we say the more the merrier.)

Ahead, check out 20 of our favorite doughnut wall variations to inspire your own.

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Doughnuts and Sweet Confections

Pretty in pink doughnut wall

Photo by Taylor Morgan Artistry

Easy on the eyes and equally tasty, this pretty-in-pink doughnut wall was made for the 'gram. A variety of doughnuts coated in pink icing and toppings were accompanied by a selection of pink macarons and cake pops.

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Bigger Isn't Always Better

Small donut wall featuring white flowers for a small, intimate ceremony

Photography: Peter Gubernat Photography; Styling: Big City Bride

Having an intimate ceremony with a smaller guest list? This wooden doughnut holder is the perfect size for displaying a few dozen doughnuts. Throw in a clear lucite sign and pretty white blooms, and we think we're sold.

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"Donut Want This Night To End"

"Donut Want This Night To End" doughnut wall at wedding

Franzi Annika Photography

Why not incorporate a brunch element to your wedding reception? This scrumptious doughnut wall had a little something to satisfy every palate. Guests were able to choose from key lime, cinnamon vanilla, chocolate sprinkle, lemon blueberry, and maple bacon-flavored doughnuts.

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Doughnut Puns

A "Hole" Lotta Love doughnut wall

Photo by Alea Lovely Photography

C'mon, a doughnut wall is just begging for a good pun. Some other good ones we’ve seen: “Donut leave me hangin’,” “Donut worry, be happy,” and “Donut stop, won’t stop.”

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A Pop of Pink

Pink donut wall

Photo by Marianne Taylor Photography 

Your guests will be tickled pink the moment they set foot into the reception hall and get a glimpse of this whimsical wall of doughnuts. The large tabletop display features small pegs to hang each doughnut from.

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Gigantic Doughnut Wall

DIY Doughnut Wall Featuring a Variety of Doughnuts

Photo by Sam and Sola Studio

Go big or go home with the doughnut wall of your dreams. Featuring six tasty flavors (vanilla coconut, vanilla Oreos, fruity pebbles, strawberry sprinkle, maple, and chocolate), this couple's 8' x 8' white melamine wall was adorned with greenery and the words "A Hole New Beginning" for a classic and contemporary twist.

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“Donuts Are Our Love Language”

Flower girl standing in front of donut wall

Courtesy of Rebecca Ciacchi

To make your doughnut wall stand out, decorate your display with garlands and helium-filled balloons attached to greenery vines. Final step: Be sure to snap photos of guests (like this lovely flower girl) admiring the wall in all of its glory. Calories don't count at weddings, right?

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Rustic Doughnut Wall

Rustic donut wall

Photo by Jamie Jones Photography

If you’re getting married in a more rustic venue like a farm or barn, then DIY a similar plywood doughnut wall and leave it unfinished for a rough-hewn look. Hang your favorite doughnut varieties from rows of pegs and don’t forget the gold alphabet balloons.

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Shelves of Doughnuts

Shelves of donuts

Photo by The Grovers Photography 

Or, instead of on pegs, display all of your favorite doughnuts on wooden shelves and invite guests to help themselves. Be sure to include pretty menu signs, like these calligraphed banners, describing the different flavors.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Candy and donut bar for wedding reception

Photo by The Everlasting Photo

Think outside the box with an epic candy bar featuring all your favorite sweets, cupcakes, and doughnuts. To replicate this picture-perfect setup, all you'll need is a grazing table, a doughnut wall, and jars stocked with gummy bears and sour ropes.

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Apple Cinnamon Doughnut Wall

Apple cinnamon donut wall for a fall wedding

Photo by Shelby Rae Photographs  

Usher in a fall elopement with none other than apple cinnamon doughnuts. Coupled with punny signage ("donut mind if I do") and apple décor, this doughnut wall is giving us all the fall feels.

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Minimalist Doughnut Wall

Donut wall featuring a mix of sprinkle and icing-coated donuts

Photo by Bird On The Wall Photography

For a quick pick-me-up during the reception, a sugar rush from everyone's favorite doughnut chain will hit the spot. Here, a sampling of Krispy Kreme's most popular flavors—from chocolate glazed to strawberry icing with sprinkles—is displayed on a board and wooden easel.

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Brunch Wedding Reception Doughnut Wall

Donut wall featuring a spectrum of galaxy-inspired donuts

Photo by Abigail Miles

Having a brunch wedding reception? Guests with a sweet tooth won't be able to resist this decadent mid-morning treat. DO provide to-go boxes for attendees who plan to take a doughnut (or two) for the road.

To avoid letting doughnuts go to waste, the Emmets advise having your doughnut wall vendor package up any leftovers for an after-party treat. "Our couples love that the doughnuts are not wasted and the after-party goers love the sweet snack," they said. 

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DIY Doughnut Wall

Doughnut Wall Featuring a Variety of Doughnuts

Photo by Shelby Rae Photographs 

This doughnut wall was a labor of love. If you have the resources to do so, we can't think of anything more special than building your own wall from scratch. To accommodate a larger guest list, you may also consider putting out clear jars filled with doughnut holes for attendees who just want a small bite.

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Ombré Doughnut Wall

Ombre donut wall

Photo by Sara Hasstedt Photography 

Turn your doughnut wall into a modern work of art by opting for glazed doughnuts in a gradient of subtle ombré shades. "If you are planning on using the doughnut wall for decor or photos, ask your vendor to incorporate coordinating colors and florals into the design. This looks GREAT in pictures," the Emmets said.

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Mix and Match Doughnut Wall

Donut wall featuring a variety of donuts

Photography: MoscaStudio.com; Styling: BridalBliss

Variety is the spice of life. If you're worried about guests getting bored with classic cinnamon sugar and glazed doughnuts, don't hesitate to throw some more gourmet flavors like maple bacon or raspberry glaze into the mix. To keep doughnuts fresh, the Emmets suggest "working closely with a doughnut shop to ensure the doughnuts are made the same day as the wedding and as late as possible in the day." Additionally, they prefer using cake-style doughnuts with a "flat" frosting and simple toppings.

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Old-Fashioned Doughnut Wall

Donut Mind If I Do Donut Wall from Tawni + Troy's Lake Tahoe Wedding

Photo by Morgan McCanne Photo

If you and your spouse-to-be are doughnut connoisseurs, Dunkin' and Krispy won't do. However, you can tap a local family-owned doughnut shop to make housemade cake doughnuts in your choice of flavors. Not sure how many doughnuts to order? The Emmets share, "We typically recommend ordering 30 to 50 doughnuts less than the number of guests attending the wedding."

If the doughnut wall is the main dessert or part of a limited spread at your reception, you should plan on ordering one doughnut per guest.

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Something Blue (and White!)

Blue Swirl Iced Donuts for a Brunch Wedding

Photo by Salty Spruce Studio

Do you know what pairs well with a brunch wedding mimosa bar? Doughnuts, of course! With blue and white swirled frosting, these sweet treats were served in addition to the wedding cake.

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Treat Yourself

Red Treat Yo' Self Doughnut Wall For a Wedding

Lauryn Kay Photography

Give wedding guests something to talk about with an attention-grabbing red doughnut wall and red frosted doughnuts that will have everyone feeling the love. On that note, the Emmets share, "Our tip to couples would be to make your doughnut wall as unique as your relationship, bring lots of inspiration to the design table, and let the experts create something your guests will be raving about."

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"Love Is Sweet" Doughnut Wall Display

Shabby-Chic Doughnut Wall With Wine Barrels

Leah Marie Photography 

This shabby-chic doughnut wall has it all. A panache-packed display is accompanied by an assortment of sweets including a naked cake and trays of cookies. From the playful hand-lettered signage to the wooden wine barrels, no detail goes unnoticed. 

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